Want To Quit. Does "withdrawal Ease" Really Work?
Posted: January 14, 2010, 8:58 PM

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This is my first time to post and I just signed up today. I am 32 yr. young lady and am currently taking 7-8 10mg Norco per day. I want so badly to get off these pills and was thinking about ordering the withdrawal ease pills....Will someone please give me advice and tell me if this has worked for them. Also, is it better to quit cold turkey or ween myself off the pills? No one knows what I am going through and I so desperately want my life back!! I bought $100 worth of vitamins as advised by a book a year ago and got really sick because it had me taking over 30 vitamins a day. I want to thank all of you for your posts as this is the platform that has truly motivated me to quit sooner than later!!! Today I have only taken 4 pills and would have normally had 6 by now. Also, after 9pm I take a caripsodol or xanax to sleep so technically my body will go about 10 hrs. without norco...does that mean my withdrawals won't be as bad? I switch between the anxiety medication and muscle relaxer because I don't want to get addicted to those also. PLEASE HELP!!! God bless!
Posted: January 15, 2010, 12:14 AM

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So you have been taking 80 mg of hydrocodon a day and you are 32 years young (which is young). I know it takes courage to post here the first time, even though you are anonymous. Thank you for having the courage. You will find some good help here because there is not anyone here to a greater or lesser degree, that has not been what you are going thru.

You are asking several different questions all at once. I'll help as much as I can. You are smart to not to want to get hooked on benzos, as that is a much worse addiction, that being said, taking a small amount (u know what that is for yourself) for a few days definitely takes the edge off. Realize, I am not a Dr., don't know your physical condition and can only go but what I have experienced.

The withdrawel depends on a lot of things, primarly how many you have been taking for how long. There are those who might disagree with me, but if you can figure out a way to wean down, and are able to stick to it, I think thats best.
I don't see a benefit in WD's.

The way I think to wean down would be as follows. What you are trying to do in weaning down is get to the lowest amount where u r not sick at first. Try cutting your dose in half. If that works, keep it at that for several days, and then maybe go down by 1 & 1/2 pills for a few days. When you get used to it, go down a little more. Eventually you will get to a point where you can be at say 1 pill a day, then 1 every other day.

The problem with weaning yourself is some would say you are prolonging your misery. I don't know about that, but I do know it does take commitment and dicispline (sp?). While weaning, if you have a rough day, it is easy to say the hell with it. (But the same can happen even if you have gone cold turkey.)

If possible, it would be best if you could talk to a good drug Dr. and get help. Is a hospitol detox out of the question?

If you go cold turkey, you can talk to any Dr., and they will prescribe u clonidine which is a BP medicine that 'tricks' the brain by filling opiate receptors. You don't get high, you are less sick, but its not the kind of thing you can go to work on. If you go this route, you definitely need to talk to a Dr. I wouldn't mix that with benzos except under medical advice.

Several times there have been postings on this board as to a stratagy and some OTC medicines and things u can do for wd's. If someone remembers them, or knows how to look them up, it would be good for them to post them.

Try to give yourself some peace. I don't think your wd will be as bad as you imagine. The first WD I had after a couple years of vikes & percs was not much: I wasnt expecting them, and believe it or not , didn't realize I had them till they were over. At the time though, I remember I had been taking a small amount of xanax to sleep, and that might have helped.

Mostly what I experienced were severe leg cramps, confusion, apathy, etc.

Now , if I know they are coming, they are much worse, partially in my head.

I wish and hope for the best for you.


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Posted: January 15, 2010, 9:34 AM

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Soulsearcher,I can relate to you on more levels than you know. Everybody is different(to some extent). What I mean is withdrawal is almost a personal experience.Things like attitude,health,support,tendencies toward depression,these thoings all seem to play a part.My 1st withdrawal occured and I also did not realize what was going on.I went to put a breaker box in a ladies house and felt really weird,withdrawals.Started to get flatout sick.All thiis was from hydros(vic ESs specifically.Beleive it or not,all this discomfort was coming from just 40-50mg/day for about a year.Guy I workede w/said here,take some of my percs!Needless to say,it helped alot.That vic addiction eventually led me to losing a very good job because I in my iinfinite wisdom found a doc.OXYs.I ended up w/dope if i could get it.If not I would settle in to around 500mg oxy/IV-in 3-4 doses/day.I was out there.Stop now.You're better off.Wean yourself down.Something I had alot of trouble doing.Bad day and I'd take a little extra.There goes the taper.Got a friend?Have them give you your dose.A long enough taper and the withdrawal wont hurt.Problem is we deal w/life through our drugs.Therein lies the rub.Life is hard,easy fun,painful,exciting,you get the idea.With pills its just easy.You heave to relearn how to deal w/EVERYTHING w/out them and it uscks but its worth it.Couple of months down the road and you'll be fine.Do it.Not only is it worth it but yourt life depends on it.You CAN do it.Good Luck!!!!
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If you can get it, darvon or darvocet are a great way to detox. Then u can simply forget about your vikes, and sometimes as little as 1 or 2 can take care of wd's for several hours.

The thing to be careful with on those, is they take about an hour to have an effect & (at least in my generation) the chances of OD were not taken seriously.

If you are not familiar with them, & you can get them, I would look up their effects before u use. Though many people get addicted to them, most find it not a good 'high' until they get used to it. But you don't have to take enuf to get high to get rid of vike wd's, & then work ur way down with them.


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Posted: January 16, 2010, 10:24 PM

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Soulsearcher, I am sorry, I missed your question on "withdrawel ease" --the first thing you asked, i never heard of it so I'll see if i can look it up to know what u r talking about. I DO (& i bet most others here also do) HAVE A GUT FEELING ABOUT IT, but let me see if I can find anthing.


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Posted: January 16, 2010, 11:21 PM

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I checked out their web site, read some 'testimonials' and read over their 'special product.' Their product is probably helpful, and there are no false claims made, at the same time there is no way their product does what they try to give you the impression it does. I dont believe many of the testimonies are true.

What they give you are pills that contain herbs that work on various symptoms. For example, there is St Johns wt for depression and valerian for nerves or sleep or something.You almost get the impression that they discovered these things. There is nothing in their pills that u couldn't get urself at a health store.

They also give u some kind of guide book with advice on quitting and things to do, like if u get leg cramps.. Matter of fact, one of the letters to them was frorm a person who thanked them for the great tip they gave him for dealing with something like leg crams.

I forgot exactly what it was but it was something along the lines of them telling him to use a warm or heated blanket around his legs. He wrote them amazed at the results, putting warm blankets around his legs helped his cramps.

Wow are these people brilliant - how on earth did they ever come up with such an ingenious idea.

Bottom line, I am sorry to say that I really dout that stuff like ginger route and kava and valerian and all that kind of stuff will do much to help withdrawels, and people like that offend me, for there words are true- but you will not get the relief promised.

Some of the testimonials are so transparant and stupid, that is makes me wonder if these people are a couple guys with a web page, maybe saw the tv show house and maybe talked to their aunt Matilda who they heard once went thru vicodan withdrawels, looked up withdrawel symptoms on Wikepedia, asked someone in a health food store what herb does what,and got a vitamin place to make and drop ship these.


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Posted: January 17, 2010, 1:36 PM

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Personally, I never had any success in tapering. I just couldn't stick to a taper schedule. With my addict mentality, I would talk myself into rewarding myself when I had followed the schedule for a few days....You know "I've gone 5 days taking much less than usual so I deserve a couple of freebies just to relax a little"....that kind of thinking.

Have you tired to quit before?

Welcome to the board and I applaud you for taking this step and reaching out for help. It is hard to admit having an addiction even to strangers. There are many people here to help and with some great advice. The weekends are usually slower so keep checking in and keep posting.

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Dog..did you seriously just tell her to get Darvon/Darvocet to withdraw??? Are you nuts? They are painpills. A narcotic. You don't get off one painpill by taking another. I used to think I could get off percocet by taking vicodan. Sheesh.

I've never heard of withdrawl ease but I'm willing to bet it's a scam. If it worked, we would have heard of it, on the news, etc.

Tapering never worked for me either. Just prolonged the enivitable. I always found an excuse to take more or all of them and then start over. It takes so much energy to keep it all straight.

Have you thought about NA or AA? It's free...talking here really helps too. Sometimes I posted 600 times a day just so that I had someone to talk too and could get stuff off my chest and out of my head.

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You folks are being a little too hard on Withdrawal Ease. Ibogaine root isnt heard of commonly either and it works wonders, although you cant get it here in the USA because its illegal.

Anyway, my thoughts on Withdrawal Ease...

I just wanted to add I bought this withdrawal ease for a close friend of mine and convinced him to try it. Hes on day one. What I CAN say according to feedback from him is it DOES "work", but its not a miracle drug.

What it does is HELP with WD symptoms. That is, you will still slightly feel them but they will be just an annoyance, instead of agonizing thoughts of thinking you are gonna die. I bought him the entire bundle of Withdrawal Ease Daytime , Nighttime formula and 2 bottles of Recovery Easy, daytime and nighttime formula.

He hasnt had any pills in about 12 hours now and he wasnt even able to follow the program to the letter. You are supposed to taper your pills down and 3 - 5 days before you jump off, you begin taking Withdrawal ease supps. He wasnt able to do that, so he took the ease as soon as it arrived with me supervising and watching over him.

So as far as I can say on day 1 , its working. He isnt irritable or lethargic and he reports that while he CAN tell the symptoms are there, they are a LOT easier to deal with.

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never mind

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You lost your mind decades ago--Hi Kat--Enjoy the sun--Jeff

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Withdrawal ease is something that's starting to fly around the web, but I would warn you to be cautious. Like many things on the web, there isn't a way to verify these claims without forking over $90 to try it yourself.

It's easy for internet marketers to spread the word that this is a miracle, but in my experience it usually is not. I always choose to go with my gut, and I always ask myself is this too good to be true?

Like many things peddled on the internet, you have to be very careful not to buy into a scam. Do you really think a "natural" supplement can work on such an unnatural process such as withdrawals?

If you wanna learn more about withdrawal or Suboxone, check out this blog.
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I've tried withdrawal ease and elimidrol. Neither the miracle they claim to be. Elimidrol made me so nauseous and contains so much Red 40 it stains your teeth.
There is some wisdom in the Thomas Recipe. A lot of what is in withdrawal ease. My doctor was quick to warn that kava kava has caused acute liver failure resulting in death. Both contain that.

I didn't want to go the klonidin route and am just toughing it out. Joined this hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel. It seems there is.....

Any books people had help them?


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Posted: August 31, 2014, 4:34 PM

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Oh, I might add, the vitamin supplements seem to make a lot of sense with restless leg and can't hurt in small doses. I have read about the vitamin D deficiency and there is true clout there!

Wishing everyone the best and for myself. The guilt is overwhelming. I'm a highly educated medical professional with beautiful children. I couldn't even look myself in the mirror. I'm doing this on my own. Of course people know something's up, but I've had life reasons to be in counseling and on and off antidepressants that I chalk it up to. Basically I got tired of living the LIE!!!!

Phew, thanks. :)
Posted: September 1, 2014, 5:17 PM

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I am medically educated but most addicts I know become that way without reg college...

I am tossing sub around in my mind. I have posted here hrs ago and remember dog, Kat, and cowgirl.... Listen to them.

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