Fight Back Against The Addiction
Posted: March 4, 2012, 11:12 PM

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In the weeks that follow i will explain who i was then, who i am now and most importantly how i got to be the way i am now after many years of struggle trying to become the person i knew i was meant to be. Addiction and having having ADHD really took a strong hold on my life and refused for a long time to let go. Until i decided that if i did not fight back now against my disease for my "self", that ultimately my story would end in endless suffering and eventually death. Im sure any one that reads this far enough along in there drinking/using that you are used to hearing from people and family members, "Why can't you just stop or get this?" . In my honest opinion there is nothing to get. Either you are willing to do anything to stay sober or nothing at all. Addiction wants you to take the middle ground, the easy softer way. The disease wants you miserable, broke and alone in an abandoned house with empty vodka bottles and needles sticking out of your arms. It doesn't love or care about you. It only wants misery and death, and will stop at nothing to take your life from you. so the first ? is when do you know when enough is enough or when it is finally time that you "hit bottom". The problem with the term hitting bottom is that every ones bottom is different. I feel that every one has there own "bottom". These are all topics that i am going to post and write on in general how i fought against the disease of addiction and regained control of my life one day at a time. Also during the last year and a half i have lost close to 200 pounds. Have lost more then i could have imagined and now on the other side have gained back even more then i lost. Every day for me that i breath is a miracle. It is a daily struggle but seems to be getting alot easier one day at a time because i am willing to do anything to stay sober. Topic one will be " why cant you just stop or get it?"
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well Joe & sis- lookin forward to some interesting coming weeks- post away****


"The Edge... there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."
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Posted: March 5, 2012, 9:12 AM

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" why cant you just stop or get it?"

Anyone who has bothered to educate him/herself about addiction isn't going to ask that question. In the beginning we all ask it...we don't understand it ourselves because we are not made like that, the addiction switch was never thrown in our brains when we played with this drug or that. We don't understand how a person with so much promise and support can keep making the same bad choice, but a little learning can go a long way. Those of us who have educated ourselves or who have suffered through our own stuff understand that it is not a question of simple willpower. Those of us who are addicted to our addicted loved one often stand less of a chance of getting well than the addict, such is our own brand of mental illness...and make no mistake, our illness helps keep you sick.

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