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Withdrawal After 4 Years Of Belief Misuse

Posted: July 8, 2016, 2:17 PM
This will to many be offensive due to the nature of the addiction.

Be careful when reading – I’m still suffering withdrawal symptoms from belief misuse.

I've been taking a look at the graveyards of the world - namely people or organizations burying themselves alive. Belief-misusers has been like an epidemic in my mind and soul - but luckily I am learning to utilize "belief" in a medicinal manner (has to be very temporary - I was using it for four-five years) - one gotta take care people don't end up in that horrible situation. Especially not ending up getting dragged into a belief-misuse by a text or by listening to a pusher trying to sell it to get one hooked (imams are a good example).

I know I’m not the only one out there whos been in the claws of belief. Countless are suffering. ISIS, religious wars and so much more.

If one should do a little "pushing" in a better way with less risk:

If one assumes that one can never recognize that which is perfect - (one still gotta take care that ending up in a belief that one is a part of "god" or perfect or similar) - one can state that one could never hear/meet/experience "god" nor could anyone else have done so and get a high of safety by "believing there to be someone caring for one" (its not a finished product, still quite dangerous) thereby increasing the safety of the dose.

One of course needs to be very careful and remember to have watchers, centers helping people out of addiction close by and similar. One also has to prepare properly for a long time and a lot of other stuff.

Doing it in this manner it can be used medicinally. Even though, one, due to the offers available today and the manipulative delivery method (and how its advertised etc.) along with lack of proper warnings on the package and proper guidelines for how to use belief, one should stay far away from it, as one easily could end up a really bad place (personal experience as a former belief-misuser now on my way out of it (suffering from the abstinences currently - particularly mentally).

It would also have to be done under controlled circumstances, with observations and check-ups often - while also being under the care of someone ensuring that one life doesn't fall apart (it did for me) and that I have seen it happening to a lot of others by now.

One have to be extremely careful that one does not end up with "laced belief" aka something to which there is added something to get extra effect as it can be very ruining for the mind.

A casual pattern that happens for misusers of belief is that they end up pushing to others ending up with using others as slaves, probably to get more "belief" themselves. You know it you've been fighting to ensure the safety of the world against the results of such a misuse (ISIS).

We are Gaian! - Now attempting to involve the medicinal use of that which was formerly classified as misuse (slowly figuring out how to do it while keeping a great distance).

I will personally be staying far away from the "belief" as it is pretty much the worst misuse I have ever ended up in.

This is a call for classifying belief as what it is - I would like to make my voice heard - a pillow of comfort akin to drugging oneself by denying reality. I am certain that others have been suffering from this, many at that, but most unlikely to be aware of the cause for their suffering.

The danger, to my observation, is that it is a powerfully self-reinforcing cycle of addiction as people are afraid of admitting to themselves there being something wrong (threat of eternal hell, feeling guilty towards the so fantasy figures one has associated ones safeguarding with (even if beings more ascended might exist, I am certain that they would not force people into an addictive cycle of belief, or they could not be called very ascended in the first place) etc.) and people - as it is belief - might believe it to be true.

A call for help it is - but is there any current treatment for belief? If not I call for a treatment.

Simply because a drug or a behavior is a part of a culture, it does not make it acceptable. Just because something is the norm-driven it ain't magically acceptable!
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