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Pregnancy And Fentanyl

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Posted: April 22, 2023, 5:51 PM
Hi everyone . First I want to say hi to all my old friends like opiatelover, travlinman, papabear and Larrylive. And of course to all my mom's out there like hurtingmom, mandm and nyflorida. I hope everyone is doing well especially my mom's out there. I especially hope you all are doing well physically , but most importantly, I hope your all doing well mentally. And also, I want to let you all know that Iloveyou all. Even tho you have your babies that you dont speak to that much anymore. Just know that me saying Iloveyou is like all of your babies saying they love you through me.!l I hope it helps to put a lil bit of sunshine in your hearts. Well, to everyone who doesn't know me, I'm not a family member of an addict. I am that addict. And now I'm a addict who's pregnant again with my fourth. And I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of anyone who was pregnant and using fentanyl. I wanted to know if anyone noticed a problem with pregnant females addicted to fentanyl not able to hold they're pregnancies ? In my opinion, I have noticed with some women who miscarried. And some women just don't lose they're babies. I on the other hand, am pregnant by my live in boyfriend (the father of my two kids) for the fifth time. My last pregnancy I lost at 6 1/2 months. And having that miscarriage was something I have only read about females going thru. Never have I known anyone personally who went thru a miscarriage like that. And, prior to that pregnancy, I was pregnant but lost it at about four months. Does anyone ever notice a problem like that? And one more question. I know ppl who have kicked heroin at home with suboxone. Like quit in four days with five strips. I wonder if suboxone works with pregnant women too.! Or what is a female who's pregnant supposed to take if they try to quit it all at home ? Because I gotta do something. I feel this is my last time giving birth(if I don't misscarriage), so I just want to do it right. My parental rights are temporary taking away. I'm not even suppose to be alone with my kids because CPS said so. And I'm tired of living this way. I just want to be a good mom. I don't want to have mad thoughts about what I've done when I give birth. I don't know..... I'm a stay at home mom to my kids. And the father works seven days a week, every week with his own business. So I know I'm needed to be here. I can't really afford to stay away for three months or whatever. But, I guess, if I have to then I will.! Please, I appreciate some ideas. Just no judgment please. Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. Bye everyone. Love you all.

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