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Crack + Mental Health Problems + Anxiety

Posted: October 7, 2019, 8:51 PM
Hey, Does anyone know how long after stopping using crack it takes to stop feeling the W/D effects?
I have Bi-Polar and stupidly started using Crack to sustain and intensify a manic episode. The mania went away but my desire for Crack remained. I was doing £60-£70 plus some every day for 6 months. I sold everything of value I had and spent nearly every penny I earned on the stuff even my car and TV. I love the damned stuff. Going back to last April one evening I started shaking uncontrollably which lasted for 24 hours. It just hit me out of nowhere. When that went away I was hit by terrible anxiety. I stopped using in May. I am still consumed with an underlying high level of Anxiety 6 months on which stops me going out. If I do go out I shake, sweat and get palpitations. Previous to doing crack Anxiety wasn`t a major problem.
Does anyone out there have similar problems? Could this long lasting Anxiety be caused by my crack use?


Posted: January 10, 2020, 5:33 PM
Last night I started a 10 week Improv course with Dogface Improv in Norwich.
It was really good
Think Im going to make new friends and laugh a lot

Its meant to be very good for Mental Health
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