Issues of discrimination can effect many areas of a recovering addict's life including employment, licensure, housing, confidentiality, medical insurance and more. Becoming familiar with these issues and with one's rights as well as having access to legal assistance if necessary can help to empower the person in recovery.

Legal Action Center (
The Legal Action Center (LAC) assists individuals with histories of alcohol or drug dependence on a wide range of issues including discrimination in employment, insurance, public benefits, professional licensure, housing, and zoning; confidentiality issues; and treatment reimbursement.

Through their National Alcohol & Drug Legal Services, Legal Action Center lawyers provide legal advice and assistance to clients around the country. Information on National Programs and New York Programs is available on the website under Alcohol and Drug Programs on the main page of the site.

If your legal problem is not in New York State, call the Legal Action Center at 212-243-1313, Monday to Friday from 1:00pm to 5:00 pm EST and ask to speak with the “attorney on call.” For those in New York State, call the Legal Action Center at (212) 243-1313, Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Individual clients should ask to speak to a paralegal.

For more information about the rights of people with substance use disorders, visit LAC’s resource page for their publications, webinars, videos, training materials and sample forms.

Updated February 22, 2017