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Partner Was Unfaithful In His Addiction

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Posted: April 24, 2023, 11:39 AM
Hello community,
My boyfriend of 1 year has told me that he has cheated on me while in the throws of his addiction.
He is a cococaine addict. He is just starting therapy and will sign his sobriety contract soon.
We are very much in love. So my sense of self is not chartered by his cheating. I could forgive him if he shows true remorse and responsibility. He shows lots of remorse, but more self pity than self responsibility. Our love made his life bearable. Now he did this. Does his life need to get unbearable to truly change something? I would love for him to put his energy into repairing us and trust, but maybe he needs all his energy to focus on himself?
I was only ever supportive and only ever loving, but it was not enough. He still called an old flirt to come over to take cocaine and then have sex with her.
Any people out here who Have been unfaithful to their partner under the influence of his addiction or people who have been cheated on?
How do you move forward here?
He is a truly wonderful human being, neve emotional abusive, only ever loving.

Thank you for you help
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