Social Networking

In The Rooms (
In The Rooms is a comprehensive online social network site for the recovery community worldwide created by two men in long term recovery. Their philosophy and mission is H.I.T.C.H (to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal). The site has over 350,000 members and another 130,000 on Facebook. Sections include over 2,500 speaker tapes and 112 live interactive video meetings every week related to AA/NA/OA and other recovery groups. There are also online discussion boards, daily meditations, and blogs. The focus is on expanding your social network of support worldwide. The social aspect is reinforced by members welcoming newcomers to the site, just as in a face to face meeting.

myRecovery ( is a free social networking community and resource center for those in alcohol and drug addiction recovery. Similar to other social networking community sites such as Facebook, myRecovery offers a full profile system with a real time "wall", the ability to add photos and videos, and the option for people to display as much or as little information about themselves as they wish, including full anonymity. There is also a live public video chat as well as an open forum section where users can post on a number of topics. Members can also create their own groups. myRecovery has a resource section with recovery tools including a large repository of addiction-related videos and audio files, a comprehensive 12-step meetings search to help people find meetings in their area, a live online video meetings section, a recovery blog, latest news on addiction and an assessment section.

Recovery Social Network (
On this social network for the recovery community uou can start your own profile, add pictures and even start your own blog. Become a member of Recovery Social Network to connect with other members and browse the blogs. The point is to help you stay clean and for you to help other people stay clean.

Quitza (
Quitza is a social support network for people quitting smoking. It also includes personalized progress tracking technology that allows users to see accurate and real time statistics about their quit attempts displaying both short term data (such as the amount of cigarettes not smoked or the amount of money saved) and long term data (their statistical risk of getting heart disease, stroke or cancer, or how much longer they will live on average). This allows users to track their progress and benefits so they are motivated by seeing small gradual improvements in a long process of recovery. (
Provides a list of social networking sites related to recovery.

Updated March 28, 2016