Nicotine Mobile Apps

The Joy of Quiting Lite — Also available in Spanish
iOS Free
Based on "The Joy of Quitting Smoking" a medical method developed by doctor and therapist Masgrau Miquel, this quitting process is based on pleasure and not on sacrifice. The interactive support contains personalized messages received during 21 days, separated into 3 stages. Each time a strong desire to smoke is felt, a reinforcing message is displayed and customized messages rewarding the user effort are received.

Livestrong MyQuit Coach
iOS Free
MyQuit Coach is a physician-approved app that allows each person to personalize their approach to quitting. Choose to quit “cold turkey” or reduce nicotine use with a step-down approach. Features include analyzing your nicotine consumption, tracking your cravings, and making resolutions that are meaningful to you.

Quit It Lite
iOS Free
This motivational program that helps you track your smoking cessation goals in a different way by focusing on how many cigarettes you didn’t smoke, the tar that didn’t absorb into your bloodstream, and the money you didn’t spend on tobacco products. The physical benefits of quitting are displayed, based on how long you’ve gone without smoking.

Quit Smoking
Android Free
Quit Smoking is a widget app that helps you decrease your nicotine consumption gradually. The program uses data that’s constantly being adjusted according to your individual smoking patterns. Charts and bar graphs display the number of days since you’ve last smoked, the money you’ve saved, and your current carbon monoxide levels so you can see your health improve each day without a cigarette.

Quit Smoking – Cessation Nation
Android Free
Cessation Nation provides a virtual village of support to help you quit. The built-in community of current and former smokers offers support, understanding, and wisdom from their collective experiences. Calculate how much money you've saved by not smoking and how much healthier you are by not inhaling toxic chemicals. The app also features games that can be a welcome distraction when cravings are strong.

iOS and Android Free
QuitNow! focuses on the emotions triggered by not smoking, including anxiety and feeling overwhelmed. Real-time feedback breaks down the process into manageable pieces. You’ll see how long it’s been (in minutes, hours, and days) since you last smoked, as well as how your health has improved and how much money you’ve saved. Online contact with others in your situation can help keep you from feeling alone. This app allows you to share your success with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

Quit Smoking with Andrew Johnson
iOS and Android (both $2.99)
Clinical hypnotherapist and stress management expert Andrew Johnson is known for his self-help programs focusing on relaxation and coping skills. For many people, it’s not just the act of smoking that makes quitting difficult, but the situations that make you want to smoke. This app teaches you how to break habits you’ve associated with smoking. The lessons help you learn how to relax your mind and body, paving the way to letting smoking go.

Updated November 21, 2014