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Nail Polish Addiction.
Jule sandoval

Posted: September 18, 2016, 11:41 AM
Hi. I have a Nail Polish addiction. I don't drink it, but I lick the end of the brush. On my tongue and inside of my cheeks. I thought I wasn't a big deal on the little amounts I take in, but for a whole year I believe it has caused some damage. I am feeling confused, a little out of my consciousness, fatigue, weakness, unmotivated, shortness of breathe, not much sweat, heat temperature, it sometimes throbbs in the back of my head, like a headache, and shakyness all over when I have to walk sometimes or when I think a lot. Its scaring me, I believe I have aneima and some brain damage. I pee a lot. And not much #2.
I looked up the ingredients, aluminum, Tulane, acetone, a meth long word, and some other ingredients that looked unfamiliar, and I researched it all and all that I am feeling is true. I am feeling all the symptoms from these ingredients. For a whole year I have been doing this and I officially want to stop. This can lead to sudden death, or even coma. In the future it can cause alztimers, and create a bone dieses where your bones are weak and that is permanent.
I want to stop. I want to fix this addiction. I want to seek help, but my biggest problem is my boyfriend. If he founds out about my nail polish addiction, I know he's going to leave me. And I don't want that... I think I had this addiction due to stress and over anxiety and depression. I want to stop officially. But I want to also know how to remove these toxic ingredients from my body with out medical help. If that is even possible. I want to be rid of this addiction and recover from it. But how do I do that?..
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