Message Boards

A message board is a place where you can post, respond to, or simply read messages posted by others. Typically, they are free to use, though some type of registration is usually required to access all features. Most message boards require a username (first name and initial, or fictional name), a password, and an email address.

Visitors can begin a new discussion by starting a "thread" on the board to which others can reply. These messages will often remain posted for an indefinite period time, so a thread begun today can help support others who visit the board months or even years from now.


AA Sober Living (
Online recovery help for those in all stages of recovery, family, friends and loved ones including message boards, chats, blogs, and daily and weekly readings.

Frumstepper: the Jewish and Israeli Blog Network (
Frumstepper: A daily blog reflecting a Jewish 12 step approach to recovery.

Improve Our Conscious Contact (
This blog includes writings and discussions about Step Eleven from varied religious backgrounds.

Recovery Realm (
Based on the 12-step programs, this interactive recovery community provides online meetings, chat rooms, message boards , forums, blogs, links, support and fellowship for those recovering from addiction and for those who care about them.

SoberRecovery (
The message board in this directory of recovery resources has various categories: Newcomers, Ask the Experts, General Forums, Alcoholism (AA, Alanon, ACOA), Drug Addiction (NA, Nar-Anon), Family and Friends, Mental Health and more.


Google Groups (
The google search engine includes a searchable “Groups” section where visitors can search hundreds of message boards simultaneously. This is often a good starting point when searching for specific information that may be difficult to locate otherwise.

Life in Recovery, Dealing with Pain (
This is an online support group for people in recovery from alcoholism and/or drug addiction who also have severe physical injuries or painful illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or MS. People with these conditions may be prescribed pain medication which is often thought to conflict with recovery programs. This is a place where people can discuss their concerns about pain management or medications in the context of recovery.

Online Teen Recovery (
A message board for teens seeking help with recovery issues, spiritual issues and general teen concerns. (
This web site is a forum for people in recovery from all types of addiction, for those who are interested in recovery, and for family and friends. The site has a useful list of recovery links. They host an active message forum and chat room for discussing topics of addiction and recovery.

Smart Recovery (
Discussions on the practice of Smart Recovery, including coping with urges, motivation, problem solving and lifestyle balance.

Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (
This excellent web site provides an interactive Discussion Forum where questions related to addiction medications will be answered by some of the leading addiction experts in the United Kingdom. Click here ( and scroll down the page to the Online Surgery section to post your questions.

What Winners Do (
This new web site is focused on addicts helping addicts through sharing their struggles and successes in the process of addiction recovery. The site's goal is to overcome isolation and create an online community where people are talking about what works for them so others can learn from their experience and "do what winners do."

This series of recovery forums focuses on detoxing from opiates, alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines and benzodiazepines.

Meth Madness (
The web site hosts its own message board and chat room and also provides links to others that are related to methamphetamine recovery. In addition, it provides other helpful recovery links, personal writings, articles, book recommendations, and other resources to help people educate themselves about Crystal Meth.

National Alliance of Advocates for Buprenorphine Treatment (
The web site of this non-profit organization includes ways of locating physicians who offer treatment with buprenoprhine as well as informative educational material and an online discussion board.

Stop Marijuana Addiction Forum (
This message board is dedicated to marijuana addiction and facts about marijuana, effects of cannabis, mental health, dependence, etc. This is a forum for people that consider cannabis use to be a problem.

Suboxone Assisted Treatment (
A comprehensive site on buprenorphine containing clinic locators, state and federal regulations, patient success stories, patient forums, and a staff on call coast to coast 24/7 to help anyone in need. Other information on opiates and addiction are covered as well.