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Naltrexone Implants

Posted: May 26, 2019, 9:58 PM
You cannot find naltrexones duration of action ANYWHERE on the internet. ANYWHERE. What purpose could censoring this information have. What you do find is the COMPLETELY FALSE indication that each 50mg is effective for 24 hours. Addicts are ADDICTED. Zero tolerance is the least compassionate, most unscientific based treatment available. It is not supported by ANY comparitive research. NONE. The absolutely terrible, inaccurate information provided will lead. addicts to begin trying to overcome the blockade after TWO halflives, when naltrexone still has a 25% plasma concentration. Medicine assumes NO ONE uses opiates to cope. That's f***ing retarded.

This drug increases the likelihood of overdose. I don't want to hear about proper supportive therapy, because it doesn't exist. Doctors treat everyone like criminals. Don't tell me "well people are warned" because they are A) given false information and B) you're assuming you have found one special medical condition in which people do they right thing after being told. This is all completely unrealistic. The fact that it's based on ONE russian, "funded per the exact result achieved" study REEKS of conspiracy. I accidentally went into PWD seven half lives ago and the doctor in the ER laughed at me while I was screaming my lungs out. "What do you want us to do lol, these are withdrawls". I would rather die than call an ambulance again. Tell me what change occured to cause medicine to be with held as a means to "help" people? How much do you think I want to get better so that I can maybe one day become a doctor who giggles at people blowing blood vessels in pain?

I gave up on suboxone treatment, as a veteran two years ago. Because I'm not willing to get pregnant and go to a cash doctor to get it. The only people who get suboxone are the people who sell it. This is exactly the opposite of the way its supposed to work.
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