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I Can't Stop Smoking Marijuana!!

Posted: August 6, 2012, 12:48 AM
Hello, I am having problem! I cant stop smoking marijuana! I have been smoking it for the last 9 years straight, went from smoking a quarter a day to 3 times a day. My boyfriend thought 3 times a day was still to much and he was getting very pissed because he hates marijuana and just thinks its stupid! I tried to stop cold turkey but couldnt do it at all I got really bitchy, angry, and just was depressed! I just didnt feel right. Well my boyfriend thought I stoppped smoking like a week ago which I tried to but caught me smoking and was really pissed and said if he finds out I smoke it again basically we are over with! I dont want my relationship thrown away because of marijuana! Someone please give me advice on how to quit!??

Posted: August 6, 2012, 6:13 PM
Hi There.

I hid my use from my wife also...but hiding it from her was the least of my worries. I was slowly killing myself. I quit because i wanted my life back. I didnt want to be a slave to weed any more. I reclaimed my life by becoming completely honest with my wife, parents and siblings. I told them that I was addicted to weed and couldnt stop be myself. I went to a treatment centre and even spent time in a psychiatric unit....I smoked for a long time and was going through was a real hard time. What really helped me was attending narcotics anonymous every day for 90 days straight. I still go at least once a week. I'm doing great now. My life is totally different and im so proud and grateful I was able to do it. Its not always easy though. Sometimes I wish i could enjoy a drink with my friends but i dont know where that will lead me. I would be so afraid i might pick up a joint again and ruin everything i have achieved since quitting. Another important thing you must understand is that you cannot do this for your boyfriend. You must do this because you want doesnt work otherwise.

So good luck. Stop smoking and go to a meeting! It may change your life. It changed mine.

Hugs and friendship

Posted: November 16, 2012, 9:28 AM
to the person that really wants to stop smoking you must get to the root of the problem,it could be anger issues ,spiritual void,or you just have not made up your mind to stop . But until you surrender and really ask God to help you and, you stay off the throne you will start to see your life change remember the mind must be renewed.
Gus Man Chicago

Posted: December 31, 2012, 3:31 AM
Hello Im Gus i been smoking weed heavily since i was 14 my cusin got me started on it an found my self selling ounces to support my addiction but aanywayys.... i was smoking 3 grams a day (Blunts) i thought i couldint stop cause i needed it but that was never true..... it honestly is a mental thing i use to get pissed off an str8 to my car i went to roll up but i notice recently (4 months ago) i wasint getting anywhere in life i lost my girlfriend for being high all the f***in time and my job, i dropped out of high school cause i couldint wait to smoke i f***ed my self so boguz cause now getting a job is a task for me...My family even stopped talking to me cause they think weed it just as bad as cocaine an haroin ect..... so i reacted i was f***in blasted when i realized all of this!! I got mad while i was doing what use to make me i went to the pantry an bought a box of vegas an rolled a gram in each blunt an faced them that night an called it quits.. im about to be 21 an i have been 4 months an a coupe days clean it took me 6 years to realize i didint need that s***.. The first days were honestly pretty bad i couldint sleep i wasint hungry an my attuide was horrible i found my self talking s*** about everything i didnt like but after a week i bought my self a xbox to keep me from having so much time on my hands..i think about it from time to time but it really doesint have an impact on me anymore i have an 8th in a jar in my closet an i dont even wanna see it i took it out the other day an i smelled it an pput it right back if you really want to stop its going to be easy for you well not completly easy but if you really want somthing in life you can achive it regarless of what anyone says my lifes back on track an it feels good...
****Couple of ways that helped me stopped
*Have a huge last session smoke you brains out!!(sounds wrong but thats what i felt i had to do I smoked till i didint wanna smoke no more an kept smoking till the last blunt was done)
*I stayed away from people that i knew smoked including my nabor/bestfriend
*I trew away the only bowl i had so get rid of you hightimes
*Find another hobbie or somting that takes up your smoking time (it was a hobbie for me to roll up trust me i must have a million dollers in bud in my lungs)
*Try not to be a loner put your self around people get out n enjoy life(if i was alone i was high)
*Depresion kicks in when you stop thats why you need people around you to have fun
*the first week i bought night quil to help me sleep an i stopped using it after 4 days
*lose your connects i stopped talking to the plug..(he called me a couple times but he got the point.)
those things helped me tons smoke free livin is the way to go have faith friends

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Posted: January 7, 2013, 4:43 PM
Hey Gus, thanks for your post, somehow it seemed to make me feel more confident about quitting! When weed has been in your life for decades it becomes way more than your best friend! When I first found this site, I was noticing how long people have been smoking, but I never REALLY thought that long and hard on how long I had been smoking. 27 years, I didn't think I was even much older than that! Shows me how stealthy my friend has been! My husband and I both battle with this addiction. We have quit for months at a time, but then start back up for this reason or that. We had just quit for the past few months, but geez, my rage was really out of control! EVERYTHING pretty much irratated me, and I have 3 lil kids, and 2 older, along with a stepson. I went to see a counselor, and she said I was ADD. Well whatever I am, I am, and I am working on that. I just HATE THE RAGE I feel when I am sober. I know, of course, all the things I am supposed to do, like exersize. I also found a MA group that meets on Saturdays, I need to check out. What I really need to do is set the date, set the date! YIKES

Posted: February 18, 2013, 12:52 AM
Hey im Bobby. I have a great job, wife and lots of hobbies and very athletic. But Weed to me, is the greatest thing. I had a cocaine problem for 8 years. Iam only 27 and about 3 years clean. But the mary jane wont stay away. I love this s*** to much and i dont want to quit. But my wife has had enough and we want to have kids soon. But i cant get through this. ive tried for the last 5 years. Its not going to work.

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Posted: February 20, 2013, 2:08 PM
Hey Bobby, you are here, so at least 1% of you is fighting the good fight! I know, just like so many of us here, your EXACT situation. We ALL love weed, it keeps us numb from our head to our feet. I remember seeing a marriage counselor once and he described it as sprinkling fairy dust on everything. I thought, so whats so bad about that? We could all use some fairy dust sprinkled in our world! But in reality it is an addiction that takes over every aspect of our life. I have been smoking more than half my life, tragic. I wake and bake, take and bake, bake and cook, bake and clean, bake and shower. There was really nothing I would want to do until I took a couple hits. Then I would usually end up doing something else, something not very productive, like sit and ponder the internet. I started coming on here looking for some inspiring stories to motivate me to quit. But I was usually high, and would feel helpless over this desire. I had an extreme fear of quitting and becoming the angry psychopath that I turned into last time I was sober. Life is not easy, emotions and pain are not fun, but they are a part of us, and we all need to know how to handle them. I need to learn how to deal with life on lifes terms, not ignore reality by staying numb. It really almost seems harmless, weed, especially compared to all the rest of the garbage out there. But just like all that, it controls us, and limits our capabilities and possibilities. How many times have I seen a help wanted ad, but it states drug testing, so I say "pass". Well I just applied for a job, did not see anything about testing, and they actually called me in for an interview. I could not believe it! Finally a chance, I have applied at so many places without any response. So I go and everything was awesome, then he tells me I will be hearing from another company regarding background check and drug test. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Well guess what, that actually motivated me out of my pit of addiction! OK so it has only been 6 days :) but I would never go without more than a couple hours, so YEEHAW! At first I wanted to take the test ASAP, dilute my urine by drinking tons of water,and then come home and smoke. I had to take it within 72 hours of the email notice. I decided my best chance was to give myself a couple more days of sobriety to better up my chances. After I took it, I got pulled over for expired plates from October, OCTOBER!! Geez, what a freaking stoner, dont even pay attention to details like that?! Thank God I wasn't smoking, I might have had my one hitty, and just smoked while driving, and REALLY got into some trouble! Needless, to say, of course that was my excuse to smoke when I got home, since I finished my test, and was so traumatized by being pulled over. But then I had the thought, what if I have to take another test? I better just wait until I hear back, grrrrr. Well the next morning there was the email, I need to retest within 24 hours. phew. Went back yesterday and retested, my urine extremely diluted. So I will find out soon if weed has robbed me of another possibility. It is a fight, and you really have to fight hard. That job motivated me to quit for the drug test, but now it is my turn to motivate myself. It is hard, noone is going to lie about that here. I wish you strength and courage to dig deep inside and realize you are more powerful than your addiction, I wish that for me too, and everyone else in this pit of despair!!!!

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Posted: February 21, 2013, 12:48 PM
Well now they want a hair sample, looks like I reap what I sow! Of course still wanna smoke my face off, but I am going to focus on the future! Maybe that is what it is gonna take. We all want to think of our past, it is what we have. We think of the past, we think of pain, anger, hurt, betrayal, rejection, then we think of the moment, the moment now, and we want to leave it. I need to think of the future CONSTANTLY!! The past will only bring me closer back to where I was, the future is wide open, always changing. I want more for me and my family, and I am the only one who can do anything about that. I can sit through life in a self pity fog, going through the motions, or I can take charge of my thoughts, and move in a forward motion. One thing I have always said is you never get very far being a drug addict, well I have not gotten very far, that is for sure. But today is a new day, I have 7 days under my belt, and I want to keep moving FORWARD!! I just read about an old friend of mine who celebrated 9 years of sobriety, WOW, I remember him back in the day! NINE years!! That is the future I want!

Posted: August 7, 2013, 10:40 AM
Hello all my name is Mike. I have had this problem since i was 17 years old and now i am 24. I always thought to myself that weed is the least harmless of all the drugs. Recently i have hit a wall in my life. This is my problem. I have a degree in Finance and did very well all throughout high school and college. I never saw a reason to stop. To me it was more of a bonding session with all of my friends or a way to unwind after a long day at work. Recently, i came to ask the question. If i can accomplish all of this on weed what can i do off? I am currently 4 days sober and all i can think about is lighting up. The past couple days have been me online looking up all the negatives and peoples stories on weed and off. I do feel like my mind is a lot clearer, but still get urges. I am very active. I play basketball 4-6 times a week and gym right after. I have smoked before both. I am so accustom to doing activities high that it feels weird sober. I feel like i am strong enough to quit cold turkey. Although, it may be hard i want to do it for myself and for my future. Do the urges go away?

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Posted: August 7, 2013, 11:43 AM

I have quit smoking pot so many times after long periods of binges I cant keep count. Hang in there! What you are experiencing more than anything is the pschological desire to continue a habit that has come to influence everything you do in life. I know with me that when high movies seemed funnier, food tasted better, sex was better, etc. It seemed like it 'enhanced' life. But unfortunately you only feel this way when you are high, when sober you realize that this simply isnt true.

It will depend on how much you are used to smoking but you should see a difference in your cravings after a week. At two weeks you will be home free for the most part. The hardest part for me would be to fill the time that you spent getting high. If you do this every night to unwind, it will be hard to break that habit in the very beginning. But you have gone 4 days and those 4 days were the hardest. It will get easier. You sound like a bright guy so after you get past a couple of weeks you will see what it was costing you and hopefully not go back!

My problem is I have a seasonal business and dont do much of anything in the winter. I make all my money in about 8 months , then around Thanksgiving I have all the bills paid and dont have to do much til March. So when I quit in the Spring I had so much work to keep me busy I had no problem at all laying it down til the end of the year. I would binge all winter in my earlier years so it took me 3-4 weeks sometimes before I would stop thinking about it. Then, no temptation really whatsoever. I repeated this pattern for some 20 years so trust me, you will be fine if you just get through this shaky period you are in now.

Soon you wont think about it at all!

Posted: August 7, 2013, 12:53 PM

My main problem is when people say keep yourself busy. I work from 7-6 Mon-Fri and go to the gym straight after till about 8pm. The problem is when i get home i feel like i had a productive day so why not. I know overtime they will go away. I just have to realize it changes your mood for just a short while and in order to maintain that mood you have to smoke again. I have never done another drug in my life nor smoked a cigarette. Although, in the past it has helped me cope with some problems it was only for a short period of time. A lot of people have a stereotype of smokers. Lazy, don't care about appearance, etc..I am constantly doing something and dress in a suit and tie Mon-Friday so that always made me a little angry and made me think it wasn't bad. Once i see more money in my pocket i will feel better about myself and i am sure the urges will go away. This will be a tough couple of weeks. I am excited to see what i can accomplish and how different my mood is without it. It has been awhile.

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Posted: August 7, 2013, 1:51 PM

I stopped in for lunch and saw your post. You are rewarding yourself much in the way I did. I also hate the stereotypes. People treat you like your stupid if they know you smoke pot. I actually used to take exams high when in college and still graduated with a B average. Of course, I probably would have been an A student without it , but should a clean C student have anything to say about it?

One reason I quit during my busy time of the year was that I just dont get as much done. It wears you out. And after 8 months of kicking butt and taking names? Yeah , I felt like I could do whatever I wanted to. That I didnt need to justify myself to anyone. But the truth is it will make whatever progress you are trying to make in life just that much harder.

Later in life I could see it was taking away from my kids (i have 5) so I put it away for 7 years. But a couple of years ago I experienced real troubles that I could not do anything about and I fell back into use. Only it was the synthetic weed that was available right down the street. DONT ever try that!!

My main problem now is that I am self employed and sit on a mower all day long. It doesnt really matter if I am high or not while mowing. I still make $500 a day whether it takes me 10 or 12 hours to do it. I get home and the kids go to bed a half hour after I get there so it doesnt affect them either. But I have bigger plans I am trying to implement and if I dont stay away from smoking they will probably never materialize. Pot and synthetic weed make that dedication much harder.

You sound like an A type personality - an overachiever. You have different goals than most people. You also sound very independent like myself and so I will advise you to put it away so that you can reach that next level of whatever it is you are shooting for next. If you dont it will just take that much longer to achieve these things. You probably know that to get a jump on things you have to be well prepared. Well, put the smoking away for a while and see the difference for yourself. You should find that you operate on a much higher level (no pun intended) than you did before. IF not? You can always smoke it again later down the road if that is what you want to do - by then your tolerance will be back to where it takes very little to do the trick!

One last thing, you mentioned working out so I am sure you are health conscious. I always smoked in a one hitter - I never waste even a puff of smoke. Last year I attached a clear plastic hose to one end so that I could cool the smoke ( the synthetic burns hot). After a week or so the first 6 inches of the tube was just choked with resin - the last 6 inches had hardly any at all. If you saw this in person it would make a strong impression on what you are actually doing to your lungs - one you wont ignore! The only thing safer than this method would be a bong because the water will take out most of the harsh solids that get transported along with the smoke. I also started smoking when I was 17 - almost 30 years ago! I thought that every winter would be my last to smoke, but they just kept adding up until 20 years later I decided enough was enough. My weakness now is I cant sleep. 4-5 hours a night is all I am really good for and pot really does help with that. But I think I am done with everything for now. I have to get up on stage here in the next couple of weeks for some open mics (comedy) and it is really hard to get up in front of people if you are stoned. I know, I did this last year and had a couple of bad experiences where I forgot my next joke...

Hope this helps - I'll check back in tonight - good luck!


Posted: August 7, 2013, 2:38 PM

To me 1 year or 20 years it has affected our lives entirely. Although, it may not be the most addictive drug it defiantly has showed the negatives. There were points at work or in school where all I wanted to do was smoke. Recently I have given it a lot of thought. I am a strong believer in the super natural and have grandparents and other relatives who have passed in the past couple of years. I thought to myself when I light this joint their most likely watching me right? How would they feel? Are they disappointed? All of these feelings rushed through my head. Sometimes in order to stop a habit you need something bad to happen. I am extremely grateful nothing bad has happened and I was able to realize this problem on my own. It makes me feel good that I personally was the one who noticed the problem. No one has ever said anything bad such as: Mike you’re slacking, you look like a stoner, etc. You too seem like a very strong person. It sounds like you are the same way so I commend you for that. You have your own business and kids to worry about. Although, I have no kids that would always be in the back of my head of what they would think. The first step with us is to admit we have a problem then go from there. One drastic difference I have noticed was when I wake up. I have been experiencing crazy dreams which I read that weed has an effect on your dreaming. They feel so real that I wake up panting! A positive is when I wake up my brain feels refreshed rather than feeling like it got fried on a skillet. Overtime I am sure the dreaming will pass. I haven't experienced any insomnia yet. I have to take it day by day. This has been the longest I have gone in over 5 years without breaks. I haven't been consistent throughout the day but at least once a day. I appreciate all your advice and your life story. It has truly helped me realize I am not the only one. I usually don’t discuss personal issues with anyone even my family. Sometimes to talk to a stranger is the best. Someone who won’t judge you nor knows anything about you, but the problem you’re going through. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. We will talk soon.

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Posted: August 8, 2013, 10:06 AM

Fell asleep on the couch last night - sorry. I actually got a full 8 hours sleep though! You mentioned the fever dreams you were having. I never really experienced this much with marijuana, but when withdrawing off the synthetic these dreams were VERY intense and vivid. Waking up panting in a pool of sweat would happen several times a night at times. But dont worry these will soon pass as well.

I dont know this for sure but I think I read that since marijuana is a natural depressant it can suppress the production of adrenaline. After quitting this adrenaline can surge back at times. This can make you angry when you are awake, and can cause the 'panic dreams' when you are asleep. Men are hormonal too. I just read that the other day. On an hourly basis our testosterone levels fluctuate and we can become moody as a result. So dont worry, your just dealing with some chemical imbalances that will correct themselves here in the near future once you get some time between you and the pot.

With the synthetic there was something in the mix that would cause a rise in temperature. I dont know if this is true with pot or not, but this increased temperature would also be a reason why the dreams get so intense. If you have ever been sick and experienced a 'fever dream' - its basically the same thing. One more warning about the synthetic weed should that ever be a temptation. It also can cause the brain to swell and this affects thinking as well. One teenage girl who experienced from smoking the synthetic just one time had to be rushed to the hospital to have holes drilled in her head to relieve the pressure....i think she is pretty much a vegetable now.

Congratulations on going almost a week! Especially if you havent gone that long in 5 years. You have already went through the worst of it. Get a couple more weeks into this and you wont even think about pot any more. The problem you will have is that you 'like' to get high and in the future you might 'romanticise' about getting high , but these are mind games that you can overcome if you really want. I ran into a problem the past couple of years because I found a 'use' for marijuana/synthetic in that it relieved my mind from the extreme stress I had been enduring for years. I didnt like myself being an 'on edge d***' all the time and when I smoked I was much more pleasant to be around and so I began to view the smoking as potentially positive....the problem? I would have to stay high forever to keep myself in this state because once I would quit the withdrawals would make me so much worse to be around than I ever was naturally.

Another thing I will caution you about. Stop making arguments comparing pot to what others do. I could justify to myself about how simple and harmless pot was/is because I saw so many other things as worse. PEOPLE JUDGE! And they judge out of ignorance and many times are much worse off in the things they do themselves. Nothing like having an obese person who has made themselves diabetic at a young age lecture you about your health. Or an adulturous person try to tell you are immoral for smoking. Or my favorite, people who use prescription drugs to control their mood and behavior ( highly addictive antidepressants) and then tell me that I should do the same. If I wanted to stay in a form of 'high' my entire life , because that is what you essentially have to do if you go this route, then I would just decide to smoke forever to feel normal just like they have to take their pills with no end in sight to feel normal.

You see, like you I take NOTHING as far as prescriptions, I dont smoke cigarettes, and I rarely drink alcohol. I wont even take flu shots. I believe very strongly in pursuing a 'natural' approach to things and that is why pot was appealing to me. So why did I let my guard down and try the synthetic weed?? It's simple - I screwed up!!

I recently heard that fully 70% of all americans take some type of prescription drug. Its like, Hey you feel down - take a pill, you want to lose weight? - take a pill. Your kid wont sit still at school ? - give him a pill with amphetamines in it??? But if you smoke a joint? - put THAT guy in prison!! Its highly hypocritical, and wrong! I am a huge fan of Dennis Miller and in one of his rants from his old HBO show he stated that the people who are the MOST against illegal drugs are the ones who take the most legal (prescription) drugs. I have found that to be true in life more than I ever thought possible.

I guess what I am saying is that you can rationalize pot usage, Lord knows I have, but in the end you cant really justify it. It has medical uses, but it you are not using it for a truly valid reason then you are probably abusing it. You know as well as I do that smoking on a daily basis has probably cost you things in life. So put it away, experience life for a while straight up, and hopefully you will eventually see that it was holding you back from whatever that next big step in life is. At 24 you have not done anything you cant undo. You have a good job, are physically fit, and soon will be probably looking to settle down. Get this pot smoking behind you and your future can be very bright my friend!!

Gotta work - talk later

Posted: August 8, 2013, 10:50 AM

I really appreciate all the advice and stories you have provided to me. I never smoked synthetic weed and defiantly won't even think about it hearing that story about it causing infinite pressure in your brain. I am catholic and stick to what i have always known(GOD). The past week i have been going to him for advice and strength to endure these tough times. I have also been praying to family that has passed for strength. I am not sure what your beliefs are, but it has helped me greatly. I wasn't able to get much sleep last night, but i know at some point that will all go away. I am taking this day by day and won't forget what you have provided for me. I hope the same for you. We both have to be strong. Although this isn't a problem for most people who smoke i am glad we saw it as one. The past 5 years i never saw a problem with this drug like i said. Being a week off of it my brain is clearer and i see myself as less emotional and angry. I put my family and friends in the middle if i couldn't get my fix. Now i can enjoy their company without this and be my true self. I will keep you updated weekly and hope you do the same. Hang in there and be strong for yourself and family.

Have work myself. Have a great day!

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Posted: August 8, 2013, 5:10 PM

If my screw ups in life can help you I am more than glad to share. If you want to see how deranged at times the synthetic has made me check out the synthetic weed thread on the 'other drug' message board and you will see this has not been an easy journey.

Check in when you feel the need


Posted: August 9, 2013, 10:14 AM

They are not screw ups. They are life lessons and they will mold you into a stronger person. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.NO matter how many times you might go back you will have another chance to try again.

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Posted: August 10, 2013, 10:56 AM

Thanks for your kind words. I guess I come off pretty negative at times but I know my potential for improvement and it just bothers me that others in my life are so easily swayed by opinions that are uniformed. I went from 3 people in the world knowing about my smoking to EVERYONE I know and many I dont know. This spread so quick because I am stubborn, independent, and will do what I am going to do anyway. Combine this with the fact that I HATE social/gossip media so I do nothing with facebook , twitter, or any of the other things which the pushy females in my life live for. So it is easy to talk about me behind my back. This is why I am so combabative in person. People will express VERY strong opinions when I am out of earshot only to become as quiet as a churchmouse in my presence. Also, since they have all talked about me and my problems behind my back they dont even really need to talk to me. This is why when the group gets together I am afraid I will sound off - I have them all in one place and I want to confront the gossip and their ridiculous conclusions. The times I have done this on other topics, they just sit there....quiet, not saying anything. Of course when they get on facebook that night they will renew the conversation and then become very bold! So I get my shots in when I can!!

But enough negatives. What I know is that the best things in life dont come easy. A gemstone cannot be polished without friction - nor can a man be perfected without trials. Just like a crucible will take crushed ore - put it under intense heat and pressure, and the result will be some of the most valuable metals we have in this world. Its a process of purification. I thought of myself last year as being IN the crucible when I had my jail experience....but unfortunately I was just getting my ore crushed. I still have yet to emerge out of this process of transformation that I hope will come next!

I am in a hurry , so this will probably not sound the way I want. But you get the idea. Pain has a way of purifying, it makes us appreciate the end result so much we will never want to go back to the place we were before. I feel I have torn myself down, now time to build back up. I just need to get rid of the resentment I feel towards others who doubted my intentions in the first place.

Look at all I have written on these pages , all the experiences, the observations, and self evaluation. Then imagine me talking with one of the people in my life and trying to explain...only to get interrupted after a few words and have them say. NO, that's not it , because I read this thing that said blah , blah , blah and you are just wrong. They cant even give me credit for knowing anything about something like pot because they are just so sure that they know better. I made the comment that last year I couldnt tell people that water was wet and have them believe me. There's a saying, "a rumor has traveled halfway around the world before the truth even gets its shoes on". Well , I no longer chase these rumors. If the rumor gets in front of me it needs to watch out because I will kick it in the a**!

You will notice yourself feeling more and more strong as time goes by. It can take 10-14 days for the fog from long term pot smoking to really subside. Pot affects short term memory the most so you will still have most of what makes you - you , so dont worry about the damage you think you may have done to yourself. The body and mind have an enormous capacity to heal, and heal you will. Knowing you need to quit, and doing it alone the way you have, lead me to believe that once you remove this 'speed bump' from your life you will truly realize your full potential and make the next phase of your life a VERY productive one.

I did not have your resolve at your age, yet I still did fine for years until the events of life (not drugs) finally put me at a breaking point. But I should have broke without the comfort of drugs. Because the drugs prolonged the process of healing! The drug numbed the pain that was mine to feel directly, and so it took me much longer to make the changes that I needed to make to move foward in life. For a time I got to where I didnt think I could endure any more trouble in life - all a result of having the crutch of drugs available in the first place!

So ENJOY your withdrawals - because they are a necessary part of putting this behind you. I DID put pot behind me for 7 full years! Unfortunately it was a long enough period for me to forget the trouble that this particular drug can be for me. The main thing being complacency in life. It kills my motivation, and without motivation? I am content to just be static and not attack life!

If you enjoy the moment too much - you wont prepare for the next big step!

I am proud of you for realizing this on your own!

let me know how your progress goes, feel free to ask me anything.

til later...

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Posted: August 12, 2013, 8:09 AM

I messed up. Saturday night i went into the City for my friends bday. Had an amazing time with all my friends until we got back to his apartment. I was drinking a lot and put my self in a situation i didn't want to be in. I smoked a joint and all my hard work and struggle this past week went to s***. I feel so low right now. I have no urge to smoke and i am disgusted with my actions. I feel like crap mentally and physically.

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Posted: August 12, 2013, 11:19 AM
A relapse , unfortunately is often part of recovery. Dont beat yourself up about it. It sucks to have to start over and re-commit to quitting but as long as you learn from the experience it becomes more and more unlikely to happen. I used to smoke up to 3g a day of the synthetic. I have smoked only 5g in the last 6 months. But am I done? I hope so, but if I slip I will just go back to starting over and eventually it will cease. If you give up your resolve because of a slip you will just end up smoking all day every day again with no end in sight. So take it for what it is and get back on the wagon!

You can still quit - the will to go a whole week isnt easy to accomplish - especially without help. If you can go a week , you can go a month, and then 3 months, then a year, etc..

How do you think I feel after relapsing after 7 years?

Giving up is the only thing thats unforgiveable.
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