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10 Year Addict First Time Seeking Help

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Posted: February 16, 2019, 6:00 AM
So I've been a addict for 10 years meth cocaine pain pills ecstasy I have wanted an tried for years to stop an I cant I've never talked to anyone about my addiction at all I just know that right now cocaine has a hold on my life I'm using anywhere to 1 to 3 grams a day I have not been sober in 10 years I'm 28 years old I have two beautiful children an I still choose drugs I'm afraid if I dont get help my addiction is going to kill me before I can get sober I have no idea which direction to go or where to even start I just know I cant do it alone I've been to ashamed to try an talk about it or find excuses of why not look into professional help really I just need opinions guidance anything I just need help an I have no idea where to start

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Posted: February 23, 2019, 1:40 AM
I will answer since no one else has. I am the mom of a 29 yr old son addicted to a variety of drugs. going on 6 yrs of struggle with recovery a few months, relapse a year kind of a pattern. the last recovery time was this past summer for 3 months followed by the current relapse for past 6 months. last summer he went to local hospital to detox and 2 weeks inpatient. he said it was a good program better than the others. "they said what he needed to hear" I think he was ready to hear it. for 3 months he went to a local recovery center, IOP 3 x a week, medical dr, psyc dr, counselor, group meetings plus AA or NA meeting each day/evening. and began working out. this was the first time he followed up with meetings and programs and stuck to it. even though he has relapsed, I do think he has matured and learned from the programs.

try browsing the SMARTRECOVERY.ORG website. maybe getting envolved there will be a good step.
google recovery in your area. find a place that you can go to meetings, see a counselor, dr for medical reasons. just start dropping by and getting information about how the program works so you can put a plan in place.

idk how your family is, but most are forgiving. if you have a plan, you can tell them. they might be relieved to know the truth.

keeping secretes is part of addiction. keeping secretes keeps us sick. try to lessen your lying.

you family deserves to have you present in their lives. make your family your priority. when you first become clean things might feel like they are falling apart a bit. they kind of have to. you will need to get used to different energy. be prepared to learn new ways of coping with problems.

Behavioral therapy, exercise, vitamins, create a routine for yourself. one idea is to keep yourself busy to use up your free time that you would otherwise be engaged in addiction behavior.

just start reading a lot on internet - read about the drugs your are taking, they history, what they are used for. most are poison and work like anesthia to lessen brain activity. It will take time, vitamins, to repair your brain. read about the importance of foods, vitamins, exercise, water, etc,

hope this helps

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Posted: April 25, 2019, 12:03 AM
You're doing the best thing by coming on this message board for starters. I've resisted meetings, but its good to stop by when you can. Some need to go every day, some don't. But to want to go, and knowing when you need to go are great things, and I believe is the right mindset, however, it may take time and some relapses to get to that point where you're sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I don't want my rock bottom to be any worse than the last one I've had. Its going to be a battle, an EveryDay one. I think you know that by now. Just keep logging on, reading, sharing and eventually you may venture out to a room somewhere. Being a parent in all this, its going to be a real challenge. Just know that your kids are your kids. God willing your addiction wont take you away from them. There are many posts for other parents who mention their children and their relationships on this board. Just keep reading, and posting. Reach out to other members.

Until then my digital friend, stay sober.

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All this happened for the sole purpose to help others fight this thing with all we got.
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