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Substance Abuse

Posted: March 20, 2016, 7:52 PM
what feelings leave when one gets high? And why is relapse more common in NA than AA? Addiction to the adrenaline paced rituals? intensity of drug vs alcohol?
Gatuyer Jeremi

Posted: March 31, 2016, 3:08 AM
Well unfortunately I have struggled with a lot of drug and alcohol abuse since age 13. Feelings don't necessarily go away when you're high but when you're high, all you're bad feelings are just irrelevant because you're in such a good state of mind and your good feelings kind of take over all of your thoughts. Weed just overall makes you happier, it just makes you feel like smiling and laughing and everything's a joke and if you're in a really bad place to where you're not happy or smiling, it just relaxes you and helps you think more positively. LSD/acid/shrooms make everything so pretty and everything is so different and wonderful that you forget how horrible whatever you're going through, or whatever bad feelings you have, is and you see things differently, and you're so busy learning and staring and admiring everything, that nothing else matters and overall you just see the world as a much more beautiful place. DXM just makes you completely numb to everything. Your body is numb, your mind is numb, and the reason you don't have any bad feelings, is because you have no feelings. When you're on DXM everything feels like a dream. ADD and ADHD meds don't do much for feelings, depending how much you take you're either really focused and getting a lot done or really brain dead and almost focusing too hard on absolutely nothing. Opiodes like Xanax or Prometh make you feel nothing and in some cases you forget what happened while you were on it. Codeine high is like a mix of a DXM and marijuana high.Diphenhydramine makes you fall straight asleep BUT it also makes your dreams feel so realistic and you think everything happened, and you truly beloved you're living in your dream. Alcohol can be very good or bad for feelings. Alcohol pretty much takes whatever you're feeling and makes that feeling 100x stronger. I'd say stick to weed or even do psychedelics once in awhile, but anything that's physically addictive (cocaine,heroine,dxm) will f*** up your life tragically unless you get help, but help is meaningless if you don't want it and the more you do dangerous addictive drugs the less you'll want help.

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Posted: December 18, 2016, 12:13 AM
My adult son went through a divorce and loss of his family after marrying someone untrustworthy. He repeated the same pattern with girlfriends, and one led him to the dark side of no return.
I never knew if my son would live to the next day. After one ambulance ride after the next for drs. to tell him that his kidneys would fail, his liver would fail, not to mention that he may not make the next day. One day after calling an ambulance to my son who was comatose, I got lost driving and had to turn my car around in church yard. When I gazed up I saw a large white cross outside on a hill with bleachers nearby. I felt that was my last avenue. I knelt and surrendurd my son back to his real Father-God who is almighty powerful. I put my son at the foot of the cross in my heart, mind and soul and asked God to heal him. I didn't care who saw me on my knees. I only know that I trusted God with him. Out of the blue I got a call from a friend who asked about my son, then one thing led to another and I was able to get him into a treatment program with the county he lived in. He had to report in to the judge, urinate in a bottle randomly with probation, and if he did not stay on the straight and narrow, he would go to jail. He had several alcohol related misdeameanors which took him to that point. For two years I had my son back! I was able to move away, live my life, and in the same turn trust my son to live a full prosperous life. The very day he was released from the program, received honors from the judge, pats on the back from peers in the same position, he went to see his old girlfriend who gave hm pills. He began to drink, pop pills and mix the two. My life of complete hell was back, but his life of hell was back more than ever. He had accidents in his car, tickets, petty misdemeanors. He has been inebriated since. Every day I pray that he will go straight to jail. I pray first that God will protect him and not let him die, that God will take away his desire. God has been gracious, but I do not know if I will see him the next day or hear him or chat with him. I am scared for his life. I am on my knees again. I am asking anyone who prays to pray for my son. I have read many of these replies and I am praying for your children. We are all in this together. It is by far the worse thing a parent can go through besides losing your child. I cry, I scream and my faith is shallow. This is satan taking away our children from us. Let's defeat him together and pray for our children daily. God will hear us to tackle this horrible epidemic.
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