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Free From A 10 Yr High.

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Posted: January 29, 2017, 2:04 AM
My story,
Hey guys I am new to the forum and am excited to share my story of getting clean from opiates. My story started like many ither do. Back injury almost 10 years ago and the train ride started. One week ago today I was taking between 10 & 12 norco 10 mg per day. I have always wanted to quit but scared of the WD's. I finally had enough and went to a Dr that specializes in opiate addiction. I was started on Suboxone, before you say its just replacing one drug for another let me tell you. For me to try and do the taper NEVER worked. I always seemed to put ut off. The first 24 hours was rough but most of it was in my head. Yes I did feel some discomfort but man when I took that first dose my life has changed forever. My plan is a 6 month plan starting with 12 mg for the first month and dropping 2 mg per month after. I honestly didnt know what life felt like sober and I can tell you it is AWSOME. I am paying it forward and would love to help others who are scared lime I was to take that first step. It is so amazing the changes your body goes through once the opiates are gone. If I can help anyone please message me and I will be your support line.
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