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Does Smoking Weed Make You Angry

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Posted: February 17, 2012, 4:25 PM
I've been smoking weed near enough every day for 6 years the only time I don't have any weed is when I can't get hold of any which isn't often. I'am such an angry person little things can set me off maybe parents parking in the communal car park where I live to drop there kids off at the school, The cashier taking to long at a shop or Someone getting in my way sometimes I just feel really angry inside other times I shout and say the most abusive things to people and I've made a show of myself a few times and I feel guilty but not untill much after. I feel anger towards most people I don't trust anyone I feel everyone has a hidden agender and I think nasty things about people I've managed to push away every friend I've ever had do you think this is because I smoke weed? or just part of my personality I've been smoking so long and before that took loads of other drugs since I was 15 years old I'm 25 now I don't know anymore I'm a good person and love my dog more than anything and have compassion for people sometimes but I just have these bursts of fury at times over stupid things and have even got angry and shouted at my precious dog before when she's been bad and really regretted it after if my anger is caused by me smoking weed how long after I stop smoking weed which I'm trying to do will it before my anger stops days weeks months? I'd appriechiate your comments also my anger has got me in trouble with the police before I just can't seem to control it I don't want to be like this

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Posted: February 24, 2012, 12:33 PM
I doubt the weed is what is making you angry. Maybe try anger management seem to be aware of the problems it can and has caused you so you are headed in the right direction.. Good luck.



Posted: April 18, 2012, 6:16 PM
Hey, im on the same page. Im 24 have a husband, 3 year old son n pets. I know its the weed. I never really run out either i smoke n smoke and i cant even really get high anymore and instead of relaxing me now im always on edge and doin and feeling the same as you described above. I lost my temper really bad the other night and ruined my car. Im damaging my family n friendships. Im not like this when i dont smoke. Im quitting, i havent smoked since i rammed my car 2 nights ago. I feel better already. I love my weed n i hate that it makes me have such extreme temper. No one deserves to put up wirh me. So im quitting. Its hard n it sucks. At lease now i can thinj a lil more before blowin up. I feel alot better. I'm already doin better. the last thing i wanna do is quit man but i know its the only way i can get back to my sweet happy self so i can have a happier healthier life. So before u rule it out try it k. I hope it wirks out for you.

Posted: May 3, 2012, 2:47 AM
Do I think you might have a mood disorder? Probably. Do I think that pot affects your mood? Absolutely. I've lived for a very long time with averbally abusive husband who smokes pot abd believe me, I can tell when he's withdrawing. In fact,, the only time I actually thought I was in real physical danger from him was when he was in withdrawels. I've kept a log book for over a year so I could actually track the seriously scary moods and EVERY SINGLE TIME he was coming down from pot. The longer he was smoking the longer it took for his body to return to normal. If you really are angry and unhappy about the mood swings then try a simple experiment. Stop smoking for 1 month. A whole month, no hits or anything and see how you feel. U may still have a disorder that needs to be checked out by a doctor, but I can almost GUARANTEE that the anger you are struggling with will be easier to handle. Hope this helps.

Posted: May 28, 2012, 2:55 PM
I have smoked weed for about 35 years, I dont think in small amounts once or twice a week will do you much harm. But smoking it everyday all day will make you angry,anxious and paranoid. That is fact, especially now, the ganja which is generally on sale these days is way too strong. Always smoke the weakest stuff about and dont smoke it everday, i have a daily fight with myself not to use it 24/7. But i know how much it can mess you up, cut down or stop and you will feel much better.

Posted: November 6, 2012, 3:12 PM
Ive been smoking it for 19 years everyday, and have just turned on my computer to google does weed make you angry! :/ ... i gave up the cigs 37 days ago and have smoked more weed than usual since giving up :/ my temper is short to say the least:/ ... I used to think also that the weed chills me out with my temper/mouth and thought i was managing it and the weed helped with this :/
But since ive give up the cigs and smoked more weed its like ive gone back ten years with my anger/Temper, soo maybe it is time for a little experament to see if not smoking the weed has an inpacked on my temper, but the true thought of that is EEEk!!! I was Evil giving up the Cigs. Ive even thought maybe giving up the weed is the answer to all my problems when onece i thought it was the answer :/
I guess there is only one way to find out ...:S


Posted: November 30, 2012, 10:13 AM
My son started using pot since 14, i tried everything to discourage him to go down that path.
He is nearly 20 now. Yes he gets easily angry and upset over nothing, now he has gotten to the point he becomes abusive, the police were called. I make sure he works, this week he only had a few days at work, so he spend more time with his friends, this is when everything goes wrong. He suddenly starts over nothing, he even goes as far as to destroy things now. I make him pay board and contribute to food. He dos not like that and goes off at me, i say too bad find somewhere else then. His anger has gotten out of hand, now he has to go and stay elsewhere because of the abusive outbursts. I do not tolerate that, i have never talked to him like that, or put him down as he dos me. If something destroys you, and your family relationships and friendships, then i know as a mother its time for a change.

The worst part about him is that he blames everyone else for his doings. All i can say is where is my sweet loving boy, who was so kind, who would never hurt anyone. When younger he was so protective, he had a great friend, great support net work, great family, then he started hanging with the wrong crowd. I do not recognize him anymore, and yes its only marihuana, lots of people are admitted to the psychiatric unit for it. He even accuses me of saying and doing things i have never done, so now he has to leave. It hurts.

He lies a lot, which makes him untrustworthy, i say, you are who you decide to be, and what he is now is not a pretty picture. His sister dos not like him, and gets scared of him and hides. I have done what i could, i tried to put him into counseling, i even had an intervention officer involved, he told him to f*** ***. There is no excuse for abuse, i never in my life even thought of treating my parents like he has me. Yes anger gets worse after years of use after what i have observed. Its scary.

Posted: February 3, 2013, 6:51 PM
My husband is like this. He smokes because he is convinced it helps him through the day but he is like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. We never know when he will go from nice to psycho. My advice to all those who think weed is harmless is to spend one day with my husband when he is raging and you can see first hand what years of dependence can do. He has "quit" several times the longest lasting 3 months. After the first month he was the nicest husband ever. I know exactly when he started again when he flipped out because he thought I was walking too fast. I was screamed at and called every name in the book. This is the reality of pot. It is going to cost him his family.
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Posted: February 5, 2013, 9:04 AM
Are you guys sure that your husbands/sons arent just angry people. Im not saying that this is the case but are you sure its just weed? Like the woman on about her son, how do you know hes not taken other drugs or he's just picking his attiutude from teenage mates, getting in the wrong crowd? Like i said im not saying this is the case but seems like everyone wants to blame weed but some people are just angry

Posted: February 6, 2013, 9:59 AM
I know where my husband is concerned the times he had quit (only ever lasting a short while) he was calmer and nicer. When he smokes he is up and down and up and down.

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Posted: February 26, 2013, 4:09 PM
I have smoked on and off for 30 years and I always used it to decompress, relax, and enjoy life. But as a father of 5 I have an example to set so I couldnt smoke pot and take the chance that I might get in trouble or do something else which would put the idea into my kids mind that if dad does it - maybe I can too. I am a person with a terrible temper and I NEVER got mad when high. But using every day changes the level of need and desire and any interruption in being able to use causes the anger. A couple days away from it - watch out!

Because I couldnt use real pot (illegal) I started using the Spice that was available (legal then) I did this on and off for about 2 years. When I would quit - total d***! Dont get in my way or do anything even mildly annoying or I go off. This can last up to a month for me but when it is completely out of your system you will feel better. When you use any drug for an extended period of time you change your brains chemistry. When you quit it gets back to normal but extreme irritability will be a problem for several weeks. The longer you use the harder this is to get over the anger issues.

Just realize , when you snap, go off, yell, or even break things it is the little chemical child in your brain throwing a temper tantrum because it cant have what it wants.

But eventually that little chemical child shuts up - just wait it out

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Posted: April 5, 2013, 11:54 AM
Hi I just read what I wrote about a year ago and I can't believe how much I've changed I've given up smoking weed for 8 months now and now I know it was the weed that was making me angry I occasionally get a bit angry but no where near how I used to be I haven't gone off at any one for months now if someone annoys me now I just think it in my head I don't shout at them and I'am a lot more resonable now like if the cashier is taking to long in a shop I just think that's life it doesn't get to me every single time like it used to I wanted to give up smoking weed for so long for years but I never could give up for more than a week but then my dog needed a serious operation and needed to be carried up and down 2 flights of stairs as I live in a second floor flat and I thought if I fall down the stairs with her stoned and hurt her I will never forgive myself so having my dog to love and look after having her depend on me helped me give up I never thought I could actually be happy as I had a lot of bad things happen to me in my life but I'am now for the first time in my life I can't believe it the first month after giving up was hard I felt really emotional and struggled with all the feelings I had but then I started to feel better and the last few months every night before I go to bed I just feel happy and grateful for everything I have like my flat dog possesions freinds etc I have a much better realtionship with my parents now I told them all about my addiction and now they say I'am a much better person to be around and it's like things I was interested in when I was 14 and 15 before I started taking drugs I've started being interested in again I've made a great new friend she added me randomly on facebook and she lives near me she doesn't take drugs and has her own bussiness I've told her all about my past and she doesn't judge me she is such a good friend to me I'm lucky vto have found her if I was still a stoner when she added me on facebook I never would have went to meet her I would have been to paranoid my best friend who I was friends with since high school who I fell out with around the time I first posted on here we're friends again now and the friendship is going good since this new year I've been on a diet and lost 3 stone and I've started going swimming most days now I actually enjoy being active before I just sat around doing nothing all day I would only walk my dog then I would just watch t.v all day now I love swimming and walking I feel so much better in myself now I've done so well I now feel ready to go on to the next step and go back to education giving up weed was the best thing I ever did so if anyone reading this is thinking about giving up then you should you don't understand how happy I'am in my life now and I was so desperate lost and alone before I didn't even have a life I just existed thank you for all your comments too x

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Posted: May 19, 2013, 1:49 AM
hi, my problem is a little backwards. my husband smokes pretty much daily and had e for the past year or so on a regular basis. before then it was just occasionally. anyway when he smokes its almost like a medication for him. he is funny, thinks clealrly and is pretty happy. when he doesnt smoke i have noticed that he has mood swings....severe. divorce is brought up often, im to blame for everything, he is not rational and half of what he says sounds delusional and he believes it. it got to the point i would find him some before he ran out to avoid a blow out. im wondering if he is going through withdrawls and if so does anyone know how long the anger last? i know im at fault for some of the fights but there is a big difference on how he is during the first few days out. any advice would be great. im desperate as i dont know how much more i can take of the crazy behavior, rage fits and mean verbal abuse...maybe he has deeper problems but weed does help him but i will also support

if he wants to stop thats cool too but how long will i suffer before this is over??

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Posted: May 26, 2013, 8:51 PM

Cole it IS the weed. In the beginning it will be very difficult. He will go though mood swings and many MANY changed.

Given the fact that instead of making him quit your buying pot for him (so he does not get angry) your most likely a co-dependent, and need to first understand why your OK with him smoking and why your willing to avoid the hard process of him sobering up. The best place to start is by attending some CODA and AL-ANON meetings, where you can find a social support group of people who have been through what your going though.

When my wife found out I was smoking again, after having promised I would stop before we got married, she simply kicked me out of the house and told me to choose pot or choose her. Thank God I had the wherewithal to pick her and agree to go to treatment at NLTC. I am now enjoying my sobriety, our relationship has improved, and it was one of the best investments we made in our future together.

But it all started with her not giving into my disease, and standing firm on what she needed for us to be together.

Good luck, and many prayers.

Patient at NLTC
One day at a time.
Stephen Sanders

Posted: May 29, 2013, 12:20 PM
Weed changes people, its a fact. I've experimented myself. I smoked weed for a good 4 years. I started smoking it after I finished high school back I'm '08. Back then, it was all just a bit of fun with friends. Then it got more serious, there was a period from 09-10 where I'd be smoking at least an 1/8 a day, if not more, without fail. It didn't take my parents long to notice a change in my behaviour. I was very snappy towards them. They would say things like "someone's hungover." They were unaware I was smoking dope. They obviously later found out, as I'd come home most nights reeking of the stuff. My behaviour worsened the more I smoked. Around that time i had inherited some money from a family member who passed away; £10,000. I received that in the summer of 2010, by the following year it was all gone. I can't blame myself totally, as around that time I was hanging with people I thought were friends, little did I know they were just taking me for a ride, using me for my money. After I lost my inheritance money, 3 months later I lost my girlfriend as I punched her in a violent rage. I don't blame her for leaving me, I was a pr**k back then. I know being under the influence of cannabis made me punch her, as before that I'd never thrown a punch in my life. I've always been a laid back kinda guy by nature, until I smoked weed. Fast forward to this day and nothing much has changed, my sister came in my room asking to use my printer and that made me angry. My mums going on about about applying for this apprentiship opening that I'm very interested in and that pissed me off too. All tiny, little things that shouldn't make me angry inside. My mums actually trying to help me land the job I want, and I'm angry at her? My heads a mess! My sister jokingly says "you have no zest for life" and she's totally right though. I know its the weed though. From September of 2012 all the way to march of this year, I didn't smoke weed, not once. I felt so healthy, working out, eating right, but most importantly, I had a clear mind. My mind didn't feel foggy /hazy like it previously did for so long when I was regularly using weed. I don't know why I started smoking again, all my friends do it, so I felt like I had to in order to continue to meet them. I met them during my six month clean stint and just sat there whilst they smoked it and I could tell they thought I was weird. I know I'm not addicted to it as I can go days without it and not get 'withdrawals' (I don't think anyone gets withdrawals for weed by the way) I can go a week and then ill have a joint. If I smoke it frequently though, that's when my behaviour changes, I lose all motivation to do anything, it does make me very pissed off at the world, I blame the world for all my problems. I wish I never tried the stuff. I blame todays society, youve got pop stars like rihanna glamourizing it. Wether she likes it or not, shes a role model for young children worldwide, great example set ri ri. 'Ive always beern a huge hip hop fan, so for me i think thats made me try it. I've had enough of living this life, it's time for a change. I can go on living this life forever, or I can make a change now before its too late. I'm gonna have my final smoke tomorrow or the next day, as from June 1st 2013, I'll no longer be a weed smoker. You can do it too, join me. It's easy to quit, the first week is the hardest, then it's all easy. You'll look back on life in 10 years time and wish you tried to quit. If you find it too hard to just quit cold turkey, try cutting down. One joint a night, then every other night, then once a week etc. I've always thought you've got an addiction to it if you're smoking in the day, you wouldn't grab a beer first thing in the morning, unless you're an alcoholic. Same thing with weed. Smoking one on an evening after a hard shift at work is acceptable in my eyes. I never smoked it during the day, apart from a few rare times in the summer when I'm chilling down the beach with friends in the sun or something. I like to make the most of my day and unwind on an evening with a joint. That's all just my opinion, people will think its all complete rubbish, I don't care. I'm not the one who's addicted to smoking weed. It's up to you if you want to quit. If you don't want to, you never will, regardless of what you might lose. It takes a real strong-willed person to quit cold turkey, but I promise you, after a month, you'll feel the benefits, mentally and physically. Just dont do what I did and start smoking again . I won't make that mistake again. Are you up for the challenge? Good luck

Feel free to message me anytime. I want people to give it up for June, lets have a healthy second half of 2013!

Posted: July 7, 2013, 1:15 AM
Well i been smoking weed for many years now, and i found that it calms me down, The only times i would get angry would be when i didnt have any. withdrawls, call them what you want... I dont like the person i become when im not stoned as i get real angry very quickly, and the only way i can calm down is if i sleep it off. so now i spend half my life sleeping.

Posted: August 6, 2013, 12:08 PM
Hi i am as we speak struggling with this i find my temper is so short when in not stoned i been smoking for best part of 20 years on and off i hot in trouble with the law a few years ago due to an extreme rage i am not proud of this but now my anger has started rearing its ugly head again and am concerned that this will cost my wife and kids i try to quit but my wife uses it as a pain killer for her arthritis nd i cant help myself then we run out and i start to come down which causes so many arguments i am always paranoid that shes off with other ppl i trust no one i walk down the street getting ready to hurt everyone because they are going to hurt me or so i think. I kno this is all down to my weed habit i also know there is no easy fix but i am currently in the process of quitting again it has been 5 days so far and i am jus starting to feel human again so i am jus trying to stay sober from now on

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Posted: August 6, 2013, 4:01 PM
Chris, Steve,

We have all been where you are at now. I too believed that it was calming me down, and helping with my anger issues, really never dealing with the fact that I had anger issues.

The reality (for me) is that I have anger issues, and true that pot for a while helped me deal with that, but my drug abuse is a symptom of a greater issue, anger. The problem is it, like all consumables, has a marginal utility, where the more you take the less of an effect it will have.

Not being able to control my emotions is (even now) a problem, since I have used pot for over 20 years to control them. But over time this too will subside. This is why I recommend for people trying to quit to seriously look into a rehab (even if as an out patient) or at least MA, NA, or AA meetings, and really getting connected with like minded people who have been though the same issue.

Drugs are a short term solutions, with long term chronic side effects.

Since I have been sober, and working a program (12 steps), going to meetings, and speaking with a therapists, my life has improved dramatically. Without using drugs I am able to control my outbursts of anger, my ego, my pride, my self absorbed personality, and more importantly my work has improved dramatically. I am able to focus, concentrate, and stay on task much better, as well as, produce much higher quality work.

I never dreamed sobriety would be like this, and I can't believe I ever fed myself the foo-ha-ha that I was a better person, or more creative when I smoked. This is simply not true.

I pray and hope that you both have the patience and tenacity to work though the withdrawls to get to a much better future, not just for yourselves, but for your wife, children, and family.

Patient at NLTC
One day at a time.

Posted: August 13, 2013, 7:23 AM
My son is 16 and seems to be spiraling out of control. He tells me his drug of choice is weed. He has started to smoke bongs every day. He has no money and when he cant scab weed off friends he is really irritable and has put holes in walls and all that stuff. I cant live with his moods and anger.i wont give him money.i can only think that he will be living on the street.this breaks my heart.i cry every day.

Posted: September 13, 2013, 9:16 PM
I totally agree with some of you guys here. I am from Islamabad in Pakistan and we get the real stuff here imported from Afghanistan...long story short I started smoking with my ex gf at college few years ago and went totally buzurk after i lost her in a plane crash in 2010. I smoned hash more and more, it started every night while watching Simpsons then i started smoking first thing in the morning every day. In time i became very short tempered and regularly shouted at my parents, pushed a policeman and argued with every one. It seemed that every one was my enemy and the present political situation in the country made my feelings worse. Crashed my car few times too but after i quit few weeks i feel much better but don't enjoy Simpsons now though, prefer family guy instead! Lol
Guys thanks for all your posts, i totally relate to you. I have a Job interview at Honda Lahore factory next week and so look forward to start my new and clean life.
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