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Nurofen Plus Addiction

Posted: February 27, 2013, 9:10 AM
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Posted: February 28, 2013, 11:23 AM
Hardly helpful Antidrug. People are on this forum in an attempt to get off N+, so your suggestion for people to "get off the s***" is what people are trying to do. People who access this forum are already in a fragile state and are normally considering going through withdrawals or are already going through withdrawals, so your unhelpful suggestions could very well make people feel even more isolated and alone in their addictions. They come here to gain helpful advice and not to be judged or criticised. If you are going to comment, please do so with compassion and empathy in mind.

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Posted: March 3, 2013, 3:00 AM
Sorry but you are a fool,going by your username you are only here to troll and to put your two cents in,you're not here to seek help or offer other people sound advice about any kind of addiction be it drugs or not,I didn't wake one morning and say to myself hmmm think I may go and get some pain killers and start a long road of pain and misery.
My case like many others on here is a cry for help,I have seen 22 Drs in the last three years due to my work injury,if you need to take off your shoes to count that high by all means go ahead,All except two being my surgeon and my pain specialist put me on Strong pain medication to mask what was really going on.
Now I have a higher education but I didn't know much about medicine so when I saw the first batch of Drs and they prescribed me 30mg of endone just so I could stand up I trusted them and I trusted the fact that they were fixing my pain issues,Yes I took it no I didn't research the drug at the time and yes I should have but let me clarify here so you understand.
I had a crushed foot with nerve damage and a massive hematoma I couldn't walk I couldn't stand I couldn't function I often thought of going to my garage and getting my makita circular saw and fixing it my self,and no I'm not exaggerating,when you are in that much pain anyhing the Drs tell you,you will do.
So Antidrug don't come here and judge and blame people and say "It's upto you" mate you make me sick.

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Posted: March 3, 2013, 8:01 PM
Not my drug of choice but I could not help but reply. Antidrug, your pretentious, oversimplified , uninformed opinion is not only unhelpful to someone recovering it is downright offensive. Stick to what you know which seems to be little or nothing at all and get out of the way of people who are courageously taking their first steps to recovery. If you havent walked a mile in someones shoes you have no idea what theyve gone through. Besides that, drugs affect different people in different ways so there is no cure all approach to addiction. Its "just say no" all over again. Got a drinking problem ? just say no, weight problem? just say no, cocaine, pain pills , herion addict....just say no.. Gee... I never knew life was so easy....

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Posted: March 12, 2013, 4:31 PM
Hi everyone. I've been addicted to nurofen plus for 10 years. Ive been taking about 80 a day. I'm a mother of two, and had easily stopped taking them when pregnant, only to get straight back on them once my youngest was. Born. I have a loving partner, that has no idea of my addiction. My youngest child has severe ADHD. So it's going to take all my strength since he is more than a handful and extreemly stressful. I've decided to give this devil NP the boot. My life revolves around it. Everyday I go on my mission for my pills. Most of the pharmacies are well aware I get NP and get it often. I've only come across maybe three pharmacists in my ten years that refuse to sell me anymore without a script. And a couple of them I'd just hold off going there for a month and go back and they happily hand it over. I don't even want to think about how much money I've wasted, or what I've done to my body. I'm going to taper down. Starting today. I had 5 NP at 4am, I'm feeling ok, except i have no energy and a headache, I think I'll be surprised at just how little I need. It's just I've been chasing that high... I have some panadene forte tablets if i need then at least I can take the edge off. Today is day 1. I'm not thinking about 30 days down the line. Just going to try and do one day at a time and claim my life back. Oh how wonderful it would be to be able to just walk past a chemist. Oh I'm feeling a bit sick in my tummy. But to be expected I guess. Wish me luck.

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Posted: March 13, 2013, 5:03 AM
Hi Terri congrats
I'm not going to bore you with lines like "today is the first day of the rest of your life"
Hang in there if I can do it you can too I have no will power at all,all I do is keep busy and take each day as it comes,I'm lucky enough to have a great girl in my life that supports me,one thing that could help you is come clean with your partner about your habit,I did and I thought she would be ashamed of me and I would lose her,but she's been great and the weight that lifted from my shoulders after telling her has really helped as well,no more hiding or sneaking around I've never cheated on a woman in my life but I have had a love affair with NP that she knew nothing about for two years and now that she knows,it just makes it that much easier,maybe I'm just lucky but if you really feel you can't tell him then maybe you shouldn't but I'd like to think that you can and if you asked him for help I'm sure he would.
Anyway feel free to give us updates and vent on your recovery

Posted: March 13, 2013, 9:35 PM
Hi Adam,
Thanks for your reply. I'm terribly sick, sweating so much, and have a short fuse. It's like waking up from being in a coma for 10 years, I managed to sleep last night for a few hours and woke up in the biggest panic. I'm crying at the drop of a hat. I guess it's from all those years of not crying and numbing my pain its all got to be released. I don't know why I thought this time of year was a good time to do it, it's just starting to get cold and I'm already freezing. I'm so down about everything and can't believe I'd do this to myself and my family. I hate this. It's hard to think positive, I am trying- only lasts about ten mins. I nearly went out this morning and got some, but I've gone through so much already I'd just be going backwards. And what is up with cigarettes- OMG they taste discusting. I keep forgetting too, I'll think I'll go and have one to distress and then not only the horrid taste but I feel like I'm speeding. Good time to give them up too. I thought about telling my partner this morning before he went to work, though he's not handling the fact our little one has just been diagnosed with ADHD, so I'm almost certain he'd lose it if I told him. I've done this before a few months before I fell pregnant. Why oh why would I stupidly knowing the end result go back and get that first packet after he was born. I'm on day three- from now to day 7 will be the peak of all the chills and * insert loud swearing *. I've got to go. * cries*

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Posted: March 14, 2013, 9:20 AM
Hey Terri
It's tough I know,some people here have gone to the Dr to help them and its worked for them I didn't bother as I'm tired of taking pills so its cold turkey for me,maybe that's something that you could look into if it gets to much to handle I wouldn't quit smoking yet until you're over the withdrawal of the NP,I still smoke but I have a shocking cold at the moment so it hurts to smoke anyway.
We don't have any children just two beautiful dogs (huskie and a malamute) it must be hard to deal with your child with ADHD and I couldn't even start to understand what that's like,from I can tell you're a strong woman with a need and a desire to quit for the good of your family,When it gets unbearable just think of what the future has install for you,I've been putting the money I spent on NP away each time in a jar so I can see that getting full,look its strange I know but right now we need to find anything that keeps us motivated lol and a spare $200 does it for me.
Hang in there Terri you will get through it,promise

Posted: March 17, 2013, 2:52 PM
nurofen should not be sold over the counter!!! end of...!!!

Posted: March 25, 2013, 12:21 PM
Just wanted to say after feeling SO alone with N+ addiction for years at least I know I am not the only one. That said - I feel alone sitting here with my 2 beautiful boys in the house - as I sit here hiding on the PC not knowing if I will be round long enough to see them grow up. I was prescribed co-codamol 11 years ago for hip-pain and over the years have always used them for a "high" - stopping only when I was pregnant. Now I am SO scared - I have stomach / liver pain, I feel sick and am SO tired I could literally sleep standing up. I am terrified of the damage I have done over the years - often hitting 32 N+ a day - at least 24 a day. In the UK it EASY to get. I been GP twice - first one was helpful - advised cutting down to 8 a day BUT I dont think they realise just HOW hard that is - you are ill with withdrawal. Went back to normal as could not look after kids withdrawing. Second GP stared at me like I was an idiot and said I could see a shrink. Today is day 3 of cutting down to 12 a day and it hard - sleep is full of nightmares, my stomach hurts and I so tired and panic feeling and depression getting worse. I made appointment with first GP today but he cannot fit me in till 16 april - and then I do not know what he will say - I am terrified of the damage I have done. I cannot tell my partner - I told him before and he thinks it was short-term addiction for toothache - he would be furious if he knew what I had been doing for years and the GUILT when I look at my sons is tearing me apart. I am praying I can ride out at 10-12 a day till I see GP and I pray he can put me on "codine Phosphate Plan" which seems to be most helpful to others on here. I was never told how addictive codine was when I first was prescribed them - I had a 3 week old baby at the time and assumed taking them would be no problem - how wrong can you be !

Posted: April 8, 2013, 4:41 PM
I am now on day 4 of cold turkey. I have been taking nurofen plus for around 4 years and usually 4 a day. I think because I never went over the recommended dose I thought it was ok, but now know that's not the case. Wish me luck!

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Posted: April 12, 2013, 1:25 AM
OxyContin is an awful drug, I've been on it for years now (prescribed) its hell to get off of it, and even if u do a extremely slow reduction u crave it like mad. Just to correct a previous post, endone and oxy is different. They're both opioids but in different forms. Im fro aus and have had both oxy and endone before.

Posted: April 15, 2013, 12:39 AM
Hey guys, like many of you I am also a at home mother addicted to nurofen plus. This drug consumes my entire life. If i go to bed and know i have to chemist hop the next day, i rack my brains with where i can go....which pharmacy hasnt seen me in a while!. Then that next morning my mood is foul because i dont want to have to travel miles to get my fix. My local pharmacy girls all know and refuse to suply me now. Its so embarassing, i worry about being seen with my hubby incase someone says something to him. I spend in average eighty dollars a week on these pills......not including pharmacy hopping fuel!!! Today is my friggin day! I want the old me back. I dont want to keep spending my husbands bard earned money on pills. Its two thirty i. The afternoon, so far i took 5 panadeine (10mg codeine) each tablet. As opposed to 30 morning nurofen (12.8mg) per tablet. Will keep you a posted as there isnt much help out there for "our kind". Thanks and good luck to me :) :)
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Posted: May 2, 2013, 11:08 PM
Hi everyone, I've been addicted to Nurofen Plus for about 3 years taking between 25/30 per day. Have always said to myself "I must get off these" but it just never happened. Anyway last Monday around 1pm I took my normal 5 tablets leaving me just one left in the pack. It was then that I decided I was never going to buy any anymore. I don't know why it happened that way as I wasn't thinking about quitting that day but something just made me think enough is enough. I'd looked online before about the best way of quitting and for me I felt it was the cold turkey method. I wanted what was quickest so I'd be less tempted to change my mind. Well by Monday night I was feeling a bit flu like but it want too bad but by Tuesday morning boy was my body punishing me for not giving it its nurofen fix. My leg were the worst, constant aching and the insomnia was bad too. I got no sleep what so ever and by Wednesday morning I was thinking I couldn't do this anymore and wanted to go out and buy that little packet I'd promised myself I never would. It was then that I decided to tell the only person I could never tell, my mum. I rang her and spilled my heart out and she was brilliant. She promised she'd come and stay with me to help me through it. She lives 50 odd miles away but got here as soon as she could that day. I knew that by telling her that I'd have to keep going and failing would be harder with her around. Wednesday was a total nightmare, hot one minute, freezing cold the next, violent diarrhoea and those dam leg cramps. I took some Imodium for the diarrhoea which did ease it but wouldn't suggest that action to anyone else as whatever needed to come out still wanted to come out so I ended up vomiting so violently is was terrible. And again another sleepless night. By Thursday morning I did actually manage almost two hours sleep and was starting to feel a little more human again. Ended up quite a good day the rest of Thursday feeling I'd got over the worst, thank god. It's now nearly 4am Friday morning and I still can't sleep, have bad leg cramps but not unbearable. I just wish I could get some sleep but I really feel I'm nearly there. I am so glad I made that decision on Monday and feel that the insomnia and milder leg cramps are nothing compared to what I went through earlier on in the week. I can't believe I've actually done it. It was hard and I couldn't have done it without my mums support but I do think I did it the best way for me. Just waiting for these last couple of withdrawal systems to stop and I'll be free. Other than these I feel in myself like I felt after popping my usual 5 so I know I've beaten it. I can say hand on heart I will never take another codeine products ever again. You can quit if you want to, as long as you accept it's not gonna be easy and say to yourself I can get through this then you'll succeed. Just had to share my story as reading all the others on here have helped me more than you'll ever know. Thank you and good luck to anyone else trying to quit. IT CAN BE DONE.
Fellow addict

Posted: May 4, 2013, 12:48 AM
Just thought I'd let you all know that I'm still on tract. I took my last pil last Monday and its Saturday morning now and I've actually managed a few hours sleep. (A first since I stated my cold turkey) I've no energy levels during the day but if I don't have to do much its ok. The restless legs are still a problem but only at night and I'm actually feeling good throuout the day even though I'm exhausted with the lack of sleep I'd had. Even though I have gone through hell these past few days I do feel I've had it a little easier than some I've read on here. I know I'm over the worse and I still cannot believe I have actually done what I've wanted to do for so long and quit. I literally have to pinch myself. I reckon that within another week I'll be withdrawal free. I've only got the nighttime restless legs and the sleepless nights left to go and each night is getting better. But most important is that deep inside I know that I have beat this and know I will never let myself go anywhere near a painkiller ever again. I have not gone through all this for nothing. I would love it if my comments might help someone on these nasty little pills to quit too. x

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Posted: May 6, 2013, 9:38 AM
HI all,

I am so glad I found this forum, sounds like there is more than me with this problem!!! I have been on and off N+ for the past 7 years. I have been to rehab twice for this and got off, something happens and the first thing I do is hit the chemist. Right now is the worse I have ever been, the last 2 days I took 50 tabs in one hit. I swore I would never go past 30! The post earlier on from a man who lost his wife really rocked me. I have 4 kids and right now this is my dirty secret, if my hubby or folks new I was back on this I would be so ashamed so I want to do this cold turkey. The worst withdrawals for me is the depression and the leg shakes. I am on day one today and I feel very positive, I know this will change though. This time last year I ran a half marathon, I either very healthy or killing myself. I reckon a lot of addicts are like this, I can't do anything in moderation. Would love any support that people have to offer, I just want my life back, right now if it wasn't for my kids I might just give up!!!
Fellow Addict

Posted: May 7, 2013, 11:56 AM
Hi Meagsy, I am here for any support you need. I'm now on day 8 of my cold turkey. Still having these terrible leg cramps but not as bad as they were. Day 2 was the worse day for these. During the day I can cope with them quite easily but at night it's much worse. That and the insomnia aswell is making things difficult. It's a hard slog but its so worth it as I'm sure you know. This is my first attempt at quitting and feeling positive I'll keep to it. Might I ask you why you fell prey to N+ again after quitting. I'm not asking for in depth details just why you felt the need to return. I'm asking so that I may be fore warned myself of what to look out for in the future. I'm so pleased you have took this leap to quit again, as we can't keep letting these little pills run and ruin our lives. Whatever help and support you need I will be very happy to provide. You can do this, you know you can as you've done it before. Just take it one day at a time and every morning say to yourself "that's another day I've got through"
Never feel that you're going through this alone, and never feel ashamed of you're addiction as we all make mistakes and by reading all the comments on here shows you just how many others are in the same position. Well done big time to taking back control of you're life x

Posted: May 7, 2013, 7:38 PM
i havent been able to sleep for days, i feel like i lost myself to this spice k2 stuff, please help me with advice, i get headaches and im scared i am going to end up a no life bum that ruined hes life on drugs.
Fellow Addict

Posted: May 7, 2013, 10:46 PM
Hi David, yep I know what you mean. It's the lack of sleep that's getting to me. I spoke to a pharmacist about this but they said that they could only give me something that might help me drift off to sleep but it wouldn't keep me asleep. So if I took what was offered it would be useless cos my restless legs would wake me up again. So I opted against it. I'm reluctant to go to my doctor cos I don't want this on my medical records but it might be something you could consider for yourself. You're not a useless bum (as you put it) infact you're far from it. You are someone very brave whose trying to take back control of you're life. Everyone makes bad choices in life, its what we do about it that makes us who we are.
Fellow Addict

Posted: May 12, 2013, 5:32 PM
It's now Day 13 of my cold turkey and still going strong. Mums now gone home but she's been a total star and very supportive. Really couldn't have done it without her. Being 100% honest with her was essential which was very difficult to admit it all to her. But we'll worth it now. My restless legs have almost stopped and I'm managing between 5 and 6 hours sleep a night. My calf muscles are really aching which I suppose is due to me having to keep moving my legs for nearly 2 weeks. I've still got chronic dirharra so have no energy levels at all at the moment. But feeling I'm getting there day by day. It's been a very difficult time, one which I have no intention of repeating, but to be finally free of these life controlling pills is well worth it. It was only on Day 2 and 3 that I nearly caved and bought some more but other than that I haven't been tempted at all to succumb. I'm thinking that within another week I should be almost there. Just want to feel I can do something without feeling totally knackered and worn out. I am so proud of myself for actually doing this. Never really thought I'd come off them even though I'd wanted to. Will check back in again and keep you all informed how I'm doing.
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