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Posted: March 21, 2023, 11:04 AM
My daughter has taken a turn for the worse. I only thought she was doing as bad as she could, but I was so wrong and now I'm a complete and total wreck and mental case.
As I've said almost 2 and half months ago my mother had to evict her from her home due to her use of spice literally 24/7...sometimes for days at a time. About a few weeks ago my mom agreed to buy her a little vehicle if nothing else but for a roof over her head. About 2 weeks ago I found out that she had picked up a few new habits, or I was just finding out about them.. either way... besides the excessive amount of spice...she was using meth, herion and fentenyl. And that's just the things I'm aware of. 3 days ago she crashed her car into a tree and she fled the scene. I am a complete and total wreck and mental case. I had to block her and I hate more than anything to do that... but the GOD AWFUL names she calls me, the way she belittles and criticizes me, the way she tells me I'm nothing to her but a piece of s***, that I'm pathetic and worthless and a sorry excuse for a mother, that I never deserved to bear children. She threatens suicide every day. I am Terrified beyond comprehension.That's just for starters. She tells me if I was any kind of a real mother that I would fix this problem with my mom and get her back inside her house where she is safe. I cannot change my mother's mind. I'm so scared. I've begged her to go to treatment, she won't go. What am I supposed to do? She keeps calling me from different numbers and I'm scared to answer but I'm scared not to. I really need some solid advice. I don't know what to do.
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