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Posted: July 13, 2022, 2:16 PM
Not a pleasant topic, but one most people using methadone can relate to. After more than 20 years of this foolishness I've become somewhat of an authority on how to combat constipation. The number one thing is fluids. Drink plenty of fluids and eat plenty of high fiber food. Fresh fruit is good, watermelon is great, but so are prunes and especially shelled pecans. Pecans seem to have a magical ingredient.
Above all avoid cheese and dairy products. I love cheese, but it hates me so we had a parting of the ways. Avoid starchy food like pasta and white bread. Actually avoid most wheat flour products if at all possible.
If you find yourself absolutely stuck you can try the nuclear option of magnesium citrate. It's in almost any pharmacy isle and diet cheap. Try to avoid daily laxatives because laxatives become addictive as well.
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