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Need Advice On Withdrawals

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Joined: August 12, 2020

Posted: August 12, 2020, 9:55 PM
I’m hoping people still use this board. I didn’t find much else online so far as communities go.

I’ve been addicted to cocaine for 3 years. I snort it. I currently spend roughly $1500 a month on it. It’s been more before. In the past three years I’ve not gone more than three days without and then only because of issues getting it. That’s happened only a few times.

I went from making six figures a year to losing my job due to Covid 19. I had no savings to speak of. It all went up my nose, as have most of my possessions. I can no longer afford the habit. I have no choice. Plus I’m so very tired of being a slave to the drug.

I am currently nearing 24 hours since my last bump. It doesn’t feel good but is currently manageable. I know the coming days will be hell. I can’t go into rehab. I have to do this myself.

Can you guys please offer me advice on anything that would help with withdrawals? Anything that will help ease the suffering? I’d also like to know how long it will take to get through the worst of it.

I’d greatly appreciate any advice anyone can offer.


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Posted: August 14, 2020, 6:13 AM
Good Morning,

This board has slowed down,so perhaps it's just coincidence I came here today. Actually I am wondering if you will ever come back. I see that happen a lot.
Anyway, you spoke about cocaine and withdrawals, which I assume you mean being very tired and irritable. It does happen doesn't it. Although I didn't do much coke, I smoked a bus load of crack. Do Not Smoke Crack, if you think life is bad now, it will get worse.
So...rehabs out of the picture...hmmm. I was like that. Things got worse, so I went. Three times actually. I'm still not sure if it helped. I mean in an educational sort of way. The last time was an extended stay, which allowed me to regain some physical health and mental clarity.
If your looking for a quick and easy solution, I am not sure there is one. I've tried just about everything and every support group I could find. So I struggled another ten years after the first rehab and things just kept getting worse.
In the end this recoveredcrackhead found the solution in AA, not by what the people said, but by what the book said. I also infused it, while in the last Intensive Out-Patient, with some aversion therapy. Just a rubber band on my wrist, I know it sounds hokey, But something worked.
If you are really interested in that story, just google recoveredcrackhead, one word. Some of the story is on this forum, but more is out there. I stop back, soon I hope, Until then...

Be Well,

All gods send their drunks to AA

My story.. https://www.addictionrecoveryguide.o...ST&f=16&t=63644
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