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Methadone-longterm Or Not

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Posted: October 26, 2011, 1:36 AM
Way to go Con!!!!

Every time I read some &^%$#@*&^ from our "resident doctor", ESPECIALLY when it is FALSE information about methadone I go for the post button before I even know what I am going to say. It fumes me!! I have no problem with most things he says,but utter ONE WORD of MEDICALLY INCORRECT information about methadone and it makes me angry. iF YOU DONT KNOW THE TRUTHFUL FACTS DON'T OPEN YOUR MOUTH. Its that simple.And its Not because I have no acceptance in my life!! I have more acceptance than most people I know. What I have no acceptance for is for people who tell lies about things they know nothing about. Plain and simple. Be honest.
Does anyone that have read our posts complaining about Dr.Irab, realize the only reason we have even bothered to respond to some of the things he says in his posts is because of the medically incorrect things he has written regarding the use of methadone. Plain and simple.

That first,& most importantly ,
and second, that he keeps saying "he is one of us". We get that he is a recovering addict,but WE dont find it necessary to list our lifes accomplishments,(although he should be very proud of all his accomplishments privately.) at the end of each and every post. I think he may believe that by telling us all the experiences he has had working with addicts, at the methadone clinics,etc....that we will somehow better believe evrything he tells us.... like he's the only one who has ever done it that cares to post on this site ???

As many have said in past posts, Dr......talk to us as an addict in recovery. His ups and his downs, his highs and his lows. Things we can relate to on a daily basis. Those "titles" and clinic jobs/psychiatrist years had nothing to do with what he did to stay clean and sober for the first 1 or 2 years into recovery or even the last 3 years when he was dealing with staying clean/sober one day at a time. Those are the kinds of things we want to hear from him,not all the other things he thinks are necessary to tell us.
Make sense?? But I do remember him saying he couldnt seperate the 2, the doc from the addict. I guess his age makes that difficult for him.
Until we talk again my friend.


Ps. I almost forgot to tell you I looked up the the Samaritan site and WOW what a fantastic organization!!!! Have you ever looked it up and read how it was started??? It will blow you away. We are going to put it in Nov's newsletter. It is too good not to. Sometimes people will open up anonymously before a F2F. Anytime of the day or night??? Sounds like an addicts hours to me!!! LOL. Thanks a bunch. Your punkins are freezing??? poor little things.....

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Posted: October 26, 2011, 1:50 PM
I really appreciate you taking the time to write that Bob..thank you for your opinion and thank you for sharing your sobriety with us.

I just think there's a simple solution here. This is not a medical board. We do not come here seeking medical advice and for anyone (dr or not) giving that advice without seeing and knowing that person's background is dangerous. Flat out. It's been kind of an unspoken rule around here since I showed up 8 years ago, don't give medical advice.

Give addict advice. That's what we're here for, that's what we want to know. Tell us how it was for you as an addict, like you did Bob. If I need a dr, I'll go to my family doc and ask for a referral if he can't help me. Anyone would be STUPID to take medical advice online. Who does that?

I personally think Irab (Bob, you kept calling him Ira, is that his real name?) belongs here as an addict in recovery, just an ordinary person trying to stay clean. Help others by helping yourself, that's the idea..but not with medical advice. Okay dokey?

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Posted: February 9, 2022, 7:55 PM
Some cool old posts

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