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Opiate Addict In Recovery - My Youtube Channel

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Posted: January 21, 2019, 9:09 PM

Hi All,

A few years ago I came here in desperation and was helped immensely during that time whilst I was addicted to codeine pain pills - Nurofen Plus, Panadeine Forte, Mersyndol Forte, any pills I could get my hands on that contained opiates/codeine.

I'm in recovery and I recently started a YouTube Channel called BodyMindHealth. The channel is focused on mental and emotional health, as well as primarily on opiate addiction and recovery. I've also started a Facebook page for BodyMindHealth to share videos and I hope to bring people together and connect people who struggle with addiction and the recovery journey as well. I'm currently studying Psychotherapy and Counselling and I'm transitioning my career to work with people in addiction/recovery. This has become a passion of mine and a calling and it helps me to stay on track and live clean.

I would really like to try and build a more interactive environment for people who have struggled with addiction and/or are struggling with addiction, just like I have have struggled for many many years. It would be great to see you visit the channel and submit any ideas for videos you would like to see discussed/talked about on addiction and recovery.

My YouTube channel and Facebook links are below. Really hope to see you visit and subscribe for a more interactive and communal discussion on addiction, recovery, and mental health. There is no advertising, products or stuff like that -this is purely to help others and myself regarding addiction and recovery.



Many Thanks,

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