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Aspirin Addiction

Posted: August 5, 2012, 10:48 AM

I have a friend whom I think might have an aspirin addiction. I just wanted to know what symptoms I should look out for?

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Posted: August 7, 2012, 11:05 AM
You're kidding right?

Too much asprin will kill off a liver, rip up your stomach lining and cause ringing in the ears. All things, you can't see.

Are you a troll?

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Posted: August 7, 2012, 12:00 PM
Lisa, I was thinking the same thing. You gotta be kidding, right?

If you are serious, if your friend is eating aspirin, like an addict eats pills I think he would be bleeding from every open hole in his body.
Get him to the the doctor and quick.

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Posted: August 8, 2012, 12:01 PM
Some people are just looking for attention and I suppose we gave it to

Asprin? Really?


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Posted: August 13, 2012, 5:34 AM
I know someone that is addicted to BC Powders and she has ringing in her ears and always tummy troubles but will not go to the DR. BC's are loaded with caffeine and I have even suggested she get some sort of caffeine pill and stop taken the BC's, but she hasn't. Any advice?


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Posted: August 13, 2012, 12:00 PM
Thanks for putting that into perspective I feel dumb. You can get addicted to caffeine and asprin has caffeine in it!

I would suggest that she try a cup of coffee in the morning instead and switch to tylenol for a couple of days to help her headache.

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Posted: May 4, 2014, 6:21 PM
I am addicted to aspirin. Just the Bayer ones. I try not to eat more than one an hour, but if I get stressed I have more. It's not for any effect they might give, but because of their taste and texture. I was once told that the affinity for these was caused by a genetic mutation - the addiction often follows in families (my father liked them, too). It is unfair and inconsiderate to people like me to say that we aren't addicted - I have tried many times to quit and have suffered withdrawl until I go back on. To say that we do this for attention is ridiculous - no-one knows I'm addicted except my boyfriend, and he has done everything he can to help. Yes, I've had bleeding ulcers, yes my blood is thin - but ask any smoker : quitting is hard.

Posted: July 6, 2015, 3:25 AM
No I agree I recently have been taking aspirin and I have been taking it more and more
I almost would say I am forming a bit of an addiction

Posted: August 5, 2015, 4:20 PM
I have been looking for others who think or believe they have a problem with taking and/or abusing Aspirin. There isn't very much information on the net regarding personal experiences and I see that some of the post on this site are older post.

I've been abusing Aspirin of about three months now and I only stopped when I started experiencing ringing of the ears. Like one of the others posted, I also attempted to limit my use to a few a day, but was unsuccessful at it. Most days I could take tow every few hours, but then it turned into three every few hours and if it was one of those stressful days; I would randomly take one or two whenever I felt like it all day long. For me, it was also about the taste and texture more so than any effect I would get from them. It became almost like eating candy for me...I just really enjoyed eating Aspirin for the taste and found myself letting them dissolve in my mouth so that the taste would last longer. Eventually I stopped drinking water when I would take them because it would wash the taste away. Eventually, I had taken so many (I went through three or four hundred Aspirin tablets in about two and a half months) I could not get the Aspirin taste out of my mouth no matter what I did or ate.

I had actually read the label and side effects on the bottle and when my ears started ringing, I knew it was time to stop. Now I'm wondering if I went too far.

In the last two weeks I have only eaten two Aspirin tablets, but I fight the urges all day long everyday. I would like to mentioned that I am a recovering addict who stopped using/smoking Cocaine over 26 years ago. But I do not remember giving up the Cocaine as being nearly as difficult as giving up the Aspirin.

I would like to open up a conversation with others who are going through or have been through the same or similar things involving Aspirin.


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Posted: August 5, 2015, 5:13 PM
How did you stop using Cocaine 26 yrs ago??

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Posted: August 7, 2015, 12:15 AM
I went to a treatment program and then I started attending NA meetings. I have been using my support group, sponsor, meetings, and the program to address this problem as well. However, when I mention abusing Aspirin to other recovering individuals I get the same response. "It's Aspirin! Are you serious? You can't get addicted to Aspirin!" Even when I talk to other about being in the grips of obsession and compulsion....I get the same responses. No one seems to take this Aspirin thing very seriously...that is why I started looking for others who are having or who have experienced the same thing.

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Posted: August 11, 2015, 9:45 PM
Wow, I never thought of it. I guess for an addiction, I always thought there had to be some sort of an immediate pay off. I was in treatment with people who had addictions to social media. I guess you could get addicted to anything.

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Posted: October 3, 2015, 6:42 PM
I have tried to quit eating asprin also, and have made myself go to 1 a day. I break up one in four pieces and try to enjoy every piece. It's the taste I like. It makes me feel better. Weird! I'm also on a anti depressant. Wonder if that's doing something.


Posted: December 5, 2015, 10:31 PM
If it is just the taste that you enjoy, then do not swallow it ! This way you will not damage your liver and ears.

Posted: January 27, 2016, 11:59 PM
I am a person who is addicted to aspirins. It all started when I had a tooth ache. Aspirins seem to be the only thing to relive the pain. I would take about 20 aspirins or more a day. I have tried to stop, but it seems like I have to have them no matter what. Pain or no pain. Just like the other post I enjoy them due to the taste and texture. I don't drink anything but I enjoy letting the aspirin dissolve in my mouth. I did not know that someone can be addicted to aspirins, but by reading the posts I am not alone.

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Posted: February 1, 2016, 7:34 PM
Here's my story on addiction to asprin. I had more of an addiction to Excedrin, and didn't know that I was having an addiction, until I would wake up every single day with a headache. If I didn't take anything, it'd just worsen. When I took it at the same time everyday, it would go away. It was always in the morning. I took one for a headache one day, and every day after, for about 15 years, before realizing they were rebound headaches from overuse. I only took 1-2 every single day, for that many years. My parents always had headaches and just went away. My sister too. We struggled with headaches in our family, but my sister's and I's were rebound effect. I made myself a wean off plan 2 years ago. It took me an entire month to do it, but I never relapsed. I stuck it out and yes, I struggled with withdrawal, but I did it and it was the best change ever. My headaches returned to normal state over the course of 2 months. It was so nice to not have to take anything, because I was normal again.

When my boyfriend started using drugs, the headaches returned and caused me to have to take more medicine, but not like before. I was also prescribed a prescription headache medication, that works wonders, and quickly. It's called Fiorocet. A very highly addictive medication, but I never got addicted to it. My sister who was taking the same, had a bad experience with it, and got extremely high and addicted to it. She needed psychological evaluation and help in the hospital for her addiction to it. Once she came off of it, she said she never wanted to touch that stuff again. But as of today, I don't need to take Excedrin or Fiorocet on a daily basis, just as needed and it feels great to be back to normal:) I didn't want to take it, because I knew the dangers it had on my body and didn't want to have to rely on pain medication for the rest of my life. The only issue I have now is....caffeine. When I gave that stuff up, I bought a Keurig. I've always loved coffee and always wanted a Keurig. Well, since I gave that up, I drink 1 cup of coffee every single day since that day, almost 2 years now. One day, I didn't have my coffee, and had an awful withdrawal headache. So, in case I don't want a cup of joe in the morning, I have to replace it with an Excedrin to not have a withdrawal headache. I should wean off, but love coffee and it's not a bad addiction, but hate relying on something.

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Posted: November 3, 2016, 10:15 AM
Rommel Im 68yrs old which I think would be helpful to know,inhaling anything is bad for the brain or other parts of the body,ex. sprays,smoke,plaster or stone dust, tobacco smoke (millions of mini polluters blowing cancer into the air), the air is so mess up its a miracle that theirs not more mutant pollutions out there, or are their. Its simple stop using whatever your using or your going to destroy yourself piece by piece until someone has to help you in the toilet clean you. Choose whats more important life or a miserable end and death. Im here because I had caffeine headaches left side rear and side, so I took aspirin 1st 2 then 4 then 6 within hrs. So I stopped caffeine and then I got headaches right rear and side. Im now going to stop aspirine,yes their's a lot of pain,hot towels help a lot,I use a headache compress. BY THE WAY, I'VE TRIED MOST DRUGS FOR A TIME. HEROIN i SNIFFED AND DID DOWNERS A FEW TIMES. THESE DRUGS ARE FOR IDIOTS WHO DONT WANT LIFE. ROMMEL

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Posted: December 2, 2018, 11:31 PM
This ADDICTION IS REAL CAUSE BY PICA... I need HELP!! Please help me with any experience or advice anything!!
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