For Teenagers

Note: Other treatment options for teenagers are listed on the for parents page.

Above the Influence (
This web site provides a variety of information on drug and their risks.
The section on Drug Facts provides scientific information about illegal drugs and their effects including crack/cocaine, inhalants, ecstasy, marijuana and more in text and Flash format.   The site also has a "Share your Story" message board, a multimedia presentation on 16 drugs including what they are, what they do and body facts, an "In the News" section, good links, and much more.

Bubble (
This web site is designed to provide teenagers with accurate information on drugs using Flash presentations in both English and Spanish. (
This site is geared to providing online resources for young people with addictions. The web site features Super Sober Sites (sites that motivate and support young people to get clean and sober and to maintain their sobriety), online recovery tools such as Young People in AA, Poetry for Recovery, Fun and Leisure for Recovery and Listen for Recovery, chat rooms and forums for young people, and much more.

Project GHB (
This educational web site was formed to increased awareness about the dangers of  Gamma hydroxy butyrate, known on the street as GHB, "G", Liquid E, Fantasy,  Liquid X, Liquid Ecstasy, Organic Quaalude, and Jib among other names.  The site covers important facts about GHB including its effects, signs of overdose, and adverse reactions.  It also provides information on treatment, a section for reporting serious events, a newsletter, resource links, legal issues and more.

Resolution Ranch (
Located on a 450-acre Texas ranch, this therapeutic camp and private school for troubled teen boys ages 13-17 is based on an individualized therapeutic program for each child. The approach consists of activities in nature, the 12-steps, a leveled experiential program emphasizing introspection and self-evaluation, individual therapy, counseling and academics. There are a variety of educational options and high school credits can be provided through a number of Independent Study Programs.

There have been many credible allegations of abuse made against boot camps and several have been closed down. Because boot camps are not regulated by the government or any certifying body, you should carefully investigate any boot camp you are considering for your child.

Teen Boot Camps (
This service provides parents with information on teen boot camps, including what they are and what problems they are appropriate for. It also makes recommendations of programs located throughout the U.S. for boot camps, outdoor programs, residential treatment and specialty boarding schools.

Updated April 27, 2016