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Making My Mess My Message.

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Posted: October 14, 2015, 10:11 AM
I have been in a pretty dark world for quite some time. After a rocky road I have finally found my way to a sober life and have just started go online with my story. Everything seems new, my passion for life gets stronger every day and I want to help others by making my mess my message. I want to write a book that is designed to help addicts and the friends of addicts. My life gets better by the day. This Mass Awareness can be achieved by all. All my attempts to quit drugging in the past never worked. I was trying to turn the wheel too fast. The power comes in small changes every day for as long as your going to bed with new insight, you've got the right directional momentum.

There are so many gifted people out there in the world. Ambition and drive hidden behind an intoxicated screen, just waited to be someone great. I want to here stories! Whether you are just coming back to reality or you've gone from rags to riches, I want to hear where you are at. There is so much power in putting your experiences out there for the world to see. My driving force is watching others, like myself, come back into the world and enjoying life's experiences the way they where meant to be!

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