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Copd Worse During Detox?

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Posted: April 25, 2019, 6:47 PM
Let me preface this a bit. I am nearly 53, have had COPD for 20 years and still smoke...stupid right? Yea... So I don't believe in using suboxone as a substitute for opioids. It's, in my opinion, like trading Herion for Methadone. The withdrawals are far worse with Methadone than Heroin. I wholeheartedly endorse using subs for detox though. I recently started a detox, used subs, like before and am now reducing the subs to get off them too. Today, the third full day without pain killers, I didn't feel all that bad but felt out of breath all morning until I finally took 1/4ish of a 2mg sub tablet. It wasn't long before the extra effort I had breathing went away.

So, just curious, anyone else notice this while detoxing? With or without COPD but especially with?

I suppose it could be total coincidence.


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