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35 Days Off Subs

Posted: November 24, 2015, 5:48 PM
35 days since my last piece of suboxone.Yesterday I felt like a million bucks l actually thought that maybe this was the end of feeling crappy.Wrong,today was a rough day at work.Headache ,body aches,just feeling crappy.I know I have to tough this out but it's depressing when you can feel so good on day then the next day feeling crappy again.Sorry for being negative but I needed to vent that's out.hopefully tomorrow will be a good day.

Posted: December 4, 2015, 7:05 AM
hey Tony,
It's Dec.4th today. Days have passed since you last posted your 35th day off of the sub.
how are you doing today?
I see that your body is going through ups and downs. Which normally happens to me even being on the suboxone. I can't imagine what I"ll be like off of it if I'm already going through my ups and downs and aches and pains.
the winter months make my body feel so different than the summer. I need the sun to make me feel better. it restores my energy and gives me energy to do things out doors.
maybe you should take some vitamin D3? it helps with aches and pains and most of the population is walking around with a vitamin D3 deficiency and don't even know it.
It's called the "sunshine" vitamin.
Before I found out I was so deficient in mine, I suffered horribly. I could barely turn my neck when driving to see oncoming traffic. I could barely walk up a hill, and all my joints and bones hurt. plus I felt depressed.
anyhow, just checking in on you today to see if there's any improvement.
we are to embrace the feelings we get, observe them when they come, accept them and then let them go. without holding onto them. our minds start thinking that we're going to stay that way for ever. it causes fear. well it does for me.
it helps us here on the sub forum to know what you're going through so we can either help support you and also learn from you.
I really hope this passes quickly for you and that you find the place you feel comfortable with .
Be well..

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Posted: February 20, 2016, 7:20 AM
Wow, 35 days. How exciting that must be. I'm currently down to 1mg. and also taking the plunge. Everyone has some not so good feeling days, like the poster above said. I take Celebrex for daily pain. Think of the positives!!!!! Your clean & sober!

Posted: January 19, 2017, 12:19 AM
I'm on day 35 myself. I was on subs for 13 years! This has been the hardest ride of my life. Days 8-15 was total hell. I checked into detox. I thought I was going to have a heart attack or lose it. My head bounced off my pillow to the beat of my heart. It was like 120 bpm all the time at rest. Crazy sweat, all day, low sleep, vivid horrible dreams and hallucinations while waking up. The anxiety hit me the worst. The pain and tense muscles sucked also. Detox gave vistaril,Motrin, and Maalox.
But, I made a decision to quit. Took 90 days to wean from 1.5 mg to .25mg and jumped at .25. I couldn't imagine jumping at a higher dose.
At day 30, things seemed to turn the corner. No chills, no crawling skin, a bit of skin ickyness on the Lower arms, but it's doable. I found if I excercise and keep busy, the better I feel. Also eat correctly. Ensure plus drinks and Gatorade helped a lot. Imodium is needed. Melatonin at night. 600mg of Motrin every 6 hours.
Can't wait for day 40, then 50. So looking forward to day 90. From what I've read, those are the hurdle days. If you want to quit, do a slow taper, jump and stay positive. It's way hard, but you need to. This is very possible for anyone. Stay focused!!!

Posted: June 16, 2017, 6:51 PM
didnt' you ever think that maybe you just dont feel good everyday? ffs. you been off on dope then steady on sub and you expect everyday to be wonderful. im beggining to think that you are so obssessed with withdrawal that your aniexty is making you think your all f***ed up. i dunno.

Posted: August 2, 2017, 9:39 PM
I also was on subs for 9 years, this is the 3rd time I have tried to quit. I had a hard time tapering so I always took more. I came off anywhere from 3-10 mgs a day depending how much I had. I went to detox for 9 days and am on day 20 and is still pure hell. I have yet to have any good days but am trying not to give up. I haven't slept more than 4 hours a night and work is impossible, but I don't want to go through this ever again and it's gotta get better at some point....

Posted: December 13, 2018, 6:39 AM
I’m on day 36 and quite honestly more good days then bad after week 1. The chills come and go but my energy is about 80%. Not feeling well today but I think it’s a cold. Struggle with energy towards end of day but I push myself and remind myself of not having to rely on the Suboxone which in my opinion gets into your bones. I was on for 10 years. Sick doctors are out to make $$ cash money. This should never used more than a 90 day detox. Jumped at 1 mg after a week

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Posted: December 29, 2018, 12:05 AM
Hey guys,
first time on this site at the recommendation of a friend who has been here for many years. I too have been on Suboxone for around 11 years. I made the jump at 2mg just after Thanksgiving and it's been like riding a bucking bronco in the middle of a tornado straight through hell. Never been through anything so harsh and soul crushing. I did manage a tramidol taper with the help of a doctor who also prescribed Clonodine to help with the skin crawling and anxiety. It helped quite a bit so if this is something you can get, do it! I am completely off the tramidol now and just take the clonodine if i feel like scratching my eyeballs out.

Each day is better than the last and hopefully 'normalcy' will return soon. Another thing that has helped me quite a bit is a supplement called DLP, which has helped me with mood and clearing the fog in the brain. I take 2000mg a day. My friend is a big believer in diet, exercise and amino acids. All that is good, but who wants to exercise when you feel like crap and if I can keep anything down i'm gonna eat it. The DLP, though, that's been very effective. Also get some quality multivitamins and drink plenty of fluids.

Seems like most of us have been on Suboxone for a very long time, so it would seem logical that this toxin is going to be hard to shake. I offer patience and support where I can give it, but I like most, am dealing with this beast and just hanging in there waiting for the next sunny day.
best of luck

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Posted: January 8, 2019, 7:55 PM
I'm on day 5 or 6 how did you do this I just want to die.

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Posted: January 9, 2019, 6:27 AM
Hi Tiffy,

I hate to say this, but you are just now into the middle of the physical part of the withdrawals. The longer you have been taking Suboxone the longer it will take to get out of your system and the longer it will take to heal.

I have found that several things helped initially with the withdrawals, but you will need to see a Dr. to get them. Clonodine will make you a bit drowsy, but it will help with the skin crawling and RLS. Research has shown that Gabapentin helps with Opiate withdrawal, but it just made me stupid, I don't need anymore help in that area. Ambien helped me sleep and it's a good thing to sleep. Trust me, sleep whenever you can. Amino acids like DLPA will help get your brain back functioning and clear up the foggy thoughts. You can take 2000mg a day and it really does work. Amino Vital supplement is awesome and has helped with mood, mental stability and energy throughout the day. I can thank my buddy Bikeman, who gave me most of this information. You need to start eating right, cut the processed sugar and heavy carbs (Pizza, breads, pasta) from your diet. Start eating as many green veggies as you can and eat lots of fruit, especially blueberries. The fruit will have sugar, so moderate what you eat. These things will help you with that first two to three weeks after you stopped taking Suboxone.

Now, what comes next is pure hell. The PAWS are the worst I have ever felt and I don't want to alarm you because it does get better, but I still cannot sleep well 2+ months from the end of physical withdrawals. Exercise has helped a ton and you won't feel like doing anything at first, but force yourself to get up and walk the block several times a day. Before you know it you will be running down the block. The more you exercise the better you will sleep, it just takes a while. Something that I have recently discovered is an infrared sauna, it has been amazing. sweating out the toxins and clearing up my sinuses has been extremely beneficial. My sinuses are in overdrive and I must sneeze about 900 times a day.

Recovering from Suboxone is a marathon and not a sprint. This is going to take time and lots of effort to eat right, take supplements, exercise and stay positive throughout the process. Having good support from friends and family is a must. Hang in there and take it a day at a time.

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Posted: January 21, 2019, 4:08 PM
I haven't seen a post here in a while. Just checking on everyone. Feeling better, worse, hows it going out there? I am doing better, but during the day I am tired and at night I feel wired. If i could flip the script on this I would be miles down the road to recovery.

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Posted: May 9, 2019, 9:22 AM
Thought I would post a reply here since I haven't seen any activity in a while. I made the jump off of 2mg of Suboxone maybe 6 months back and it was a ride straight through Dante's Inferno. I don't wish that hell on anyone.

I ate right, took many supplements like DLPA, Magnesium, b complex, Amino vital, etc. and got plenty of exercise. I turned a major corner sometime in March. I feel great, sleep like a rock and have energy I haven't had in quite some time. I toughed it out and now completely off Suboxone and any other drugs. The Sun is shining and and I feel great. This is possible and just takes the right frame of mind, body and spirit to get through it. I may have benefited from 12 spe type program if one exists for Sub, but this was just about trying to get past the hardest part of the recovery and press on with a new life.
Best of luck

Posted: May 27, 2019, 8:31 AM
Hi, my name is Andrew with a quick story.. I dont know that its all that unique or noteworthy but its 6AM, I cant sleep and Im tired of flopping around in my bed so I figured why not share.. I am as of this moment I am at day 5 since my last dose of subutex which I have been on for a very long time..
I started abusing opiates and benzos in my late 20s, got on sub when my first child was born in 2009.. Ive been on a mg or less of subutex for the bulk of the last 10 years but between caring for a family and maintaining a demanding work schedule I have never been able to take the time to finally jump off the stuff. I havent abused any other opiates in years, have a strong family life and a career that is stable. I really havent felt like a junkie in a long a** time and the sub had just become like taking an aspirin to stave off a heart attack for me.. For many years I thought maybe Ill just take a mg a day forever but Ive always felt deep down that the stuff is in fact robbing me of some part of my self...
Well, about a year ago my sub doc of many years suddenly closed his doors, apparently doc had been pushing both the poison and the cure.. Because I was on such a low daily dose I did not see doc but once a year and I did not even find out about this until after practice had closed up. I liked this doc very much, he seemed to understand I was acting in good faith and just very slowly getting my act together. When I got the news about this practice closing I was distressed, finding another provider that you like can be very difficult these days and not knowing where your meds are coming from when you have obligations at work and home really sucks..
In any case I filled my last refill of 30 x 8mg subutex a little over a year ago march 20th/2018.. When I got down to the last 10 I started breaking them into as small a pieces as humanly possible, when I was down to 5 and I couldnt break them any smaller I started just dabbing a tiny bit of the dust onto my pinky, I also started skipping days at this point as well.. I am guessing this dose is .25mg or less, breaking the subutex pills is not exactly surgical but it seemed like this was about as far as I could titrate so I took a couple extra days off around memorial day and Im going for it..
As stated I am at day 5 right now and I am feeling pretty damn good about things all in all.. I have a very fast metabolism, I typically feel full withdrawal within about 48-72 hours and Im definitely in the gauntlet now.. Cant sleep, moderately achy, clammy skin, temperature is all over the place and my nose is like a snot faucet... That being said its definitely tolerable... I feel like Im in a stronger place mentally than I have been in a long time and I really feel like this is it for me on the sub..
I would like to think this exceptionally long titration approach has minimized the worst of the withdrawal symptoms.. In the past Ive tried jumping off at 1 or 2mg I can definitely attest that it was infinitely worse at this stage of the game.. I guess if there is anything to be gleaned from my story its that you gotta do things at your own pace and take it slow but at some point you do have to commit.. Ive been putting this off for far to long for one BS reason or another and I kinda think looking back that Doc closing up shop was the final push I needed... At one point Subutux saved my f***ing life but I know a lot of docs out there are prescribing people way to much for way to long, Ive had them try and do this to me. My gut is most people out there are not that different than myself, if your doc has you on static 8mg or higher and your not in some crazy high risk situation there is a problem there.. I have found time and time again over the years that going from 12mg to 1mg is CAKE!!! Its the last little bit thats always been my Achilles heal..
Wish me luck... Ill touch back in a week when Im climbing mount everest.. LOL

Posted: June 8, 2019, 2:00 PM
Day 17 today.. Feeling stronger with each passing day.. Its like Im slowly waking up from a 12 year nap..

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Posted: February 17, 2021, 12:21 PM
all of these stories of withdrawal sound so bad. if only there were something to help people get over the time needed to feel better and not suffer so much

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Posted: February 20, 2023, 6:53 PM
Just take it one day at a time.

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Posted: May 16, 2023, 4:48 AM
Always listen to your Dr
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