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5days Off Suboxone

Posted: September 2, 2015, 12:11 PM
Hello everyone I've been on suboxone for a year now and decided to just quit cold turkey. I've heard horror stories about the withdrawal but most of it is in your head. I have terrible stomach cramps and cold sweats and not much energy. I am taking vitamin b6 and lots of electrolytes and still going to work on a construction crew. It's best to stay busy and have a great support sustem. Keep yourselves occupied and try not to really think to much into it. Pain is what got me here but without pain you are not alive. It is tough but I'm am going to run till I fall and get back up again. Wish me luck and keep the faith for it is Jesus the one that went through all the pain and died on the cross for us. There is hope but I'd rather smoke a joint in the morning and smoke a joint at night and smoke a joint in the afternoon cause it makes me feel alright. Now s*** aside stay positive and laugh a little. It's the pain that lets you know that you are still fukn alive. Love you all through this struggle but life happens let's figure out the disease and make sur others don't go down this same a** path to hell that the doctor put us on.

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Posted: September 2, 2015, 1:19 PM
Why did you go on suboxone in the first place?

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Posted: September 2, 2015, 7:08 PM
I had 2 herniated disc from an accident at work. I had surgery and of course was put on OxyContin. The line of work I do is tough so popping pills helped out with the pain on bad days. I went to physical therapy and still was given more pills so I figured it was a way of getting by. I should've quit while I could've meaning my job but like everyone my job payed my bills. After years of taking Vicodin and OxyContin I became immune and was no longer getting releif from the drug but more to feed my addiction. It seems that no one gets addicted to pain but when pills do nothing like anything we feel the need to look for newer ways to get by. I went to my doctor which than sent me to an addictionologist which took me by surprise because the underlying factor was the pain. I was prescribed 3 8mg films a day a month. Although it didn't do anything for the pain it kept me from craving any more pills. So now I'm raging on this stuff and explained to my DR this and he insisted on giving me more which didn't help. It might work for others but it's really addictive and you become a slave to it. I'm currently on day 5 and the withdrawal is feeling much like a real bad flu. I'm feeling the pain but now I'm starting to feel alive again. Pain sucks but eat right get some vitamins in you and just Pray. I hope we all heal one day. But for now I'll stick it out and stay positive.

Posted: October 11, 2015, 9:02 PM
Same scenario. Popped hydros for 5 years. Now getting off subixone is my misery. Day two without and going nuts. Trying to stay busy.

Posted: October 22, 2015, 7:18 AM
I just read yesterday on the forum here that there's another site that calculates the weaning process for each individual. they say to GO SLOW. you drop every ten days and it tells you in what increments to do it.
being that NO doctors or the darn pharmaceutical company who produced this horrible addictive stuff doesn't tell you how to drop off it without withdrawing. How do they expect a person to drop off just from a 2mg strip??????

If I had known this I would have stayed on the sub only a matter of weeks and started on a lower dosage.

I do believe that spirituality, faith, taking care of our bodies by eating well and taking supplements, good rest and working our bodies out so we sweat helps significantly.

I heard that it's MUCH easier to come off of suboxone than methadone, by many people. I tried to stop methadone when the clinic closed suddenly. I kept saying that Id be able to do it with a positive mind and prayer. I guess everyone's bodies are different, because I was so upset with myself when I started feeling the withdrawals and couldn't manage it.
that's why I'm on the sub.
please keep in touch with your progress. it's so refreshing and inspiring to hear others share their positive experiences. I NEED positive. It helps give me strength. thank you.

Posted: October 24, 2015, 1:45 PM
Thank you to everyone for your posts. I'm really glad they are recent. Reading Suboxone posts from 2011 doesn't seem as effective as ones presently written (misery company? Or maybe feels good to know I'm not alone.). I'm on day 4 coming off roughly 1mg (half of a 2mg strip). Not fun! Geez, I thought I weened down enough, ummm nope. First three days sucked ballz (excuse my language, feeling a bit racy). Sweats, RLS, cravings, obsessing, and emotions like a madman. My Dr. called me in some Clonadine. It's helping a lot with the mood swings, chills, and rls, yet I look and feel as though I should be tromping after Rick, Daryl, and the crew (yes a walking dead reference. Get it? The clonidine has turned me into a zomb... Ok you get it).

The thing is I've been sober since 2006. No booze or drugs...just suboxone. Of course, being a drug addict and taking suboxone is a slippery slope. Always filling early, always telling myself, "Not this month. I'm taking it right this month." And there I was filling early AGAIN (I somehow managed to get my Dr. to let the pharmacies let me fill early. Years later I'm still that same manipulative drug addict!).

I forgot to mention that I have a rocket fueled 14 month old baby boy that has no room in his energetic blessed little heart for a dad going through opiate withdrawals. Thank God I have a wonder woman (who has 3 other kids 7, 13, 16) that is taking the brunt of the load. She's being helpful and gentle. However, I must say, I'm a hands on Dad and love playing with my boy (first kid set 43), and because of the withdrawals, I just can't do it right now and WANT TO DO BAD. I'm here and he's here yet I miss him dearly.

I didn't plan on writing this much. Must have found it therapeutic. Good. I'll take it. Much better than obsessing.

I don't ever wanna feel this way again.
Peace and Love,

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Posted: October 24, 2015, 7:24 PM
Good luck!!
I just posted and am about to do the same - however you doing it alone with a child to take care of - well, needless to say I am in awe of your bravery and strength!
That being can obviously do this!!
So nice to here that I'm not alone!


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Posted: October 25, 2015, 1:21 PM
Hey now. Day 5. Feel better. Not ready to go rock climbing or anything, just a wee bit better. I'll take the progress. My suggestion to anyone coming off Suboxone is ween yourself down slow and steady. If you have someone to help you, so you aren't administering it to yourself, that would be best. Let's face it, a drug addict weening themselves is like a...well, it's like a drug addict trying to ween themselves! Not conducive!
I keep telling myself (and I think others can relate): I'll no longer need to worry about having Suboxone on me. That's a huge relief. Whether it a week vacation or just going to work, I always had to worry about having it on me. That, my friends, sucks.
No more.

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Posted: November 5, 2015, 1:01 PM

Day 4-5 is when I started to feel the withdrawal. I just felt like I had a bug for the first few days. I am on day 18 and I think I am just starting to feel a little better. Suboxone withdrawal is an absolute nightmare. I feel like my whole body is rewiring itself. Suboxone is a short term answer for people to get off opiates. For a very few it may be something that they can take or must take for a longer period. But if you are using it to get off opiates, understand that the withdrawal from the opiates (in my experience) is like Disney Land, compared to Suboxone. Last night was the first night since day 4 that I was able to sleep in my bed and not have to go shadow box in the next room until my body finally had it around 4-5AM and I could sleep a few hours. Reading on this after the fact, I am finding out that I am not crazy. If anyone tells you to take a benzo to sleep, do yourself a favor and smack em..... If you have restless leg (or Body) syndrome, and it is bad, taking a sleep aid can act as a double edge sword. Being so fricken tired and not being able to get comfortable make it worse. If you can possibly wait a few weeks until the sever symptoms fade and you aren't going to get a another habit, than maybe take something to just help you get a restful nights sleep.

At day 18 I am just starting to feel it will end. Im sure its shorter for some and hope its not longer for others. I just say to myself. Tomorrow will come and I will be one day closer to normal.....

Good Luck and stay strong!

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Posted: November 13, 2015, 12:16 PM
Hello. I am day 6 off suboxone. I was taking 8mg daily. I had surgery scheduled so I had to stop 48 hours prior. So now I'm home. Had a hysterectomy. Yesterday was the first day I didn't feel right. Sneezing and anxious and my legs wanted to move on their own. Today was a bit worse. I am on pain medication (diluadid 2-4mg as needed). I don't have any desire to abuse and have waited to long to take them and ended up being in horrible pain. I have my subs but I don't want to go back on them. I want to be free of this medication. I am also a RN so I kmow too much at times which can make it worse. Any tips on how to get through this? My doc said he was going to call me in some clonodine to help. If anyone has questions for me I am all for supporting anyone who is struggling as well. This is hard!

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Posted: November 20, 2015, 8:12 AM
how are you feeling now since you last posted? PLUS going post op from a hyster is NOT fun. I had one myself back in 2005 when I was 45. been on estrogen patch since because I'm so sensitive I couldnt' even handle the surgical menopause symptoms. you go into immediate meno. I suffered. so the dr. put me on estrogen. I thought I could manage it myself without.
Now I'm trying to get off suboxone. I'm down to 4mg strip. I WAS on 2mg. which took me time to mentally get myself to drop to that. then I blew out 60% of my knee meniscus just by mopping a floor. I waited 3 months b4 seeing my dr. thinking it would get better. it didn't.
when the nurse from preop called to tell me I had to stop the sub for 3 days before surgery, I freaked out. I had only a week to do it before surgery, so I tried. I couldn't get to the 3rd day and would up taking my strip.. so I called the preop nurse to let her know what happened. We did the surgery anyway and all was fine. BUT the surgeon gave me opiate pain meds for after care. I told them I was on suboxone. I took them anyway, not thinking it would interfere with the sub.
but just by taking that week supply made me mentally feel unbalanced, so I changed my mind and went back up to the 4mg. where I am now. Thank GOD I didn't close my case at the clinic.
I told the dr. I was going to stop the sub completely after the surgery and we said our good byes but never closed the case because he wanted to see me after the surgery to see how I was doing.

I'm trying to mentally get myself to want to drop to the 2 again.
but I get very depressed the first few days on the drop.
they say it helps with depression but I'm already on anti depressant and anti anxiety meds for my bipolar II and g.a.d. and PSD.
Please let me know how you are managing your drop and how you are.
actually how are ALL of you that posted here. I'm very interested in finding out how all of you are. Thank you for sharing

Posted: March 11, 2018, 11:06 AM
Hello all!
Im on day 5 of suboxone withdrawl abd i jumped at 1 mg. Days 3 and 4 were the worst for me. I still cant sleep for more than 4 hours without sweating and my rls is the worst part of it. I only took suboxone for about 6 months and never went over 2 mg a day. I was a previous pain killer addict for about 4 years. I mostly smoked roxies and popped vics morphine and oxys. I have also gone through a suboxone withdrawl before. So this is round 2 for me. But day 5 is a light shining through. My rls isnt too bad. Just some tightness in my chest. You will be ok! Good luck all😎
Joe Joe

Posted: March 22, 2018, 7:28 PM
Keep it up!!! Don’t give up!!! I was on suboxone for about 6-7 years. I took really high doses, sometimes up to 32 mg a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I was abusing them and yes they were getting me high.
It all started with opiates for pain from a herneated disc. Honestly though, that was an excuse because I always knew opiates took me there and were my “thing”. Some people get the rush from other things but opiates really did it for me. Starting when I took some Vicodin for a football injury in high school.
Anyway, I really want to be a source of hope for those who are trying to get off. In June of 2017, I decided that I was going to jump off after honestly tapering down from January of 2017. I did it!!! I have been off of suboxone since the end of June 2017 and I have to tell you that there is nothing better than being off of it. I feel better and better with each new week. The major symptoms of withdrawal were lack of energy and sneezing. Ok, day 3-4 my head felt very heavy. I did get a prescription of clonodine which really helped me. Sleep was a slow go for the first week or two but over the counter stuff worked.
I was numb to the world without feeling or emotion. I have the light back in my eyes and you can see my soul again. I did start out by attending GA and NA and really believe that they both assisted me in recognizing this disease. My faith in God has been so strong since getting clean. I write this with the hopes of seeing you get clean. Don’t give up! With each coming day you will get back to your authentic self.. God Bless

Posted: May 22, 2018, 8:57 PM
I am on day 5 of kicking suboxone. I was only on .5mg, but was on subs for over 2 years. I am curious if anybody whom has detoxed from this has had cold symptoms? I have runny , stuffy nose. It started with uncontrollable sneezes.. Today I have been tempted to not fo through with this. My insurance was inactive and didn't find out until group! Although I have been wanting to taper off for at least 4-6 months now. I'm at that point were I am just tired of feeling sick. I was having cramping, now its all mostly cold/flu symptoms.

Posted: July 30, 2019, 6:02 PM
Hey everyone, I am on day four of quitting suboxone cold turkey. I was on a whole strip for a little over two years, and didn't taper at all. The first day was a breeze, days 2-4 have been very tough, feels like a very bad flu and my legs are going crazy. I have pain in my whole body, and it is hard for me to do anything physical,like bending over or walking. I found this message board and have loved reading everyone else's experiences, and wanted to let you know that you have given me newfound strength. The funny thing is, even though I feel bad physically, my mind has been fine,and I have been able to put the mental part of this on the back burner so to speak. Thanks again and Godspeed everyone.

Posted: September 3, 2019, 4:24 AM
I'm 12 days off buprenorphine, I have no one to talk to, i need help.

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Posted: August 17, 2020, 10:27 AM
God Bless! Jesus is the way!
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