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28 Yr Quit

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Joined: August 19, 2018

Posted: August 19, 2018, 8:56 AM
I was a heroin addict 70-80-90's. Methadone (seriously without chipping), 1992. Went to 180mg for 8-9 yrs...decided end of the addict games and tapered down for 2-3 yrs....thought i would be a meth "addict" til death. So whats 2-3 yrs in the scheme of things, right? Amazingly, i got to 30-20-10 mg. I went all the way to 1mg. Prepped to quit like a good addict with every conceivable crutch....didnt need them. Hadnt felt withdrawals for years and didnt WANT to. Was terrified!! Walked away at 1mg in april...1 day of semi pain. Sleep/morpheus visits are still a bit off, (4 mo later),but im done. Clean as a child. My emotional state is sex drive is off the charts, but im human again, no trips to the damn $$ going off the top of my check to them either. Ya, f***in, hoo. If my sorry 59 yr old a** can do this, scared, terrified, pussied, AFRAID...and quit (23-24 yrs later) is possible. FREEDOM!!!!!

Posted: August 19, 2018, 10:00 PM
Thats great! Congratulations! Gives me hope :) Thanks!

Posted: October 3, 2018, 2:23 PM
I am so relieved to read your post!! Is it possible, Ive been on 65 mg Methadone for 15 yrs. It has always been 65 from the very beginning.
I had been arrested for prescription forgery and thought my life was going to be chasing scrips for the rest of my life in and out of jail.
I do want to say that getting into the Methadone Maintenance Treatment gave me back my life for the last 15 yrs with holding down same work without painkillers needed....broke 6 ribs and only took Motrin.

However I am now 65 yrs old and finding it very scary that I may never be off this merry go round.
Your post is so inspiring and wondering did you do this on your own or in a facility?
Thank you again and so glad to hear you are as clean as a child.

Posted: November 30, 2018, 2:18 AM
HI, Ive been on 65 mg also for about 9 years now I think. In that time I have got my s*** together, gone back to university and gotten a degree in network engineering. I have a great job and have no desire to do any opiates anymore. I would love to be off methadone and seeing as its been so long since ive gone through any form of withdrawl am deathly afraid to experience that again. Once in the grip of my opiate addiction (taking 10+ Oxy 80s a day) I managed to quit for 6 months. Well the 6th month was not as bad as the first month but it was still basically unbearable. I had no energy, even walking up a flight of stairs felt like a monumental chore. I had constant hot flashes and cold chills, my body's temperature regulation felt extremely wonky. The worst though was the lack of sleep. I would literally only sleep every other day and even then it would be the worst sleep ever. All that was 6 months after quitting and I just couldn't deal with it anymore so back to the pills. Well I knew I didnt wanna go back down that rabbit hole again which lead me to methadone. I dont regret that decision as my life is now in a better place then it ever has been but I do worry that Ill be on methadone for life. I feel like its not such a big deal as I go to the clinic once a week on Saturday, im in and out in 10 minutes and I have my drinks for the week. That being said I do wish this wasnt the case. Obviously travel is basically a no go and as silly as it is I worry if theres some apocalyptic event then ill be in for a rougher time then most. People I talk to that have been on methadone have said when they finally taper off its pretty horrible and even years later they still dont feel normal. Those stories feed my fear of never getting off. However your story gives me hope as I can take years to taper down if I need to and maybe if I do that it wont be so bad this time. Anyways hope all is still well with you.
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