Mental Health Practitioners

There are many psychological illnesses such as mood and anxiety disorders as well as psychological traumas such as physical and sexual abuse that often predispose a person to addiction. Optimal treatment for these persons includes psychiatric treatment and/or psychotherapy.  Other people may only choose to work on relapse prevention issues with a drug or alcohol counselor.

National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC) (
NAADAC is the professional membership organization and the nation's largest network of alcoholism and drug abuse treatment professionals. Enter your zip code for a list certified counselors in your geographic area.

Some people may prefer to seek help for their addiction problems from their pastor, rabbi, priest or other spiritual leader, rather than from a mental health practitioner or addiction counselor. Pastoral counselors work within traditional faith communities using counseling, prayer and spirituality to help in the addiction recovery process.

In addition, the American Association of Pastoral Counselors (AAPC) accredits Pastoral Counseling Centers throughout the U.S. that provide counseling and psychotherapy services. To Find a Certified Pastoral Counselor, visit the AAPC web site at and select either Search online: the AAPC Clinical Registry or Locate a counselor with the AAPC Online Membership Directory.

AMA Doctor Finder (
To locate a psychiatrist in your area or to check practice and biographical details on a psychiatrist to whom you have been referred, follow these instructions.

Under “Featured Resources” in the lower right column select “DoctorFinder”. Select “For Patients”, then “DoctorFinder” again. Click Accept and search for a doctor by name or scroll down and search by specialty such as Psychiatry, enter your state, city or zip code and click Quick Search.

AMA Physician Select (
To locate a psychiatrist in your area that specializes in addiction or to check practice and biographical details on a psychiatrist to whom you have been referred, follow these instructions.

From the home page click on "Search for a Physician". Click on "Accept", and you can then search by either "Physician Name" or "Medical Specialty". If you select "Medical Specialty", Look down the page and click on "search from an expanded list of medical practice specialties, select "Addiction Medicine" from the list, and then fill in state, city and/or zip code and click on the "Search" button at the bottom of the page. This should provide a list of addiction psychiatrists in your selected area.

The National Register of Health Service Providers in
This online guide provides a searchable directory of psychologists with various specialties and specialty board certifications by geographic area. The database covers psychologists who are certified in substance addiction by The College of Professional Psychology of the American Psychological Association Practice Organization. Click on Go to Advanced Search in the middle of the page. Then click on Qualifications. At Area of Expertise, use the drop down menu to select Substance-Related Disorder.