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Do I Need Help?

Posted: November 18, 2016, 3:46 AM
Hi, my husband has been a heroin addict for 15 yrs, we have been together for 4 yrs!
We have 2 children under 3! We moved country 16 months ago and he has been clean all this time up untill 2 weeks ago! I found out by social worker calling me telling me he was in a+e from oding! I was away at the time!
He now goes to na and loves it! I am happy for him!
BUT 15 YRS ago i was also a short term heroin addict! i have relapsed 10_15 times in these yrs again for short periods but more since i have been with him! And he shot me up first time 4 yrs ago and a few times more over these last yrs!
I last weekend joined him smoking it only but got very sick!
I was vomitting from the minute it was in me 7pm till 11am next day! I couldnt stand or stay awake and what felt like i was dying!
My husband thinks bcoz it doesnt agree with me im ok! But its always on my mind!
I dont like talking to him about it bcoz he believes that bcoz i wasnt onit for a long period then i havent got a problem!
Why is it on my mind and why since the last time my life seems dark and empty?
I havent MET anyone here, he goes to work and has MET a few people!
Him just so along in the house all day everyday with no one to talk to! :( do i need help or am i being stupid? I feel like im being an idiot!

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Posted: November 18, 2016, 3:21 PM
Any way you could find your own na meeting ? Or the family meetings ? Getting sick off the heroin is normal for lots of people not use to've used before...and maybe..this is more about feeling bored or isolated than it is craving...though...craving can certainly happen. ..
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