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Alcoholics Anonymous: Continental European Region  (
AA meetings can be located by clicking on a map, a country name, or by entering the name of a city and country in a search box. The web site also lists events and offers a subscription online newsletter service.  (
CyberSober was founded in response to a need to find 12-step support group meetings and resources in unfamiliar areas. Licensed by Map Quest, CyberSober provides maps and door-to-door directions to over 200,000 12-step meetings in the U.S. and 72 other countries. The CyberSober meeting search tool allows you to search in a variety of ways, such as the closest 30 meetings to a specific address, all meetings in a certain city or state, or meetings in Canada and internationally. Click on Locator in the left-hand menu, then select Find Meetings. There is a small membership fee required for access to this information ($10.00 for 6 months and $19.95 for one year)

Substance and Alcohol Intervention Services for the Deaf (SAISD)  (
SAISD publishes the National Directory of Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention and Treatment Programs Accessible to the Deaf. This listing of 12-step programs for the deaf arranged by state is available free on this web site as well as other links to other resources on substance abuse and deafness.

The Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (DART)  (
This Online Treatment Directory is a searchable database of drug and/or alcohol treatment programs offered by organizations in Ontario, Canada. The site is available in English and French. If you require immediate assistance, treatment availability information, or additional program information, you can call their toll-free number (1-800-565-8603) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.