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Nurofen + Addiction

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Posted: September 17, 2017, 5:37 PM
I am the husband of an amazing wife, mum of 3 and Nurofen + addict. I need help/advice/support to get my wife well. I have buried my head in the sand for too long now, mainly as many people will know because un like addictions like heroin, it's not obvious, it's not as serious(how wrong was I)
Although I don't fully understand why this has happened I do know that I have to stop keeping this a secret and get all the people who love my wife on board. She wants help she needs help, she supposibly stopped before but is now back on 30 Nurofen + a day. What do I do? The thought of losing her does not bare thinking about but reading some stories on here just crushes me. I think it's time to tell everyone who loves her, family etc, I've held back thinking stupidly I'm protecting her. So wrong, just need advice and corobaration im doing the right thing telling family.

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Posted: October 2, 2017, 10:28 AM
Hello - I just saw your post. You might want to post on the Family and Partners board.
First, this can be a long road, as you can see from reading so many posts. If your wife agrees that she wants help, she should go to her dr and ask to be tapered off the meds. A slow taper will give less side effects. She should go to meetings of some sort - AA, NA, Outpatient program. You should also go to meetings - Alanon or Naranon. so you can hear stories and get support and suggestions from local people.

About telling the family - that is a tough one. Sometimes I feel like I am betraying my son if I talk about it. We don't want to ruin their job or disgrace them in front of family, bc they really aren't bad people, and I have the regret that something become my fault if I say anything. Yet, this secrecy is part of what allows them to stay in their addiction.
I have told bits and pieces to some family members who need to know - like Grandma - so she does not hand out cash.... etc....

both of you might want to go to counseling together or separate so you can support each other with out growing apart. Although, sometimes that does not help much.

I can only say that us Moms have tried and done everything we can think of to help our kids, and we are still wait, watching, trying.

Good Luck - Hope you are successful!
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