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Nurofen Plus Addiction

Posted: August 29, 2012, 8:59 PM
Hi Josh,
Well firstly congratulations for totally kicking your habbit. A new chapter in life / a new life.
I have been to see the D & A people and a specialist doctor who deals with this on a daily basis. As my progress has been slow and my stomach ulcers are getting worse due to the nurofen plus they have decided to give Suboxine ( something like that) a try and I have to hang out as long as I can today and get really craving it before I go and have my first dose. From what I have read and been told it sounds like a wizz bang instant cure???? Cant be that easy I know .
It must be so nice on the other side, not having a drug rule and control your entire being?
I really look forward to being there. Well done and hoorah to you.You are so dedicated,you must be a vey caring and nice person. I thought once I am off it I would think twice about coming on here anymore, as I would not need it anymore. What a selfish thought, as it is when you are on the other side that you could possibly be of most help to others. Thankyou for bringing that to my attention.

Well starting to really feel like I need a hit now so may wander over to my chemist and try this stuff.

Stay in touch and so will I.

Posted: September 7, 2012, 7:48 PM
Hi Jane,

I'm actually coming off neurofens now as well however this is my second time. When i first came off this stuff i was taking about 50 a day. This time round is a fair bit less. I successfully came off neurofens following seeing a doctor that helped me get onto the suboxone program. This was my saving grace and will be doing this again before coming off the suboxone and doing a home detox. If you have any questions please drop me a line :) I am really impressed how you fessed up and sought help. It was and has been my secret as well until i told my family. They were amazingly supportive and helped with the home detox :)

Hope to hear from you!

Best of luck with everything.

Posted: October 16, 2012, 10:59 PM
Hi Guys
I have been reading your posts about Nurofen Plus and I too have this problem. I think this is becoming quite a big problem in Australia and other countries that sell Codeine over the counter. I live in Brisbane and it's so easy to get your hands on it. 95% of pharmacys don't ask to see any photo I.D so it's really easy to give false names and addresses to them and they are none the wiser. I really think there needs to be a crack down on this drug as it is ruining a lot of lives out there. I really wish it would become prescription only medicine.
I started taking Nurofen plus a few years ago for lower back pain and the occasional bad headache and I really liked the feeling it gave me. It not only got rid of the pain really fast but it made me feel calm, relaxed and at peace with the world around me. Codeine and other opiates are very good at this.
Anyway I first started taking it for pain but then after a while I started taking the pills when there was no pain, I just wanted to get that little high that I could get. I started off with 2 pills a day for a little while and then before I knew it, my tolerance to the drug had just skyrocketed and before too long I found myself taking anywhere between 24 - 30 pills in a day.
I didn't want to tell anyone about my addiction as I was really ashamed of it so the only way out that I could see was to go overseas for a while, so that I couldn't get my hands on the drug. So I went overseas for a total of 6 weeks. The first week was pretty hellish as I was dealing with the withdrawals but after about 3 days the worst of the withdrawals was over and I could enjoy the rest of my holiday to rest and de-stress from my life as a drug addict at home. I told myself that when I returned home from overseas I would stay away from the drugs and get some counselling. The sad news is that I haven't done either and I am back on them again. I am currently taking about 12 a day. I am planning on getting some counselling next week as I can't go through what I did last time. Jane I wish you luck in dealing with your addiction. I hope you can stay away from these awful things.

Posted: November 10, 2012, 6:12 PM
To the Nplus addicts,
I have been on these drugs since 2001 after having a back injury, at first 6 a day was my dosage. As time went by this grew to 60-75 a day, in 2009 my stomach blew apart with 2 peptic ulcers requiring surgery within 2 hours of the bursting. It felt like someone shot me in the guts with a pistol, the most agonising pain i've ever felt. without the surgery death was going to take place within 6 hours i was told. 5 hours in surgery and 11 days in intensive care followed, i have a 30cm scar right down the middle of my stomach, after leaving hospital the pain management they put me on was great for 14 days then was told to go cold turkey! We all know what that feels like, so you guessed it back to Nplus. This time i was knocking back 30 per day, felt great ulcers fixed, felt like superman again. then other side affects started to appear. the only way i told myself to rid myself of this crap is to take 1 less per day as i lost hope with doctor's advice. 88 days later i finally had no desire left or physical want to take anymore, 3 weeks after that my body began to naturally create dopamines to make me feel normal, no aches or pains or scattered brains thoughts, so hang in there Jane cos if you want to go clean its going to take a while and you'll have bad days were you'll feel like giving in, 1 last tip don't subsitute 1 drug for another you'll just get hooked on the new drug, remember good things come from hard yakka. Good Luck! Sorry for my spelling.

Posted: December 2, 2012, 1:07 AM
Hello to everyone out there.

I recently lost my precious wife to Nurofen plus addiction. They will kill you eventually if you don't stop...believe me I have seen the end of a NP addiction. Her cause of death of course was not recored as NP but she was admitted to hospital and within 3 days was dead from multi system organ failure, pneumonia and a failing heart....you will die too if you don't stop. She firstly developed stomach ulcers and I was none the wiser. Over a period of 12-18 months I believe she was consuming increasing quantities of this insidious drug.She developed kidney problems soon thereafter and was hospitalised for that and within 2 months was admitted to hospital again and immediately put in intensive care.

Despite the best efforts of the doctors and nursing staff she passed away suddenly before me and our children. It was a scene and a tragedy I will never ever forget.

Please get help or you too will eventually die a very very sick person.

Posted: December 3, 2012, 6:41 PM
Hi All,

After reading this I just couldn't help myself from responding. To be honest I can't even remember when I first started regularly taking Nurofen Plus and other codein-based OTC medicine. My guess is I have been addicted for 3/4 years. I have attempted to come off twice and failed. Both times I got through the physical withdrawals but the silent killer was the psychological issues for me. I suffer from anxiety/depression and N+ was my way of trying to get through the day.

I'm in my second day of recovery and working full time. Alone in my home as my partner is away, and it is tough stuff! She doesn't know either, but I just miss her so much during such a terrible time. I decided to use the week whilst no one was home to do quit so I didn't have to face questions and deal with people, let me tell, it is hard!

Generally I was taking between 20 and 30 pills per day, as all of you said - just to medicate and get through the day!

All I can say is for those coming off this terrible stuff, hang in there, with perseverance and support it can be done. And I'm going to try and kick this devil for the 3rd and hopefully final time!


Posted: December 23, 2012, 6:03 PM
I've been a migraine suferer for all my adult life and discovered nurofen plus about 5 years ago. For the last 2 and a half years at least I've taken them every day. It started out at two at a time. Gradually turned to three which quickly progressed to 4 skipped 5 to six and about a year later 8 at a singe dose three or four times a day. I do recall the first time I took them when I wanted to numb the emotional pain and stress my boss was causing me, They became my crutch, my dirty little secret. I'm still at the same job, still under stress, still using the pills, although I can honestly say that nine times out of ten it's used for pains rather than the numbing feeling I get. For the last few months I've been getting intense pains in my stomach, I suxlect it might be an ulcer so instead of going tl my gp to admit my problem I take cramp pills and more np to take away the pain. I've lied to family, I've created false accounts at different chemists but slowly am trying t come off them. I'm current.y down to 5 3x a day after being on 6 3x a day for the last month ( no more 8s). I'm on leave from work for two weeks so any withdrawal symptoms can be hidden. My biggest worry is that I'll need them (and the benylin codiene that I've also started taken) the minute I go back to work. Can anyone tell me what withdrawal symptoms they went through? Wishing you all the best of luck.

Posted: December 24, 2012, 12:05 AM
this is a great post! firstly id like to say to Jane - dont give up, youll get there,

i was addicted to Neurophen plus too for about 3 or 4 years, at the worst i was taking about 30 pills a day, its terrible stuff. i couldnt go anywhere with out a packet. anyway i did get off it cold turkey and it was so terrible, words couldnt explain, im really annoyed that there isnt more info on how it affects you and how to get off it. during my 3-4 weeks of getting off it - i rarely slept, every night my bed was soaked from sweat, i was so angry at everything i got in a few street fights and road rage alot, wich is totally not part of my usual personality. anyway, i was totally off them for a whole year, but started using again from time to time after my mother died. but never more than 2-4 a day or sometimes only 2 over two days, but again i have found myself addicted... i tried to go off them last week and got to day three and was feeling almost as bad as i did last time. . . i really dont want to go through the terrible withdrawls again, so i too am cutting down and will probably go see the doctor soon for some codine with out the ibproufen as you said!

thanks for your posts, it probably helps lots of people with the same problem !

Posted: December 24, 2012, 4:21 AM
At one of the chemists I go to the one woman recognised me asked where my card was (point card for store which they use at pharmacy section to get details) I told her I lost it when in actual fact I was now using a false name because My card had been flagged to not give anymore without prescription. The woman said to me you got these pills two weeks ago how can you go through so many in two weeks? She didn't wait for my reply, She then said I can lose my job here, give me the pills and marked on the system "told patient to speak to doctor" and that was that.

Posted: January 8, 2013, 5:16 PM
I too have been addicted to codeine based pills for 8 years now.Initially I was put on a repeat prescription of 30/500 cocodomol.After 6 years I tried to come off them.I went to the GP and they sent me to the substance abuse clinic which was full of alcoholics and illegal drug addicts.They had no provision for people addicted to codeine based pain killers.Anyway I tried to taper down but you realise it's that moment of calm and warrmth you get from the pills that you end up chasing.I realised my whole life was governed by these moments,including my eating pattern.The last thing you should do is take this sort of medication on an empty stomach but you do to increase the affect.I went cold turkey and suffered flu like symptoms and extreme tiredness for about 7 days.Was doing so well then had a bereavement and ended up taking nurofen plus(i was too ashamed to get co-codomol from the doctors as that would be admitting i had failed).I managed to get off these at christmas as I caught a virus and was too sick to keep any food down let alone pills.Up to that point I was taking up to 40 nurofen plus a day in doses of 10 at a time and I was starting to get acid problems.I've now started taking them again 10 days ago-40 yesterday,30 today.But the acid issue has been keeping me awake at night/waking me up.This morning I threw up because of it.I'm starting to get a bit scared,especially after reading some of the posts on here,but it is so hard to stop taking them.You end up not caring about how the pills are damaging your organs.A friend who was a heroine addict(now on methodone) says that codeine is one of the hardest drugs to get off.It is such a lonely place being an addict.I read it here over and over,about doing the chemist rounds,lying and hiding pills etc..I'm based in the UK in a major city so have about 20 different chemists i can go to!I'm very grateful that others have posted their experiences on here.I need inspiration and support where i can get it,and also offer my support to anyone who may need it.Good luck to everyone struggling with addiction.I am now building up to stopping once again.Has anyone got any natural remedies/harmless products that can help with the side affects of coming off nurofen plus?
Thanks for reading

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Joined: December 27, 2012

Posted: January 8, 2013, 10:57 PM
Hi Guys, Day 9 of no N+ for me today. I stopped because the thought of being an active N+ addict for the rest of my life frightened the heck out of me. I just could not come to terms with that thought. So, I knew I had to stop some time, so best make it now.
I don't get too bothered with the physical withdrawl sysmpoms - for me it seems like a just punishment for being so stupid :-) - but the anxiety and depression are killers.

I'm sure you know these but my recomendations would be:
Immodium to let you eat - important for your mood not to starve yourself
SSIR antidepressants - perscribed by a good doctor, help hugely to level my mood
1-2 weeks supply of Valium or sleeping pills - for anxiety, or for sleep, but only for a short time.

Its still hard but at least the above make the imediate cold turky bearable. A longer term plan is also needed, counciling, Self Help groups, CBT etc.

At 9 days its starting to look much much better, there is a good end in sight - well, a good end to the begining.

Good luck to you all, N+ Addict.

Posted: January 13, 2013, 9:07 AM
After doing some research about coming off N+, i decided to go cold turkey. I thought it best for me. Two weeks tomorrow and I honestly feel like i've got my life back on track. A great partner and two kids makes it bearable to come of, for their sake and for my own health. For the last 2 years i have been having a lot of kidney problems and other symptoms related to N+ abuse. i have been on these tabs for 7 years (secretly).

I would say you have to be in the right mindset to come of these. It's like coming stopping smoking. Pick a date and build yourself up to it. be positive and set goals for yourself. i have started training, walking and running the last fews days. i couldn't the first weeks because of withdrawal symptoms, flu like symptoms and a lot of peeing. make sure you drink plenty of water to flush all toxins out....

good luck everyone. i wish you all the best and once you've kicked this, you will be so proud of yourself xx

Posted: January 14, 2013, 9:48 PM
I am really sorry to hear all of your stories of addiction and the physical problems it has caused you.

I really felt the need to post on some harm reduction as I am EXTREMELY surprised it has not been mentioned. The harmful components of any codeine pills are the ibuprofen and the paracetamol. If you only have access to OTC codeine it will undoubtedly contain them as an extra ingredient. BUT .... these can be removed in a simple process that takes 5 minutes called a 'cold water extraction'.
Google it. You are unnecessarily putting yourself in pain with stomach ulcers etc that could result in death, PLEASE use this procedure if you are taking over the daily limit of ibuprofen or paracetamol!!!!!

Posted: January 16, 2013, 10:34 PM
Hi all my name is Lian ( Leanne ) and I am also addicted to n+ I live just north of Newcastle England and have the same problem being that I have no less than 7 chemists within walking distance of my house. I am now on my third attempt to stop using n+ and although I'm now down to 16 pills per day and I'm happy to be down to so few, I take my pills every morning but always find myself taking another 16 in the evening. I need so super advice as I'm starting to suffer from some nasty side effects now such as not sleeping, pains in my tummy, feeling weak all of the time and problems breathing. I'm a single mother of two and I've just very suddenly lost my dad and my mam has just found out she has breast cancer, I really don't want my death to be added to that list. I've been to my gp all three time for help with this and the last time I was told that they wouldnt help me again. How bad is it to go cold turkey ? How long does it last ? Please help me, this is also my dirty secret and I can't bare to do this on my own.

Thanks guys
Lian x

Posted: January 28, 2013, 5:46 AM

A 39-year-old woman was referred by her general practitioner to the emergency department (ED) of our community hospital with a 24-hour history of acute epigastric pain. She had a past history of alcohol misuse, codeine misuse and pancreatitis.

While in the ED, she described recreationally taking 16–24 Nurofen Plus tablets (Reckitt Benckiser, Sydney, NSW) (containing ibuprofen and codeine) per day for the previous 3 weeks. Clinical examination revealed pallor, mild diaphoresis, a heart rate of 130 beats/min and blood pressure of 92/60 mmHg. The patient’s abdomen was grossly distended and maximally tender on palpation in the epigastrium. Bowel sounds were absent. Intravenous access was established and infusion of 2 L crystalloid fluid was commenced.

An erect chest x-ray confirmed the presence of gas under the diaphragm (Box 1). An urgent laparotomy revealed a perforated anterior gastric antrum ulcer and 2.6 L of green turbid fluid in the peritoneal cavity. The patient was given an additional four units of packed red cells intraoperatively, and her ulcer was oversewn. Postoperatively, she was transferred to an intensive care unit at another hospital.
Use this addiction forum to discuss more about addiction


Posted: February 14, 2013, 12:19 PM
Leanne .i like you am an addict with a small child. First thing is admitting you have a problem and stop dragging your heals beating round the bush and do something about it.i have been addicted for 6 years and also live in a city (Dublin) with access to 100's of pharms.everyone calls it there dirty little secret.i found the best way of beating this called tapering.for example if you start by taking 30 a day you take 10 in the morning then 10mid day then 10 at night. The reason why you crave another 16 in the evening is because codione only has a half life of 6 hours half the life in your system as a normal opiate.you will then have to cut down slowly.unfornunitly by only two to three down a week.too quickly will result in relapse.ul need an acid repressent from ur doc called emazole and to relax ul need Xanax also something to sleep that's not addictive cause lets face it we both have that Gene.there called sitlcnot.make a plan of action,write it out cross out each week f***ing sign in blood with your children's pictures attached and do not differ from the plan.then at least ul see the date when ul only take one morn noon and knight for the last time. And ul be proud to say u did this not just for you, for the kids. For mummy. It's time you took control of there mum and kicked this junke devil b**** off your shoulder.you can do it.im down to six a day from 80.chat soon and good luck Leanne.you CAN do this !

Posted: February 24, 2013, 1:31 AM
Hi all, i have been a user of the very EVIL Nurofen Plus tablets for over three years now. i have two children 8 and 15 plus a very loving partner, we have been together for 19 years and im 35, i was taking 60 tablets a day, my partner was unaware of my addiction and i hid it good, but as time went on i couldnt go a day without my fix up pills, i drink a lot and they made me feel better, but as time went on it was getting harder to get them, so i started asking a couple of my friends to get them, eventuially i ended up really hooked and really sick, the pains in my stomach were really bad, i was thirsty all the time, i had to take a drink bottle of water with me every where, i ended up not eating because if i did i would end up spewing, i couldnt use my bowels and would sit on the toilet for ages just hoping something would happen, this is where i knew i had to get help, i didnt want to die, i had 2 beutiful kids and my partner to think about. i tried going cold turkey but the withdrawals were to much!
I went to a new doctor to get help, it was the best desion of my life, she put me on a Codeine phosphate tablet (30g)plan where (it depends on how much nurofen you take) i started taking 20 codeine tablets for the first day and went down by half a tablet a day, it is great! i dont feel sick, i dont have cramps in my stomach, i can go to the toilet when i need to, and best of all, im not taking a hand full of tablets all the time, i dont get any withdrawals, and i feel better then i have in a long time, sooo if you are serious about getting of the EVIL NP please ask your doctor about this plan, it really does work! i am down to 17 and a half today and feel awesome!

Posted: February 25, 2013, 6:54 PM
Hello everyone I'm 36 years old,three years ago I had an injury at work,my foot was ran over by a forklift,luckily for me I only suffered nerve damage and massive swelling my steel cap boots saved my toes,so anyway after a long recovery and lots of work cover Dr's that had works best interests at heart not mine or my foot for that matter,I'm addicted to nurofen plus it started with Dr's giving me endone then panadien forte then nurofen plus.
With out doubt this is harder to quit than smoking I'm using 20pills a day and its getting worse I have told my Dr that I'm addicted to these and all they seem to do is pull out the script book and feed you more drugs,I'm tired of taking pills there must be a better option than this

Posted: February 26, 2013, 11:47 PM
Hi Adam, im sorry to hear your story, i to am addicted to Nurofen plus and had the same thing happen to me with the doctor, i have changed doctor's surgery's and am on a Codeine Phosphate plan, i started at 20 tablets a day and go down half a tablet each day ( 1-1\2 every hour). It does take a while to get down to the last tablet but it works, i have no withdrawls and im feeling great, im down to 16 codeine tablets today and i was taking 60 nuforen plus tablets every day for around 3 years. I hope this helps you. kylie

Posted: February 27, 2013, 8:28 AM
My adult Child has been using Nurofen for months. Gods knows how many or perhaps even years? I have seen a gradual decline in her health ranging from mood swings, being irritable, kind of blazay laxed & noticably at times unreasonably selfish. She just does not look healthy anymore and is mostly miserable and not the happy Child I would like to have back that she ones was. It disturbes me greatly to see my Adult Child like this. I have pointed the hazards out to her on numerous occasions and yet she still keeps buying Nurofen Plus. I am at a lost!!!!
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