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Detoxing Off Bupenorphine, Xanax And Meth

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Posted: August 28, 2018, 3:36 PM
I have been addicted to opiates since 04. I started a methadone clinic in 05-06 my first attempt to detox. I've oded so many times .I have attempted suicide so many times.I've wrecked so many vehicles due to the many assortment of things I've lost count. There were 2 pre mediated attempts on my life recently. God has me here for a reason. I started to snort Xanax in 08 and was on them some rare occasions off but more so on them till Aug 1, 2018 . I started meth last year after my dad died only on it 3 weeks. I was working a waitress for a year and was independent single mom of two. 17&10 Started meth socially on may 31,2018 till Aug 1,2018. I went into a hospital after something bad happened while I went on a binge after I lost my job. I then checked myself into a hospital where I was treated for PTSD, severe paranoiasevere anxiety and was set up with the plan to detox under a Dr care instead of trying to taper off myself i am a RN. I am going thru a detox program now,first one I am really trying.
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