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How I Defeated My Worst Enemy!

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Posted: October 9, 2015, 6:06 AM
Hi people! I once had serious problem with drugs (15 years of mostly heroin use, besides stimulants, hallucinogens and 5 years of jail time due to drug-related problems with law). So, once I hit the bottom. After years of trying to get rid of my deadly habit, someone recommended Naltrexone. I had nothing to lose! So, instead of taking pills, I chose implant, surgically placed under my skin, so I did not need to take the pill every day. I did some research and found very cheap implants and detox medical treatment In Serbia. I went there and I was very satisfied with the service. I got more than a medical treatment, people really took good care of me.

After 2 years and a couple of implants I managed to gain back control of my life. Nalterxone implants helped me beat the drug craving and avoid relapses. It worked perfectly well for me.

Now days, I have a steady job and loving girlfriend, but I always have my eyes open because I would not like to lose everything again.
I still have on-line counseling sessions with my psychologist from the organization that took me to Serbia.

If you ask me, you should definitely try implants. And, don’t give up- keep fighting!

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