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17 Year Old Sex Addict

Posted: January 5, 2017, 1:21 AM
Hi, I am 17 and I have almost slept with 40 people. I know.. it sounds crazy. I have a problem that I have been hiding for a long time. I have had sex with a co-worker. I had sex with a guy I had just met from taco bell. He was attractive tho. I don't sleep with ugly people. I just think that my unability to control myself has taken a toll on my life. I am sure people look at me negatively. Maybe they don't even look at all. I still hold my head high and support myself. I work a lot in order to keep from having sexual behavior. I still have sex anyways tho. I wish I knew someone who could relate to me. Maybe it is the orgasm which desire or the feeling when I am having sex. Maybe just being close and everything with a person is what I'm addicted to. I don't know. I just need to have more self control. It is very hard to deal with. I tell myself that I am going to go without it for a month but I can't go that long. I relapse easily. I need something.. I don't know.

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Posted: March 21, 2017, 5:21 PM
I'm a woman older than you in my 30s but every woman I knew who had that many partners when they were young, definitely had issues then and now. I had a roommate/friend I lived with when we were in our early 20s she kept a list of all her partners and she was into the 80 count. Today she is in her 40s and has never found Love. She's still alone. She never allowed a relationship to blossom, she just screwed them, then the guy was gone..her self esteem was in the toilet. Her dad left when she was young, and Almost every friend I knew with a sex addiction lacked so etching in their early life. Mom Or Dad left when they were young, lonely, wanted attention. Take a look into your young years. Did you have something happen to you? That's not a normal number, even for a 40 yr old let alone 17.. So figure out the problem, and why you sleep with all these men now, and you will save yourself a lifetime of sadness. Best of luck!

Posted: August 18, 2018, 2:31 AM
Hello Kitty,

Please look at what I posted on the porn/masturbation problem started by poleasehelpme

There are many sex addiction recovery programs, I suggest attending a women only meeting in SLAA or SAA. These follow the 12 steps and are quite successful if followed and worked. Plus, they are free!

What you describe regarding shame, humiliation, not being able to stop...ect is part of the addiction. You are not alone!

I too had incomprehensible demoralization, now I actually have some peace and a lot healthier life.
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