Finding appropriate housing can also be a challenge during recovery, due to discrimination and cost issues. In addition, finding a living environment that specifically supports sobriety can be a crucial step in the process of recovery.

Click here for information on Sober Housing resources. (addictionrecoveryguide.com/treatment/housing.html)

MySoberRoommate (mysoberroommate.com)
MySoberRoommate is an online platform where sober people can search for and message with potential roommates by state who match their selected criteria. This can help support a sober lifestyle for those in recovery. Because of the importance of privacy and anonymity, members using the site control what personal information they share and who they share it with. The site is currently free to use but at some point there will be a fee to join: $9.99 for 1 month, $19.99 for 2 months, or $29.99 for 3 months. The cost is the same whether you are looking for a room or listing a room. Members certify that they are clean and sober when they sign up, but neither members nor listings are verified or vetted.

National Coalition for the Homeless (nationalhomeless.org)
This private charity focuses on housing justice, economic justice, health care justice and civil and voting rights. Direct information is provided to the homeless including Sources of Help which lists online local, state and national directories, Things to Do if You May Become Homeless in a Few Days, and Things to Do if You May Become Homeless in a Few Weeks.

Updated July 07, 2016