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Simba Hamilton

Posted: April 17, 2017, 12:26 AM
Am in my 60s and have been addicted to otrivin since 14 years of age but am now 9 months free of it. We travel and I used to stock up on at least 8 bottles to get me through a 12 week trips overseas every year just in case I could not get it where we were. I went to a doctor and she told me I would end up with a "cocaine nose" if I did not stop. I walked out of the surgery and went cold turkey -ouch!
Cement nose for about two weeks, sleep with my head elevated, vicks helped, swimming in salt water helped, headaches and a heavy head continually. I pushed on and it took roughly three weeks and now I am free of the $14 a week habit. So pleased!

Posted: March 3, 2018, 6:25 AM
Just wanted to say thank you for your post. I'm now almost 3 days without ortivine and I keep using the term cement in my nose lol.

It's hard but it needs to be done.

I'm pumping saline water in my nostrils twice or thrice a day. Using cream based steroid and steroid spray in my nose which don't seem to help at all, but still using them.

Also taking Sudafed Pain 6 tablets a day. Don't know if they help, still taking them.

And I took drowsy antihistamine last night which did help me sleep finally.

It's getting better. Fingers crossed by 2 weeks, I'll be in a much better position.
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