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10-year Ex Posts Game Vs. Media Stereotypes

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Posted: July 21, 2015, 8:44 PM

The media often presents addiction as "cool," and young people fall for it every day;
I was a street junkie for 15 years starting w/ China W. in the 80's but 10 years clean now w/ masters degree etc;
I've written a game, a Role Playing Game that fights back against media presentations that addiction is rad and so cool, for example Spring Breakers; Wolf of Wall Street; probably the new Amy movie tho I haven't seen that yet; examples abound, anyway most of it is free online at
which plays out on the streets of Portland, Oregon,
where I find dirty rigs and even whole shots of dope on the sidewalk at least once a week, which I document.
Please share and critique my game, the goal is to demystify the media romanticization of addiction, of which there are endless examples in support (pimps fanning 'hundo's into the hot tub full of strippers, etc. etc.)... THANKS and GREAT JOB SUCCESS STORIES I am one too and glad to have survived, although 'bout near died about five times yes, and no it never goes away now does it....peace Steve
Addiction the RPG

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