Online Treatments

Online treatment services provide the opportunity for alcohol and drug addiction treatment by trained experts via the Internet, in a way that is convenient and private. This has the potential to bring treatment to individuals who are unable to access traditional treatment programs or who want to strengthen recovery after completing a traditional treatment program. It provides many of the benefits of traditional treatment approaches, including group sessions led by addiction counselors, peer support and tools for recovery.


AlcoholDrugSOS Services Addictions Counseling Online (
Run by a licensed addictions counselor with 34 years of experience and 36 years of personal recovery, the site offers DUI alcohol evaluation, counseling, recovery coaching, and educational services through email, telephone, and Skype sessions. Payment for services is done through PayPal and is secure and encrypted. The site also includes a recovery blog, tips, information and links to other recovery resources.


Addiction Therapy Beyond Treatment (
This skype-based therapy for people in all stages of recovery is conducted by a licensed professional counselor and master addiction counselor with over 27 years of sobriety and active 12-step participation. He blends the 12-step approach with various other treatment modalities including cognitive therapies, mindfulness meditation, behavioral therapy, gestalt therapy, skills training and more. The first consultation is free. Fees are $75 for an hour or $45 for 30 minutes. Reduced fees are available on a case-by-case basis. (
Margaret Andem is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Nurse Practitioner. She provides psychotherapy and counseling on addictions and other issues via the Internet, phone and in-person. Fees for live online chat or a telephone session are $1.50 a minute, for detailed email responses $90.00. Payment can be made via US mail or PayPal.

Bright Eye Counseling (
This is an online counseling and psychology service for people having problems with alcohol, including those concerned with binge drinking. Rather than a 12-step approach, it uses a cognitive behavioral approach to help people develop their own solutions. After filling out a free consultation form, you will receive a personal assessment of your drinking and an outline of how they can help. A one hour Skype video therapy session is US $69.98. The initial session is available at discounted rate of $31.12. Four sessions are available for $249.03.

Online Substance Abuse Treatment (OSAT) (
Live online counseling: Three times a week over ten weeks, group members from all over meet online under the guidance of an experienced addiction counselor to work on addiction recovery issues using cognitive therapy and the 12-Step approach. Counseling is available in 30 one-hour group sessions for $1,100 or 30 three-hour group sessions for $1,600. Meeting schedules are flexible. OSAT follows up the 10 week online counseling program with 42 weeks of alumni aftercare via online chat at no extra charge. Additional one-on-one live counseling sessions are available for $95 per 1-hour session for 12 months.

Self-directed online treatment: This 30-45 day self-study course guides you through 30 chapters of an interactive workbook that contains information and exercises providing step-by-step guidance to help break the cycle of addictive behaviors. Each day a new chapter becomes available for download to your computer, where you can complete them in privacy, at your own pace, and on your own schedule. At the end of the course you will receive Certificates of Enrollment and Completion to show to your family, your employer, or a judge. OSAT follows up your 30-45 day online self study course with 42 weeks of professional aftercare via online chat at no extra cost. You can also schedule live, one-on-one treatment sessions with an OSAT counselor for $95 per hour via Skype, telephone, text chat, instant messaging, or email.

Recovery From Addiction Ltd (
Recovery from Addiction provides online counseling and recovery support for individuals with substance use problems. The online counselors are all accredited and have extensive experience at addiction treatment centers. Clients can choose from a range of treatment options including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and relapse prevention therapy. All clients who engage in video counseling will receive a treatment plan based on issues they need to work on and additional educational and therapeutic materials. The e-platform used for video sessions are secure and HIPAA compliant. Services include live video counseling ($100 for 50 minutes, $900 for a 10 50-minute package, $475 for a 5 50-minute package; email counseling ($40 for one email response and $350 for 10 email responses). Reduced fees are available on a limited basis. Payment is by PayPal and all major credit cards.



Life Recovery Program (
The Life Recovery Program is a self-directed online, evidence based and internationally awarded online wellness platform for individuals and families struggling with addiction and other related issues as an immediate, anonymous, accessible wellness solution. The video modules are structured in a way to simulate having your own personal, portable counselor coaching and encouraging you 24/7.  The Life Recovery Program consists of pre-recorded video-clips, behavioral contracts, supportive/informative downloads, e-mails, grounding techniques, eBooks and a clinician-moderated forum where participants can experience immediate support and resources. This comprehensive program has been approved for many employee/court mandated clients and proof of engagement, certificate of completion can also be provided. The Foundation Program ™ (6 month access) $629, The Advanced Full Program ™ (12 month access) $1200, or monthly fee option of $129.


LionRock Recovery (
LION online recovery programs consist of assessment, treatment planning, case management and transition planning for ongoing sobriety support. The online group sessions meet four days each week for two hours each. There is also an individual therapy session with your primary therapist each week and sessions which include your family or family of choice. Your primary therapist will also coordinate other recovery services you may need.

All together, the program consists of 12 hours of weekly treatment, including support group meetings. There is a choice of either a morning or an evening program. LION is delivered in high definition video (960p) through a secure, 128-bit encrypted, video stream. It requires a personal computer (3 years old or newer), broadband/high speed Internet service (DSL, cable, or faster), a fairly new webcam/microphone (mic is usually built-in) and a pair of earbud/iPod-style headphones.

Each treatment plan is individualized making the program flexible. Pricing is as follows: Single month—$1,840; Two month package—$2,880 (save $800); Three month package—$3,880 (save $1,240). The program was developed by Roland F. Williams, MA, LAADC, ICADC, NCACII, ACRPS, SAP, an interventionist and counselor specializing in addiction-related issues who was responsible for the psychiatric and chemical dependency programs as Director of Behavioral Health Services at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California.


Alcohol Help Center (
The Alcohol Help Center is an interactive web site dedicated to helping those who have concerns about their drinking. The goal is to promote interaction between people who have drinking problems and health professionals. The site offers free tools such as a test for people to check their drinking, an interactive and personalized collection of exercises designed to help you make important decisions about your health, a personal diary tracker, help in setting goals, a rewards program, an online moderated support group, motivational emails and instant messaging between program participants around the world.

Updated May 01, 2015