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The Binder Or All Night Binge, All Weekend Binge.

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Posted: May 28, 2021, 12:31 AM
Was able to fully detach from family alkie over the last year. Hopefully an in between move now in an apartment over an hour away-good thing. Anyway now have alcholic noisey neighbor, same person/people not an issue last year.. Even at peak of virus/lockdowns and more time there was no noise.

Now anything from video games and parties starting AFTER midnight. But can someone explain the binder or binge for me. Not a classic definiton what is the alkie or addict looking for besides chemical intoxication. It's like they must be entertained every waking hour with no attention span. It's a women and her girl friends that get really noisey rowdy. The men like to crank the video games or music. Therye not old but not college age either. But when these friends come they come and go each time returning higer, more drunk basically flying, not just high. They can't sit still, worse than a rambuncious child.

Besides the chemical intoxication am I missing anything?

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Posted: May 28, 2021, 10:28 AM
You can start by talking to the manager and/or calling the manager or police when the noise continues past 10pm. To ME, it sounds like they are meth addicts. You could also buy some ear plugs to get you thru the night. But then the vengeful side of me says "at 7am (or 6am) turn on your tv, radio, "accidentally" bump the common wall, if they are downstairs walk very heavily in hard soled shoes" but that may not be reasonable. The property manager should handle it for you & you might want to tell him to keep it anonymous for fear of retaliation.

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Posted: May 31, 2021, 4:33 PM
Thanks mtnmom. I was thinking cocaine or something. One of them is a big cigarette smoker and the really wild parties start late at night so might be getting something from a bar because all this started as things started a gradual open. The parties start later and later my guess the bars are staying open later and later.

What I don't get about the game player is they've gotten up as early as 4:30 AM and start playing games with in 5-10 minutes after their alarm goes off/get up. which I can hear. A dead sleep to game playing?. I thought they were doing energy/sport drinks. They go to work around 630. Another gamer not ony is playing games ie the sound effects but them must have to stand because you hear alot of foot work, thumps, thuds etc. Then they go to work around 8:30. The third tenant gets up around noon not the prolific gamer the first two but they are the absolute loudest when drunk, they're the ones that come back around midnight FLYING. They've gotten up and come back drunk by 6 in the evening. The smells of new or old alcohol stink up the building.

I did mention it to landlord told him what was going on. I said don't do anything yet but he might have because except for one afternoon it's been relatively quiet.

But how does one get up at 430 about 3 hours before work, go to work, come back play games again til about 9-10 at night start again 6-8 hours later. I don't know how they start a party after being up about 18 hours either. But that where the drugs probably come in. Even with drugs being up not just working but trying to play games that require concentration if not physical skill is demanding.
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