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12 Step Alternatives: They Do Exist!

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Posted: June 16, 2018, 5:47 PM
It seems ever since creation the twelve step method has dominated the recovery community, and making claim that it is the only true and tested way. This is false by a long shot. And in my opinion it's really a hyper religious counterculture (You can say it's "spiritial" all you want, but it comes from the oxford group which is a Christian ideology group) that is filled with contradictions and repetitive brainwashing that in my opinion are dangerous and often times lead to much harder relapses. To elaborate, the first three steps are to admit that your powerless and completely surrender yourself to god (as you understand him) so he can take the reigns. This is not at all a healthy suggestion. This is why you see many members of AA sitting in a stagnant position just waiting for god to make everything better. But it gets better, even though your actions are "not a choice," you still have to take accountability for them and are harshly judged for not living the program. But of course it wasn't a choice. I do think that certain aspects of the program are important. Meditation, or prayer or whatever you prefer to call it is huge because it aids in helping repair damage and create new Neuro pathways through a process called plasticity. I also think that making ammends and doing service are important. But I think the rest of the culture is highly unnecessary and alienating to people outside of the community. Maybe I'm a little bit bitter, but honestly, if you were told to go off your bipolar meds by a therapist from a 12 step recovery center, and then end up in a worse position then you've ever been in caused by a mania induced rampage although still remaining sober, wouldn't you? And also after finding out that as a mental health disorder(yes a disorder, NOT a disease) you have always fell into the subclinical category, and most of your use can be attributed to self medication because you're not medicated or on the right meds? While I agree that some people fall under substance use disorder, I also know that most have an underlying mental health disorder. This is why everyone is different and needs a different program. The similarities are not enough to sustain an absolute only program. Smart recovery and life ring are recovery groups that are secular and use effective therapy models help you come up with an individualized program. If you want to go the spiritual route, refuge recovery is a great one as well. Support groups are not enough though. One on one therapy is an absolute necessity, so make sure you have a therapist.

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Posted: June 25, 2018, 8:32 PM
thank you for posting

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Posted: July 17, 2019, 10:01 PM
Father Martin, an A.A, supporter, used to say "whatever works - works." If it doesn't work for you then don't use it.

I have my issues with A.A., but there was no effective treatment for alcoholism before A.A. came along. Co-Founder Bill W. underwent the belladonna or deadly nightshade (poison) treatment without success. I have found at least one website that lists electroshock or electro convulsive therapy as an ineffective treatment for addiction among a long list of others, some of which are far more benign, and others that are a bit bizarre including frontal lobotomies, LSD, gold, strychnine, alcohol, and insulin shock among them.

I have heard claims that other forms of therapy have worked for addicted people, I just haven't heard of any that were actually true to their claims. Chose your poison so to speak!
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