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Serious Questions About Benzos

Posted: June 30, 2023, 3:59 AM
I got sober for about 6 months my bigggest time.I was on a regiment of A benzosI believe Chlorazapam and Antabuse. Felt great and it worked well for me until decided to stop the Antabuse/Relapsed another 6. This round same benzo have not yet started until my fatty liver has healed a little. I am not drinking though.

I am have some pretty minor but constant auditory hallucinations Like a ticking buzzing or faint music. I am so loopy all the time. Get lost driving places I know well don’t know where I am or how I got there. Then I park and just fall asleep. I have been in the first two car accidents ever in my life Completely sober with in a week this same.
Had and mri everything came back perfect. Changed brands and doses went back to chlorazapam.
They have no idea why?

Has anyone been through any of this?
Please help if you know anything!!!
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