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Morphine / Valium /thramadol

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Posted: April 21, 2018, 6:35 AM
I have been taking oxycondin, morphine and valium with weed in Asia FOR 6 MONTHS STRAIGHT.
I desperatley would like to meet someone over here in Asia to do a detox with as alone is undoubtable failure FOR ME .
I know , did it twice before. Also attended 1 euro rehab and the famous ThramBok puking temple in thialand and I wasted BOTH opportunities .
Any one , any where willing to help or guide cause I am now finished if I can't stop.
Twice before went through in europe so family was on guard.
Now I am alone and terrified and ready to stop this rubbish forever. too much pain and loss.

If your out there , i'm here in Bankok Thailand praying you'll write. i know i will fail alone. i am fine in company , its my own mind that is trying to kill me. If your there, I'm here waiting. good luck to all in recovery, me included.
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