Recovery Blogs

A recovery blog (or web log) is a type of website or part of a website usually produced by an individual in recovery with regular entries of commentary and personal discussions on different aspects of addiction recovery. It is like an online diary. Most blogs are interactive, allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs, helping people connect with each other, learn and share ideas.

12 Steps Ahead (
This interesting blog by recovering addicts and alcoholics focuses on strength and hope. Blogs and reflections are submitted by guests and subscribers. A wide variety of topics are covered including relapse, sobriety, wellness, honesty, 12-steps, newcomers and more.

Addictions Recovery Blog (
Run by a licensed certified addictions counselor who is also in long term recovery, this blog offers an opportunity for discussion of addiction treatment, recovery, support services, 12 Step Programs, and any other material relevant to addictions and recovery. Newcomers to recovery, old timers, addictions professionals, significant others of a person with a drug or alcohol problem, are all welcome. Registration is required.

Awakened Recoveries - Twelve Steps Blog (
This 12-step recovery blog was founded by a recovering alcoholic, writer, poet, and Kripalu yoga instructor. It is geared both to people new to the 12 steps and those who have years of experience, as it explores the deeper spiritual aspects of 12 step recovery through online articles and videos.

Buddhist 12 Steps (
Blogs cover topics such as daily life, how-to, commentary and more.

Dig Deep in One Place ( 
Written by two artists in recovery for many years, this blog is honest, inspirational and grounded in long experience of overcoming addiction through using the 12-steps to deepen spirituality and heal mind and body.

Frumstepper: the Jewish and Israeli Blog Network ( 
A daily blog reflecting a Jewish 12 step approach to recovery

Improve Our Conscious Contact (
This blog includes writings and discussions about Step Eleven from varied religious backgrounds.

Pressing the Issue (
A recovering addict's blog focused primarily on recovery from heroin addiction and related issues such as Hepatitis C and HIV. It is very readable, supportive and informative.

Recovery Road  (
A personal daily devotional recovery blog on the 12-step approach to sobriety from all addictions.

What Winners Do (
This new web site is focused on addicts helping addicts through sharing their struggles and successes in the process of addiction recovery. The site's goal is to overcome isolation and create an online community where people are talking about what works for them so others can learn from their experience and "do what winners do."