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Been Doing It Since To Long

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Posted: August 12, 2017, 10:20 AM
Iv been addicted to anthetamine (speed) since I was 19 im now 27 the first time I tried it was after I had my second child and being a young mum with a 1 year old and a new born I did love the energy it gave me and Being on my own I needed all the energy I could get I did struggle as my partner had left me just befor my son was born💔 Iv took it mostly every single day since and I'm ashamed off it! Iv got a good job my own car and a lovely home my kids don't ever go with out so Iv done quite good in life considering I have a drug addiction not many people no I take it I don't take it to get out my face it's more for the energy side if that makes sense! when I don't have it I find it so hard to get out off bed in the morning in some shameful way taking this is like medicine to me now becouse it's taken over my brain! I need it to feel normal to make my brain function and sadly it does make me feel like myself! If only there was some other thing I could take that would work the same way something that would give me energy to get me through coming off this a substitute for it but isn't illegal 😭 any one in the same situation with some advice they could give me with my job and being a mum I can't
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