Nicotine Mobile Apps

Smoke Quitting Self Hypnosis
PPL Development
iOS $1.99 (iPad only)
Created by an ACHE Certified Hypnotherapist, this self-hypnosis app deals directly with the subconscious mind, the part of your mind that carries out your habitual patterns of behavior, including smoking. It is designed to help make your subconscious your ally when fighting urges to smoke. You can practice a session anytime during the day or before sleep.

Smoke Out
Eric Lombardo
iOS $0.99
Provides motivation to help overcome cigarette cravings. Features include keeping track of how long it has been since you quit, calculating money and approximate years saved by not smoking, showing how many cigarettes you have not smoked, tracking milestones (hourly, daily, etc…), and posting your accomplishments and stats to Facebook and Twitter to let your friends know your progress.

Quit It 2.0 — stop smoking
Tommy Kammerer
iOS $0.99
This motivational program supports and encourages smokers to quit and helps ex-smokers to avoid relapse. It keeps track of the cigarettes you did not smoke, how much money you are saving, and the benefits of quitting and calculates a ranking for you. It shares your success via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

The Joy of Quiting Lite — Also available in Spanish
Mobiquo, Inc.
iOS Free
Based on "The Joy of Quitting Smoking" a medical method developed by doctor and therapist Masgrau Miquel, this quitting process is based on pleasure and not on sacrifice. The interactive support contains personalized messages received during 21 days, separated into 3 stages. Each time a strong desire to smoke is felt, a reinforcing message is displayed and customized messages rewarding the user effort are received.