Is It Possible To Taper Off Suboxone?
Posted: December 5, 2012, 3:06 AM

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Judy, im not sure if i missed it but did u start out on 4 mg? Please keep me posted!
Posted: January 10, 2013, 3:20 PM

Hi, how exciting to read success stories for a change!! I agree that once your clean
Sharing those victories online vs living your new life well I get it! I'm in the same boat!
I'm down to 4 mgs(2mgs within hour of waking & 2 mgs 10-12 hrs later, I do 4get to take
That evening dose at times! I am on the films & tonite i will cut my dose by 1 mg! How can
I get info on these amino acids & the reason for such like eating regularly & that smart water
That was mentioned? I want to have these items on hand when I take the leap as well!
When I struggled with weaning below a certain mg I would abstain from 3-5 days then would take
The dose I wanted to be at & my body was happy with that! Life is good, all my skeletons were exposed when I started this journey 6 yrs ago when I got on methadone! I am a stock boss with 2 6man crews & a nite manager at the same grocery store!
I got addicted thru abusing meds from my horse bucking me off & then a domino effect of tragedies my bro died, my horse died then my mom! Perfect recipe for disaster! My dad lived next door & I went from caregiver of my mom then right to my dad, he also used & I wasn't gonna let things end this way! We got on sub but soon daddy could leave the house so I went2 sub dr & split my dose in half so he could have half. Dads been gone 2 yrs, I'm 40 & finally on my own 2 feet, no longer feeling sorry 4 myself my hubby of 19 yrs is simply put Gods gift to me & it's time for me to take the next step! I'm joining this forum because I've read my share of (scare the crap out of me stories of those less successful)
A blessing I found this page when googled " how to wean off suboxone!!
Posted: February 10, 2013, 5:26 PM

Suboxone is just like methadone except with better PR. People said that suboxone is better for reasons A.) B.) C.) and D.) BLAH.) but there's the statistic (4 of my doctors in completely different states told me) saying people taking it for longer than 3 years have less than 5% chance of successfully getting off of it. That means you need it until you die unless you go back to pills or dope. THAT SUCKS SO MUCH! It has the exact same side-effects as methadone (with slightly lower potential for abuse) and now that I'm at Stanford University Medical School studying these alternatives for addiction/dependance, EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY. Your health is just an excuse to create these substances and suboxone went the same route as adderall and the other psychotropic drugs--->there were multiple conventions that told doctors they would make a lot more money if they became "certified" and started prescribing these medications. Guess what, it worked and now doctors are "preaching" the good news of their new cash lord, Suboxone. I was moved from 4mg-->8mg-->12mg-->16mg within 2 months because I reported anxiety as a side effect and switched doctors twice. It was like they were brainwashed or something. The doctors then/now are so bad I wanted to actually help the medical community before it goes the same way as the housing bubble and completely collapses. You can wean off suboxone at the rate of 1mg/week (FACT) but there will obviously be discomfort. I weaned off 8mgs in 3 weeks from the hatred of suboxone aka what it did to my life (I threw up everyday when I was switched to the tablets, insurance wouldn't preauthorize me back to the strips for 1 week, and CVS were backordered for the strips for another 2 weeks...leaving me dopesick for about a month). Yes those 3 weeks weaning were uncomfortable, I'm still here and didn't change who I was. While this may seem pessimistic about suboxone, I want to stress the point that YES subs have gave me an alternate route than H and oxys/roxys but soon contradicted itself because you become dependent on opiods, you can't get high from naloxone, and you get extremely sick if you relapse on subs. SUBS SHOULD ONLY BE USED UNTIL THE USER FINDS A HIGHER POWER TO BELIEVE. You need to connect with your higher power and TRULY BELIEVE. Don't say the bullshot of young children who go to church and don't even realize what they believe in or pray about. Serving your life towards something much bigger than you makes things WAYYYY easier to overcome. Science even shows people who believe in a higher power have more brain activity than people who don't. If you can't acknowledge your higher power, you haven't had a sufficient ROCK BOTTOM. NA and AA help tremendously but you have to know that people who stop making meetings relapse. I think that a very very very bad side effect of the 12step program because they don't teach you how to be abstinent on your own but rather CREATES A NEW HABBIT LOOP instead of drugs. Once you break that 12step habbit loop you are screwed out of your mind because you will don't know what else to do. Take up Buddhism, it works wonders. I can go to 12step meetings that fit my schedule or meditate---either or I can live my life without drugs or alcohol.
Posted: February 11, 2013, 5:33 PM

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Thats Comical and totally untrue. But we all have opinions--among other things. What 4 doctors? I would love to read there comments as per ur statement. Any Literature from these 4 docs

What do u have against methadone? Saved a few people I have met over the past decades and this forum. Suboxone saved my life not once but twice--People writing crap like this pisses me off.

ur comments about 12 steeping that made me laugh so thanks --If u understand any logic and the disease of addiction and its a disease--12 step is medicine--like and disease if u quit ur medicine u may get sick--

Not sure why ur so negative but I certainly hope most people would crap up and laugh as I have.

Take up buddhism ?LOMAO I prefer sober sex

Good luck

It is Just Not worth it.

"Inside every older person is a younger person
wondering what the puck happened."

One Day At A Time
Posted: February 14, 2013, 11:49 AM

People seem interested in users weening stories so I will type my recent experience and current effort to taper (plus a bit of editorial). Addict blah blah, I took the most, no one was worse than me... save me the bulls***. Junkies should not have any pride in how much they can abuse (alternatively I dont feel as though we should be full of shame. Lifes hard, we all make mistakes. Forgive yourself and do the best you can. Set a goal and see what youre made of - that's the editorial bit...)

So I have been on Suboxone for a few years. On as high as 24 mg (bad advice and addict thinking) to a maintenance dose of 2 mg. Clearly anyone who as ever tried to get off suboxone will tell you to "take the smallest dose possible" to function and not feel sick or crave drugs when starting so that you dont have any farther to go than necessary. I don't believe subox is a lifelong necessity if you find yourself doing the work of recovery. Having said that let's get down to my current experience.

I was on 2 mg for a long time, went up to 4 mg for 6 months and now I am trying to go off. I started Friday of last week. This is a very fast taper, Im not reccomending it and I don't know how successful it may or may not be. it is just what I am doing. I share it not for your speculation on how good or bad of a plan it may or may not be. I share it so those considering their own ween will have a story, it's as simple as that.

Friday 2/8 - 4 MG 8 AM

Sat 2/9 - 2 MG 8 AM (party saturday night, got drunk - unrelated)

Sun 2/10 - 2 MG 6 AM (Went to "sleep at 3 AM and was wide awake at 5:30 AM. Dosing at 6 AM I selpt for 2 hours). This is when it hits me, my symptons of W/D are starting for real.
Monday - 2/11 - 1 MG 6 PM (Sick now and in withdrawl - lower GI, aches, chills the whole deal. Not functioning for work, children etc. I took this day off)

Tuesday -2/12 - .5 MG 8 AM / .5 MG 3 PM (total 1 mg day) - Withdrawl continues. Not the worst I have ever had however the clock is moving very slowly and I am wide awake.

Wednesday - 2/13 - .5 MG 8 AM / .5 MG 11 AM (total 1 mg) - Definitely and easier day. Took Benedryl to help with sleep and managed to rest.

Today -Started thinking about benzos, very irritable, not sleeping full. Ok, work is backing up and I have my kids for the next 5 days. My plan is to stablize now as that is as far as I could go down in the amount of time I could manage.

POINT - I had the opportunity to get sick and make a bigger jump so my thinking was to do it. I don't want to feel somewhat ill for months by going down slowly - that's just me. Pull the band aid off quick, right. Again - youre thinking you may want to share something with me about your ideas of what can be successful. Thanks for your concern, its just how I am doing it - sane or not.

Thursday 2/14 - Dosed .5 mg x3 in the AM, feeling ok now (total 1.5 mg) and well enough to focus and type this. I was prepared to go upto 2 mg today as I have my kids for five days and I need to be a dad. I get a five day break from the kids starting next friday. My goal is to get down below 1 mg. / hopefully .5 mg until I get my next 5 day break in two weeks when I will be off completely. Could happen faster, maybe slower. the worse that can happen is that I will not go off as fast as I had hoped.

MEN - have your testosterone levels checked. Sub had dropped mine to next to nothing. I couldnt concentrate and I was exhausted all the time let alone very low libido. I thought it was depression. It's not - get a simple blood test and treat this as necessary. It is one of the reasons I want to get off Suboxone and eliminate the side effects. I cannot emphasize this enough - you don't know how much better you can feel. The thought of getting off suboxone before this was treated was something I couldn't even consider. Sounds obvious but make sure youre as healthy as you can be going into your taper.

That's it for now, I will make an update to this if anyone seems interested after I post.
Posted: March 6, 2013, 8:15 PM

Hi, i have been on suboxone for almost a yr now, ive only been taking about 1 mg a day maybe 1.5, i guess thats just all i need. I just havnt gotten the nerve to taper my self down or to quit, although i want to so badly. Ill start to do it by going down to. 5 of a mg but then i find myself going back up after so long. If there is an easier way to do it please help me.....i dont see my self going to a detox program for such a little amount, unless i should do it and get it over and done with.
Posted: March 7, 2013, 4:59 AM

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hi kms5610, ive just joined the forum. i'm on 2mg subutex daily. you say your on suboxone. change to subutex. they come in 8mg, 2mg, and 0.4mg. so 5x 0.4mg subutex is one 2mg tab. then you could come down a 0.4mg tab every ?????????? up to you. hope this helps and gudluck. we'll all get there 1day. just think, yesterdays history, tomorrows a mistery, todays a gift. thats why its called the present.
Posted: March 9, 2013, 1:02 PM

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I stopped Suboxone because I found it to be just as addictive as the rest of the pain meds I've been addicted to for the last 13 years. I told my doctor that I just wanted out all together and he prescribed me Clonidine and an anti-anxiety med that I don't take because it puts me to sleep. (I'm 2 weeks into a painful process, but I'm committed to getting off it, set to start therapy, meetings, etc.) My doctor did say, however, that tapering was possible, so apparently, if you're disciplined, yes, you can do it. I wish you the best.
SubsSavedmyLife (I think?)
Posted: March 11, 2013, 9:28 PM

I'd love the chance to talk more with the person who posted under the name "Never Look Back". Very insightful stuff coming from a highly intelligent & compassionate person, it seems. I am on about 2.6 MG/day (an 8 MG strip sliced in 3.) i want off but am scared to death! i hear all these horror stories. I want to know the real truth, how awful the WDs really are & how to deal. I KNOW I cannot go through WDs like the ones from the percs while I was at rehab. It'll literally kill me. Of this, I am certain. Someone please advise...

FYI/side note: Got hooked on percs VERY accidently, had my preemie son 3 mos early C-section (he was in NICU 2 mos straight) then 7 days later, a bowel obstruction surgery (2 very major abd surgeries back to back = on pain killers for MUCH longer than I'd like to have been = abuse of the drug.
Posted: March 12, 2013, 2:38 AM

hi,i have been on suboxone for three years at 8mgs. i felt that a stresful job and life kept me at 8mgs. 45 days ago i had enough of it (suboxone) and the option to take as much time off work as i need. (about 60 days ago i started getting anxiety and my dr. put me on xanax 0.5mgs 2x a day.) anyway 45 days ago i started weaning down the suboxone every few days. i am now at 2mgs a day. much to my suprise painless. so down to 2mgs a day and going good until... i tryed to quit the xanax. xanax a benzo is very painful to quit or even wean down from. i did wean down the xanax to 0.5mgs a day. so i now know one thing at a time for me that is. so i will continue weaning the subox down to .25 or lower then jump. after im done with the dirty work and back to my self i hope to then wean and quit the xanax. just wanted to say to anyone on suboxone and thinking about taking benzos (xanax) dont do it not worth having two addictions. By the way im a 26 year old male and one month ago my blood work came back and my testosterone was very very low ever since then every two weeks i get a testos. shot in the butt. lol. not fun. but it works great, feel like a new a new young man. ill try to keep posting. i say try because i am a one finger typing redneck and this took me like an hour. jr.
Posted: March 12, 2013, 8:46 PM

To all of you trying to get off subs . I can tell you from countless times detoxing from percs and subs that who ever stays on subs for longer than 16 your in for a long road. I have been in prison because using opiates among other very dangerous crazy situation's . I'm not trying to preach or say any of you are wrong. But I have found that the best way to use the subs is in a very short wean time. And believe me I went through some horrible withdrawals in my time. I just came off from using 2 80's in the morning and 10 30's through out the rest of the day. And just did a 16 day tapper of subs and had just very mild withdrawl symptoms. Don't get me wrong the first few day were a little rough but got a lot better by the 3rd day. This is how I did it and might sound a little off but it really dose work.
Day 1. 4mg morning 4mg at night
Day2. 6mg morning 6mg at night
Day3. 8mg morning 6mg. At night
Day4. Nothing
Day5. 2mg in the morning
Day6. 2mg morning
Day7. 2mg morning
Day8. 2mg morning
Day9. 2mg morning
Day10. Nothing
Day12. 2mg morning
Day13. 1mg morning
Day14. 1mg morning
Day15. Nothing
Day16. .50 mg morning
It wasn't easy by no means but after the leap the withdrawl symptoms were very light. And one last thing diet is the key and try bee pollen granules they are loaded with everything your body needs to recover . Good luck to all. I know your pain all to well and it's hell. But life is so much better clean and sober.
Posted: March 13, 2013, 8:36 AM

I wanted to apologize for the typing errors, and let you know that truly it wasn't easy but some else had said its like pulling a band aid . And couldn't be more right. Being on the subs for a long period of time is just plain hell when you come off . I was once on them for a year and jumped off at 2 mg a day and went through the worst withdrawl I had ever experienced that lasted for over a month. I didn't sleep for 24 days strait wich was the worst part of it. I made it through and had 3 full years totally clean and loved life. Addiction for all of us is like having the grim reaper over our shoulder for the rest of our lives, it's sucks but is the truth. We all can keep him at bay by doing the right things like going to meetings and church. And believe me I hate going to meetings with a passion, more than anything. But like I said before I've been paying this stupid game for 25 years and finally have come to realize that the program is the only way to help us all stay clean.
Anyway I've read some real horror stories on theses threads in the past and to be honest I have to say I'm blessed. Because I have a drop dead beautiful wife who treats me like a god and could have any man she wanted but has stuck by me through my addiction , Prison and so much other s*** I have put her through. I also have three daughters that I pray never go down this long s***ty road. I'm 43 now and have been taking pills for more than half my life and every time I go through withdrawl it gets harder. The one thing I can advise all of you to try is this stuff called Bee Pollen Granules , you can get it at whole foods or GNC. It has amazed me completely and I don't know why it's not talked more about on these blogs. It doesn't give you energy like red bull or anything like that. It just makes a huge difference in how you feel all over , mind and body. It's incredible!!! Get the full granules not the powder or pills.
I have bored you all enough about myself . So I will say a prayer for all of you and hope you all make it out of the darkness that rules our lives. Good luck to all of you . It can be done , just take it second by second.
Upper Michigan
Posted: March 28, 2013, 10:29 AM

My name is Scott. I am a 39 years old single father, raising my 4 year old daughter. I have been using some form of drug since 1990. I managed to kick most by moving away from the city. I now live in a small town several hours from the nearest city. A good thing except when trying to get treatment for my most worst and longest addiction, Opiates.
I have been prescribed painkillers for migraine headaches for many years. I say painkillers because as most addicts know, it really dont matter what the name is weather Vicoden, Percocet , Oxy, or even Heroin, its all the same, its just the way of dosing that matters. In my case I started swalloing, went to snorting and ended with a serious addiction to shooting any opiate I could find. I never know that you could get addicted to just the seringe, but oh its true. I know people who shoot water just to suffice there needle addiction. I have been on Suboxone for 3 years at 16mg a day. To me, finding Suboxone was a God Send, until it came time to get clean( the misconception is that when you are on Suboxone or any replacement therapy like suboxone or methadone, or Subutex, you are not technically clean) and after so long of being on Suboxone and not feeling anything from it(except when I missed a dose or more) you start to wonder why you continue to spend so much money on something you are not getting anything from and its time to be clean for real. I read so much about weening under your Doctors care. You need to want to quit in order to quit. I have found that the whole Suboxone treatment is just another money making deal for the people who have the license to write the scripts. I payed $150 a month to see my suboxone doctor, and $10 a strip at the pharmacy ( that is $600 a month in strips).I watched at one of my appointments at the largest hospital in my area(keep in mind we have one Suboxone Doctor there)every 15 minutes he had a client all day long 5 days a week. I have seen so many people having to sell part of there scripts just to pay for the doses or pay and for there appointments. Its almost set up like "can you afford to get straight". I have also found that doctors are under so much pressure from local law enforcement and FDA that they will cut people at the first sign of any screw up or missed therapy appointment or any general falls, which can lead some people to a very bad end. If you do not ween properly or get cut off you can end up DEAD or in PRISON. This is no joke.I have also found that Suboxone can be a life changer if used correctly, for at least a year, and weened properly, and if you actually find a good Doctor (goodluck on that). I had surgery 7 months ago and my suboxone doctor dropped me because he told me I should not have let the surgeon give me morphine during and after surgery. I didnt realize I had much choice under the circumstances, but so be it. So in September 2012, I came to the realization that finally after almost 3 years it was time to stop Suboxone. I started buying them off the street to do my own ween. I emediatly went from 16mg a day to 8mg a day for 2 months. Although i could not always afford the whole 8mgs, I would do what I could,just not doing more than 8mg. After New Years I lowered to 4mg a day sometimes less for a month. Then went to cutting strips in quarters making 2 mgs for a month. Then last month was cutting strips into 8ths making 1 mg a day. I have been doing .5mgs now for the past couple weeks and have been doing awesome. No sleep problems or any discomfort what so ever. I am still a little concerned about the final leap as that I have skipped a day here and there, only to feel really yucky, and unable to fall asleep due to anxiety. So my plan is to take it slow. I am sorry for the negativity toward the treatment, but this stuff is reality and not just mine. I liver in an area that pharmacutical drug abuse is out of control, and people who want help have a very hard time to get it, if not because of the money aspect, the ability to find a doc willing to work with them. I believe it is necessary for you to have a therapist to talk to and only tell your Suboxone doc what he needs to know. Your Suboxone Doctor is Not Your Friend and is Not Your Therapist, no matter what he may tell you. He will cut you off if he wants or needs to. So as I said, get a therapist to work with along with your "Prescribing Physician." Goodluck everyone and God bless.
Posted: March 31, 2013, 11:09 PM

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i had great sucess with suboxone a few years ago used it less than a month went down to 3 m a day and quit good luck . Question . Im in a position again and need it but living in Costa Rica and its not availablr here . Any ideas /_ thanks
Posted: April 10, 2013, 9:47 PM

To all of you whose posts I have read.......I wish you the best of luck and just know that you are not alone. I, myself am in the process of jumping down from 4 to 2 a day.......Im not sure this is the right way to go.......but I read a blog a few weeks ago suggesting the half life of subs was .5 mg every 3 days..........I dont know if I read that correctly but it kind of made sense to me. Im so bad with breaking mine down that much so I said what the hell and jumped to 2mg a day...........Im going thru bad mental withdrawals but trying to stay strong as this is my 3rd day on 2mg. Im just hoping and praying and praying that tomorrow I will be a lot more comfortable w/ only taking 2 mg a day (which i break up into 3 little pieces thruout the day)..........At this point Im just telling myself if I have to stay at 2mg forever then thats okay! i just want to be on loser dose........I want my soul back!!
Posted: April 10, 2013, 9:55 PM

just reread my last post .....i meant to say lower dose not 'loser' i can see the connotation I meant for myself ..........I realized too, it may sound confusing that I cant wean down by .5 mg every three days.........this is only b/c its hard to break down the strips into that small amount. I did read that someone suggested a pill cutter (but was it for the strips?) Ill have to try that perhaps. Does anyone have any idea about the strength of these subs? It seems to me that doctors have no idea!! of the strength w/ the large mgs they are prescribing to people. I dont know. I get them off the streets....but I talk to my friends who go thru the doctors and its so expensive and they get so many........thats why they are able to sell to me.......b/c the doctor OVER PRESCRIBES!........I tried to go to a couple of doctors but most dont take insurance and the ones who do have no vacancy for more patients! its ridiculous!! It makes me feel that 'our' addiction is not taken seriously. We want to be off this crap but then have to face this giant wall when we decide to do the right thing! so frustrating!!!
Posted: April 29, 2013, 8:07 AM

I started taking Ox because I hurt my back and was given them by a girl and stupidly thought it was good she was giving me them but shortly found out it was very bad. I took them for like a month or two tops and all of a sudden couldn't function without them so I seeked help. I'm not sure if I really needed sub or not but too late now I'm on it for maybe 2 years now. I started at 8 mg I believe? I'm down to 1 mg now. Is it normal to feel like crap for a few days after weaning down a mg? I really wanna get off this but seems like lower I go the harder it is.
Billy H Gunn
Posted: June 11, 2013, 8:28 AM

i started with subs then went to perks and then heroin, i am now finally ready to get clean which i did once before. last time i took 3 weeks off of work and i went 21 days clean when i returned to work i still had no energy at all and had to pick up that sub again cause my livly hood was at stake, long story short i ended up losing that job because of the time i took off, i hate to say it but inorder to get completely clean youre gonna need atleast a month and a half until you will have the energy and motivation to get back to work, the entire 3 weeks i went clean i had a sub in my pocket and although it would have been nice to take it, just having it in my pocket showed me that i was in control and not the drug. suboxone is not a cure in any way shape or form, yes i do agree tha it will help a person break the need to get high it still keeps a physical addiction within your body. not to mention that although heroin and percoset withdrawls are more severe they dont last nearly as long as a suboxone withdrawl. with heroin or percoset you start to regain energy and motivation about 3 weeks, suboxone can take twice that amount of time. another problem with suboxone is doctors over due the mg's when they prescribe it for example i have a 2-3 percoset 30 millagram habbit which is also about a 30-40$ bag of heroin, the clinic would prescribe me either 1-2 suboxone 8mg strip thats 8-16 mg a day that they would prescribe me to take to stop my with drawls, thats insane all i need to stop me from withdrawls is 1/4 of a strip or 2mg of suboxone a day. so becareful. remember suboxone is desighned to stay in your system longer that is why a heroin or percoset addict goes through the worst of their withdrawls on day 2, 3, and sometimes day 4, where as suboxone with drawls are the worse on day 3, 4, 5, and sometimes six. the worst part about opiates is how long it takes before you feel normal again. this can depend on many factors but mainly it depends on how long you were addicted how much you were addicted to and what were you addicted too. I am saving up right now to pay my bills for 3 months ahead as soon as i have my bills paid 3 montsh ahead i will quit the job i am currently working at and gonna tell them its a family emergency so hopefully i can get rehired, but i am going to quit so i can go through detox and it will give me ample time to get through the 1st month and a half of hell from withdrawls and another month and a half to get another job and put the pieces together.. me not wanting or being able to afford losing my job is what stopped me from quiting for so long but lets face it if i keep using not only will i eventually loose my job from the adiction but i also may loose my life. lets face it if you cant afford a sub clininic like me then your getting your subs off the street and im sure that there has been times you couldnt find anysubs and ran out causing you to either call out of work sick or go to work sick either or eventually its gonna catch up and you will loose your job anywayso might as well be prepared for it and do it the way im doing it rather then run out of subs loose your job unexpectedly and now ur face with no income and withdrawls...RB
I think its time
Posted: July 30, 2013, 3:26 PM

Hey Friends, I just stumbled onto this post after doing some research on sabaxon. I am currently on pain medication, not large quanitys, but have been on for a long amount of time every day. as I look back now I cant imagain I have gone with out some kind of narcatic pain killer in my syster for more than two weeks in the last ten years. I have been considering sabaxon, I dont mean to cut into this converstation, but has anyone ever done this alone, with out dr. help. I dont have insurance, but have acess to the drug. I beleive its in a strip form and its 8mg/2mg or something like that. Do you have any suggestions as to how I would proceed basicly quietly alone, doing it myself?? Thanks Friends.
Posted: September 12, 2013, 3:34 PM

I'm at 1.5 mg for the last 3 weeks. All the tapering of the last 2 yrs at 12mg was relatively painless. You guys get painless. Less than the other. Trust me the half life is looong. When you get to my point taper by the amount of hours. Not days. Take it easy. I felt over confident and did 1.5 to 1.0 mg too fast, give it at least 2 months. Trust me. It builds up. Increase by hours -because the amounting so small they can't distribute the pills at smaller amounts. So every day wait one hour or more if able. I'm actually a pretty well read. It's a creep not a jump. Just had my first backstep in 2 years. Maybe I'm being a p@@@y but I work every day and if you can afford to take weeks off you aren't me. Just be strong cause its better than lying to everyone we love. I'm typing this cause I remember the fear financial stressfull life I and you have if you are reading this. Ps I'm in Canada so there are no strips etc. hope this helps someone cause I wish someone had talked to me
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