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How Low Is Enough To Stop?

Posted: January 29, 2021, 10:02 PM
i have been on methadone for 4 years for pain alone - 21 years of it! Public drs didn't know what to do so somehow i got SHOVED on the programme with everybody else! ITS a BARBARIC drug and i HATE it personally - each to their own?
It started with a dose of 120 (not sure how many mls but ALOT MORE
I have now against ALL drs orders reduced to 3.5ml (17.5) i can hardly see it in the cup and have NOT touched ANY OPIOIDS for over 4 years - had almost NO withdrawals but the reduction has taken 4 yrs and at 2.5units a month......!
NOW i am near the end of this I feel I cannot take the everyday army drill of the chemist although i have NO criminal history my dr MAKES me pick up 4 days a week I have almost DIED Breaking my neck in 5 places with a 38%chance of life late 2018 then 2019 broke my tailbone due to LACK OF ANY CARE! I call ALL the place for 8 months for HELP and am still homeless with me emotional support dog if that's NOT ENOUGH in Nov 2020 I nearly died again in a BAD car accident collapsing my lung, breaking 4 ribs 8 places and smashing my entire right shoulder as was hit almost head-on by a BULLBAR in a two-door small vehicle! and that's not even the start. I have 2 yes two functional discs in my entire spine and still walk still work caring for 2 aged people (people like my own family) - (which is still unknown) when I can almost every day including property work (rural work in a property that must be maintained!

I want out
STOP its been years and I went by the book as slow as possible i now have cancer and NOT a dr that cares as I see others picking up weekly I am still MADE to go 4 days a week! sun rain or storm! with NO car now as the speeding bullbar wrecked my car riding it off completely has anyone ever stopped this low at I think its 17.5 or 3.5mls? what happens will I suffer BAD withdrawals?

it HAS TO STOP........I guess i CAN go all the way only 2 more months but its the depression now that's hit me hard the pain is back things went the wrong way murphy's law but CLEAN 100% 4 YEARS now!

Maybe today is a weak day

never had no support just one let down after another

what would happen has anyone like me tried this to just stop?

Curious lone wolf

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Posted: July 14, 2021, 1:56 AM
I care hope you feel better soon .we love you xxoo
just sum guy

Posted: January 18, 2022, 7:48 AM
you can get free brother. make no mistake that methadone clinic IS NOT THERE TO HELP YOU. GET OUT AS FAST AND BEST YOU CAN. clinics trick us desperate addicts into slow suicide so big pharma can profit pushing a deathbed medication. no s***, man. i got out. i walked out on 7 day privileges and tried to return their poison the day i left the program, THEY MADE ME LEAVE WITH IT. i got thru what followed and i am just sum guy. I KNOW YOU CAN TOO. N guess what, now i am free. join me brother
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